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    I need help with installing third age. Ive tried both the 3.0 plus the 3.2 patch and the current 4.8 unoffical extended. Ive gone through everything and made sure to follow any and all instructions. On the 3.0 version when i start the game, it just starts the regular game. On the 4.8 when i go to start it, it says "Cannot select EXE File! Need correct medieval2 or kingdoms". I have verified that i do in fact have these in there. If i try to change the folder to "Americas" and try to load it that way it just starts the regular game.

    I followed the "How to Install Third Age: Total War 4.8 | Medieval II: Total War (2023)" by TSJ on youtube when downloading 4.8 except i used 7zip.

    Any help appreciated.


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    Default Re: Installing Third Age

    Well, the base version (3.2) is available as a repack of mine, basically a click through affair. Just don't change any settings while installing.

    As to the 4.8 version - there is some EOP stuff involved I think. Better get in touch with the developers of that version.

    And check if by chance you have any entry in Steam's custom launch option in M2TW: right click the game ion the library, choose 'properties' and then check the launch option.

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