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Thread: Mundus Magnus Elite

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    Default Mundus Magnus Elite


    If you have noticed I have come out with new versions for the Mundus Magnus Map, you can find that thread here.

    Now Mundus Magnus is ready for it's next release.

    1.0 - For now, this is going to be vanilla. The start date will be 270 BC, all vanilla units will be in place, Senate missions with 4 Roman factions, etc. Basically this first release will just allow you to explore the map and give us feedback so we can improve it for future versions. I have a good idea of what I want to do with this mod as a whole, but starting small and adding on is the best method for success. Big things come from small beginnings! So be sure to constantly check this thread for future patches and versions.

    1.2 - I guess you could say that this is a 'Cherry Vanilla' version. There were a lot of tweaks and edits in the EDU and DMB and I added some things. The biggest feature of 1.2 is that this mod now runs on the BI.exe. So when playing make sure you run this mod through a BI shortcut not RTW. With BI comes some features, Shieldwall has been implemented for some units replacing their old phalanx formation, Night Battles are now available as well. There are also new symbols/banners for every faction except the Roman factions, these are from ngr's Mundus Magnus 2.0. With that, I have changed Scythia to Sarmatia, and Spain to Iberia. Along with the edits in EDU and DMB, I have implemented Resef's combined animations pack so units now fight more realistically. Most notable of the animations are the Romans who fight like they should, Hoplites now have the over-hand animation and can form shield wall, Pike Units carry the pike with both hands, and Axe units fight more accurately. Finally, a few features from DTW were added. DTW walls are now implemented, they are tier 3 walls, which pushed Stone walls to 4 and Large Stone Walls to 5, meaning Epic Stone Walls have been removed. The new walls also come with a Siege Tower and ladders. Last from DTW I added grass, sky, and lighting files to enhance the vanilla look, it looks really nice!

    This mod is now released! Please go to Post#2 for a list of features, Post#3 to view screen shots of the map in action, and post#5 for Download links, Installation Instructions, Credits, and a time log of the mod.
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    Default Re: Mundus Magnus Elite



    Here is a combined list of all the features that I plan on implementing into MM, some are from previous versions.

    - An upgraded map will be used, it's base is Mundus Magnus but thanks to the RTH version made by Philadelphos I believe that this is one of the most historically accurate maps available:

    • 199 Accurately placed cities that are historically relevant to the vanilla RTW timeframe, no more settlements in the middle of the Sahara and Steppe regions that never actually existed.
    • The geography of rivers, lakes, mountain ranges, etc are a major upgrade from the original Mundus Magnus Map.
    • Factions accurately placed to resemble vanilla and 270 BC to offer a balanced and historical game play experience.
    • The Nile now has a a canal connecting the Mediterranean and Red Seas, if playing as Egypt, it would be wise to exploit this! There are also other navigable rivers, can you find them?
    • Dozens upon Dozens of Land bridges present to help AI expand better.
    • Thanks to player1's bug fixer mod, many small bugs that CA never fixed, now are. Here is a list:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    -Fixed shoulder armor for Legionary and Praetorian Cavalry (fixed models added)
    -Fixed Velite Gladiator shoulder armor
    -Fixed the wrong color of Spanish generals by giving them proper texture
    -Added warcry ability to Thracian Bastarnae, since Mercenary Bastarnae already have it
    -Added +1 experience bonus to Greek Cavalry trained in Greek Elite Cavalry Stables, since it makes no sense to build Elite Cavalry Stables just to get Incendiary Pigs
    -Made Slingers available from Practice Range in place of Archers for Numidian faction, since otherwise when you get Slingers at Archery Range they are already obsolete
    -Made Onagers recruitable by Spaniards in campaign, since they are already available for them in custom battles
    -Added law bonus to academy-type buildings like it's done in Barbarian Invasion expansion and was intended in 1.5 patch
    -Fixed the bug when Awesome Temple of Epona and Pantheon would show up in building browser for Gauls and Spaniards
    -Fixed the issue with Numidian and Spanish governors not gaining priests as their retinue members
    -Fixed the bug when Judge retinue member could get doubled
    -Fixed triggers for gaining Heroic Saviour and Shieldbearer retinue members
    -Fixed Roman Turncoat ancillary, so it actually gives command bonus against Romans
    -Fixed the trigger for Navigator ancillary, so it can be gained by admirals
    -Fixed the trigger for Poisoner ancillary, so it can be gained by assassins
    -Parts of Energetic line of traits tweaked, so they won't get worse at higher levels
    -To prevent drop in morale bonus when becoming Legendary Hero, this trait gets its morale bonus increased from +2 to +4 (to same level as National Hero) and also gets a +1 bonus to Command when attacking (like same trait in Barbarian Invasion expansion)
    -Added anti-traits to some traits to prevent weird or impossible combinations
    -Several anti-traits that worked in one direction fixed to work in both directions
    -Added the workaround for a bug when gaining an anti-trait would reset trait value to 0 (instead of reducing it for value of anti-trait)
    -Increased point awards in birth and adoption triggers for traits that need more then one point to get first level of the trait, so it's actually possible to gain those traits at character generation (expect more vices and virtues from new family members)
    -Changed crushing victory condition in triggers for GoodRiskyAttacker/Defender line of traits to clear or better, since winning difficult battles with just clear victory is great accomplishment on its own
    -Removed the trigger for gaining IndecisiveAttacker group of traits when ending turn in enemy zone of control, since trigger does not work as intended (it can fire even when you can't attack the enemy, or when you are besieging)
    -Fixed trigger for Logistical skill, so it can be gained by generals that move a lot
    -Smoothtalker changed to be diplomat trait, since its effects deal with bribing
    -Fixed trigger for BadTaxman line of traits, so it won't be awarded in situations when tax policy is best as it could be
    -Fixed problems with Senate Office triggers, which could result in losing some senate titles
    -Implemented new triggers for Warlord, Siege and Ambusher traits from Barbarian Invasion expansion, in order to make it possible to improve these traits in imperial campaign
    -Introduced two new birth triggers to make it possible that Intelligent and Genius characters could be born
    -Added hotfix to formation for light cavalry armies, to prevent generals getting placed at same tile as other infantry (descr_formations_ai.txt)
    -Added missing unit info card for Spanish Onagers (carthaginian_onagers_info.tga)
    -Fixed the bug when some soldiers would die when exiting medium siege towers (descr_engines.txt)
    -Fixed the bug when two of senate family members had Greek names and looks (descr_regions.txt)
    -Fixed the bug when all Italian provinces spawned rebels of Greek culture (descr_regions.txt)
    -Fixed an issue when game would crash at 237BC and several other dates (historic_events.txt)


