07-14-20 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Troy, Elysium and Warhammer

To add to CA's series on the characters of Troy, there's now a new video series on game features - here's the first, on resources.

But Troy isn't the only game with news - there's also the latest Elysium blog post, about the July major update.

And, of course, Da Nutz 'N Boltz Update for Total War: Warhammer II has itself been updated.

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07-12-20 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

BI Unofficial Patch 1.8 - Soisson Cup Version

BI Unofficial Patch 1.8 - Soisson Cup Version for Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion
includes 4 new historical campaigns, new units, new factions, new models and textures,
new balance and gameplay, and changes to the way Christianity works in-game.

Find more here!

07-10-20 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Schwert und Speer installer

Once again, Gigantus has provided an installer - this time for Schwert und Speer for Medieval II: Total War.
The original mod features 8 new factions and many other amendments to the game.
This installer has improved the method of changing the language of the mod, and is also Steam compatible.

Find the details here!

07-08-20 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Troy Badges Competition - first round vote!

The first-round vote has begun in the competition to design new Troy-themed badges for TWC -
vote for your favourite set of badges, and help them become the official set for the whole site!
You can also join in with the discussion!

Vote here!

07-06-20 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Age of Bronze 3D Art Dump #2 - Bronze Armours

In this second 3D Art Dump for Age of Bronze for Total War: Rome II,
you can see the 3D art for some of the mod's bronze armours.
You can also watch a video showing the work of creating these armours.

See the preview here!

07-04-20 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Stainless Steel installer

Gigantus has created an installer for Stainless Steel for Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms.
It includes 6.3, 6.4, and Meloo's Fix 1.2.7.
The installer will verify the files after installation, and it's Steam compatible.

Learn more here!

07-02-20 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Third Age: Total War installer

There is now an installer for Third Age: Total War for Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms.
It's fully automated, and Steam compatible.

Find the installer here!

In the latest Helios article, Flinn asks thought-provoking questions and presents his ideas on how to read scientific news in a critical way.
The article takes us from the nature of reality to the history of evolutionary theory to Albert Einstein's "biggest blunder".

Read the article here!

06-29-20 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Rise of Rome 666

Rise of Rome 666 will be a Rise of the Republic DLC overhaul submod for Divide et Impera for Total War: Rome II.
It will have a start date of 666 BC, with many cultures (most of them with playable factions) and will provide a slower-paced game,
with an emphasis on micromanagement, and with a more regional, rather than global, focus.

Learn more here!

06-27-20 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Legacy of Alexander preview 1

Legacy of Alexander will reskin the Hellenistic factions of Total War: Rome II.
This first preview shows Macedonian units.

See the preview here!

06-25-20 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Three Kingdoms Patch 1.5.3

Patch 1.5.3 for Total War: Three Kingdoms is now live!
Read the details in the official blog post.

Discuss the patch here!

06-23-20 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Age of Knights and Prophets

Age of Knights and Prophets is a Dark Ages mod for Rome: Total War.
It includes five new campaigns for Barbarian Invasion, and new campaign maps, along with
new factions, new units, new AI, new gameplay elements... and much more!

Discover more here!

06-20-20 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

DCI: Last Alliance Public Beta Release!

DCI: Last Alliance for Third Age Total War for Medieval II: Total War has released a Public Beta!
Take the role of High-king Gil-galad or High-king Elendil in the Last Alliance of Elves and Men against the forces of Sauron.
Unless... You instead wish to fulfill the will of Sauron and unleash all manner of evil into Middle-Earth.

There are also new cinematics from the mod: War in the North; War in the East; War in the South; Invasion.

Find the Public Beta here!

The video above shows various methods players will be able to use to get into the city of Troy the upcoming saga game.

Meanwhile, Da Nutz 'N' Boltz Update for Total War: Warhammer II is now available as an opt-in beta.
It includes changes to the Greenskin technology tree, among other things; for full details, read the official blog post.

Discuss Troy here, and Warhammer II here!

The 226th anniversary of the Glorious First of June was last week. Could there be any better time
for the team behind Imperial Splendour - Rise of the Republic for Empire: Total War
to present the British Naval officers?

See them here!

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