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Thread: Northern European UI Mod

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    Default Northern European UI Mod

    What is changed:
    Loading screens
    Main Menu

    Example images

    Download Link

    Installation Instructions

    1) Navigate into (Your Drive Letter):\Medieval 2 Total War Gold\mods\SS6.3\data
    2) Delete the folders called loading_screen and menu
    3) Now unzip the UI Mod you just downloaded into (Your Drive Letter):\Medieval 2 Total War Gold\mods\SS6.3

    If you have done it correctly you will be asked to overwrite a few files.
    Agree to do so and you have successfully installed the mod.
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    Default Re: Northern European UI Mod

    Sounds promising. Well done
    Under the patronage of Flinn, proud patron of Jadli, from the Heresy Vault of the Imperial House of Hader

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