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Here are all the features that you will find in 1.2:

    - Julii Hastati and Principes now have shoulder guards like the other Roman factions' versions.
    - Cilician Pirates now hold their harpoon the correct way.
    - Pikemen have realistically sized shields that are now placed on their forearms.
    - New Symbols and Banners for every faction excluding the Roman factions.
    - Mod now runs on BI.exe
    - Night Battles
    - Shield wall special ability is now used by: Spear Warband, Heavy Spearmen, all Hoplite units
    - These units now fight as spearmen instead of Phalanx units: Spear Warband, Nubian Spearmen, Nile Spearmen, Heavy Spearmen, Poeni Infantry
    - These units have an increase in unit size: Nubian Spearmen and Phalanx Pikemen (Pontus) now have 240 men.
    - These units had their formation adjusted: Phalanx Pikemen (Pontus), Royal Pikemen now share same formation as the other Phalanx units
    - Resef's Combined Animations pack was implemented: Roman Infantry, Hoplites, Archers, Pikemen, Lancer Cavalry, Horse Archers, Axemen, Swordsmen, Javelinmen all have new animations
    - DTW Walls were implemented as tier 3 walls, and Epic Stone Walls have been removed.
    - DTW Grass and Sky files were implemented to enhance the vanilla battlefield landscape
    - Spain is now Iberia, Scythia is now Sarmatia
    - Projectiles in Ground mod implemented
    - More units now have officers and standard bearers
    - Early Centurion for Roman factions now wears a cape
    - Custom Battle Locations implemented

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    Default Re: Mundus Magnus Elite

    Map and Campaign Screenshots

    The four Roman Factions in Italy

    The Many passes of the Alps

    Don't get lost in the forests of Germania!

    Some of the many Land Bridges that you will come across on the map

    The Mediterranean and Red seas connect, allowing valuable trade from Arabia and India, thanks to navigable rivers.

    Will you be able to maintain order and keep the Seleucid Empire together?

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    Default Re: Mundus Magnus Elite

    Mundus Magnus Elite 1.0
    Mundus Magnus Elite 1.2

    - Download MM
    - Extract MM to your RTW directory
    - Create a Shortcut for BI
    - Go to properties and in the target line add this after all quotation marks: -show_err mod:MM
    - Play!

    - ngr for the original Mundus Magnus Map
    - Alejandro Magno for the Mundus Magnus 4.0 version
    - Philadelphos for Rome Total History 1.1 based off the Mundus Magnus Map
    - player1 for the Bug Fixer v3.36
    - Medusa0, Rarity, and Maraxus for many fixes on units
    - Resef for his Combined Animations Pack
    - RedFox and the DTW team for their walls, grass, and sky.
    - wlesmana for Projectiles sticking in Ground

    Mod History

    - Mundus Magnus Elite v1.0 Released 7/29/13
    - Mundus Magnus Elite v1.2 Released 7/31/13
    - Mundus Magnus Elite v1.2 (Bug Fix) 8/6/13

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    Default Re: Mundus Magnus Elite


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    Default Re: Mundus Magnus Elite

    Nice.Will try it as soon as it's released.

