05-23-19 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Total War: Three Kingdoms - out now!

Total War: Three Kingdoms has been released for Windows, macOS & Linux!
Read the Launch FAQ, play the game,
and then...

share your opinion with us!

05-22-19 | by Skotos of Sinope

Total War: Three Kingdoms Co-Op Let's Play

With a mere twenty four hours to go until the release of Total War: Three Kingdoms,
anticipation is building to a fever pitch. While we await the big day, Creative Assembly
have just started their first streamed co-op campaign for the title!

Excited? Join the 3K discussion here!

05-21-19 | by Skotos of Sinope

Ancient Empires 1.15 preview

The team behind Ancient Empires for Total War: Attila has shared a sneak peek
at the next major update for the mod. With version 1.15, AE will get streamlined building chains,
overhauled public order, a revamped recruitment system, and much more.

Check out all the changes here!

05-20-19 | by Skotos of Sinope

Napoleonic Total War 3 v8.4 is out!

Napoleonic Total War 3, an in-depth mod for Napoleon: Total War has just updated to version 8.4.
The new version adds the Irish Republic of Connacht, the army of King Joseph in Spain and the British expeditionary corps
in Egypt, bringing the total factions to fifty, the total units to over 2500, and the available maps to over a hundred!

Read all about it here!

05-19-19 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Regna Desertorum

Regna Desertorum for Total War: Rome II,
the mod which adds units to Arabian factions and reskins Arabian and North African Berber factions,
has been released!

Find the mod here!

05-18-19 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Three Kingdoms on macOS - an early look!

Total War: Three Kingdoms will be released for macOS and Linux soon after the Windows release.
Here, Feral give us an early look at the macOS version of the game!

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05-17-19 | by Skotos of Sinope

The Helios - Guns, Faith and Steel

The newest Helios article by isa0005 takes us to the Americas in the 16th century, exploring what role
religion played in the conquest of the Inca Empire, from legitimizing colonialism to monopolizing trade, and also
how Britain and the Netherlands may have been no less brutal conquerors than the Spanish...

Read it in full here!

05-16-19 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Warhammer II - the Amethyst Update

Today the Amethyst Update for Total War: Warhammer II goes live!
It contains fixes, changes to battle balance, and - for Mortal Empires only - the Amethyst Wizard!
More details can be found in this blog post.

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05-15-19 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

The Last Stand of Greece needs your help!

The next update for The Last Stand of Greece for Total War: Rome II will make some significant changes
to the campaign map, as well as to factions and historical characters.
If you'd like a chance to influence what changes will appear in the update, click on the link below and join in the discussion!

Discover more here!

05-14-19 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Yellow Turban Rebellion - Gameplay reveal

In this latest video, CA gives us a glimpse of the gameplay in
the Yellow Turban Rebellion DLC for Total War: Three Kingdoms!

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05-13-19 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Total Bananas - 1099 v1.0

Total Bananas - 1099, the only mod for Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms with a hint of banana, has now released v1.0!
This vanilla expansion glues the grand campaign and all four expansions into one Glorious Campaign.
Establish the Kingdom of Jerusalem in the New World or take all of Africa as the Mayans... The choice is yours.

Find banana-flavoured details here!

05-12-19 | by Caillagh de Bodemloze

Tsardoms Total War mod team are recruiting!

Tsardoms Total War for Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms mod team are recruiting!
They need people who can help with things such as 2d art, text editing, scripting and coding, implementing scripts from other mods,
and resizing strat map settlement models (the models are too detailed and cause a crash on some computers).

Interested? Contact Wallachian!

05-11-19 | by Skotos of Sinope

Total Vanilla Beyond 3.3

Most mods put their own spin on games. But what if you prefer plain old vanilla and just want more of it?
What if you like Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms but wouldn't mind more factions, units,
regions, and...a little more verve? Total Vanilla Beyond 3.3 just might be for you.

Go beyond here!

Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion for Android and iPhone has just dropped and
Creative Assembly and Feral Interactive are commemorating the
occasion with its first play-through live-stream!

Discuss it here!

05-09-19 | by Skotos of Sinope

Cyrene Expanded for DeI - Building Preview

The Cyrene Expanded submod for Divide et Impera has just expanded a little more with a new preview of
upcoming changes to the building tree. If you like playing the underdog in Total War: Rome II and can
handle a Successor Kingdom that's not guaranteed success, this might be the submod for you.

Find out more here!

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