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    Default Re: Mundus Magnus Elite

    ANNOUNCEMENT: This mod is now released, please go to Post#1 for all the details!

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    Default Re: Mundus Magnus Elite {v1.0 Now Released!}

    This looks brilliant, great job as usual!
    Cry God for Harry, England and Saint George!

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    Default Re: Mundus Magnus Elite {v1.0 Now Released!}

    Good, I'll give it a try, hope you add more units in the later versions too.

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    Default Re: Mundus Magnus Elite {v1.0 Now Released!}

    Yes, more units will eventually be added, that is a promise!

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    Default Re: Mundus Magnus Elite {v1.0 Now Released!}


    Mundus Magnus Elite v1.2 is now released! Make sure to read the OP, Post#2 and Post#6 for all the updates. I will have screenshots up later tonight.

    Play the latest version and remember to run it using BI.exe!


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    Default Re: Mundus Magnus Elite {v1.2 Now Released!} UPDATED 7/31/13

    Hmmm, interesting, I should still wait until a proper version. With new units and actually unique stuff

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    Default Re: Mundus Magnus Elite {v1.2 Now Released!} UPDATED 7/31/13

    I love your mods, please keep up the good work my friend!
    Cry God for Harry, England and Saint George!

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    Default Re: Mundus Magnus Elite {v1.2 Now Released!} UPDATED 7/31/13

    For any of you that have tried playing v1.2 there is a bug with the walls. This mod is still very playable, but until the walls bug is fixed please do the following during siege battles:

    1. When besieging a Greek settlement that has either a wooden palisade or wooden wall as the defenses, auto resolve the battle.
    2. When besieging any other cultured settlement, auto resolve when there is a wooden palisade present.

    Greek wooden palisades and wooden walls are causing CTD's and other culture's wooden palisades are not appearing on the battlefield.

    Please play this way until it is fixed, I hope to have a update that fixes the issue ASAP.

    Now Fixed, please disregard above post.

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    Default Re: Mundus Magnus Elite {v1.2 Now Released!} UPDATED 7/31/13

    Can you please tell me faction list, and you should keep roman senate, and make julli where the other 3 factions are including rome, and putting romans senate in adistant place in the world like how you did in mundus magnus united rome. BTW where did you put romans senate in MM minin mod united rome?, and maybe turn brutti into epirus or scipii to india, another gallic faction or even saba, Great mod, even by itself its great, just giving a suggestion
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    Default Re: Mundus Magnus Elite {v1.2 Now Released!} UPDATED 7/31/13

    The Senate is still active even if it doesn't have any settlements, that's how it was in MM: United Rome.

    The faction list right now is vanilla

    I'm still brainstorming about a new faction list.

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    Default Re: Mundus Magnus Elite {v1.2 Now Released!} UPDATED 7/31/13


    Are you going to keep the Roman wardogs, arcani, gladiators, onagers, legionary/praetorian cavalry, and praetorian/urban cohorts?

    In MM v6.0 I was disappointed when I found out there were no wardogs nor onagers. The wardogs helped me tremendously against all of the barbarian factions because they were great battle multipliers. The arcani and gladiators were fun to have. The onagers made sieges a lot easier. Sometimes my cohorts have trouble walking into the siege towers or cannot use them at all and they always take forever to exit the towers since I like to play on a huge unit scale. The elite Roman cavalry and cohorts seem like a good idea to keep because, in the later years of the game, the Romans will have a difficult time battling against all of the great factions with their elite units. Plus, the Roman army seems very standard and somewhat boring without special or elite units. I bet there will be more army barracks and elite cavalry stables in the world because factions will have time to build them given the size of the map.

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    Default Re: Mundus Magnus Elite {v1.2 Now Released!} UPDATED 7/31/13

    No, I am keeping it similar to 6.0, however there will be a few new units for the Romans.

    Vetern Cohort will be an elite Infantry Unit
    Antesignani will be an elite skirmisher unit that replaces Arcani.

    Just to name a few

    I removed Onagers and Wardogs because the AI spams them relentlessly, and personally I found it very annoying. I have decided to keep Scorpions though.

    If you want to keep those units, it only requires simple text editing to get them back in

    Also, the bug with the walls has been fixed, I just need to upload the current files.
    I am in the process of making the next version, that will include new units for each faction, deleted 'useless' units and new mercenary units.

    The fixed version of 1.2 is now uploaded and ready to be played!

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