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Thread: DarthMod Empire Changelog (The old archive)

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    Default DarthMod Empire Changelog (The old archive)


    History of changes
    1.6 Patch Time Period
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Hotfixes in version 7,0+
    • All ships have trade ability as they should (DM).
    • All Greek Ships have trade ability as they should (DMUC).
    • Scripts repaired to work for all user systems (DMUC).

    Special new in version 7,0
    • New melee mechanics for more intense battles and better animation visuals.
    • Fatigue affects more the troops.
    • New battle animation entities: The Native American is swift, strong and quick. The melee man is heavy and stronger. These battle animation entities are enabled for many relevant troop types.
    • Morale revamped so that Artillery and Small arms fire have more impact and several other parameters create a more dynamic system.
    • Infantry walk and run speed are increased and also are balanced accordingly other parameters to create realistic movements. Cavalry walk speed is also increased so that it can manoeuvre much more easily.
    • Now the cannon trails are also not visual.
    • Lancers have more anti-cavalry bonus to make them more resistant against cavalry opponents.
    • Mass tweaked so melee penetrations are more evident especially those of Cavalry charges.
    • Some diplomacy optimisation changes.
    • Now the CAI will research technology much faster, especially army technologies such as Bayonet improvements.
    • All ships can now trade although because of the upkeep costs the more specialised will produce more profit. This was done to encourage CAI to trade more and build super fleets.
    • Income of minor factions is not so much favoured so that the bigger nations finally prevail. This should affect some countries that have difficulties in expanding such as Spain and Netherlands.
    • Troop realistic movement rates improved more.
    • Weak and cheap trade ships (Indiamen, Dhow, lugger) are removed from the campaign unit roster because the CAI insists on recruiting them and to wander around with them. Now the CAI will truly build powerful navies. (For compensation the trade income is slightly increased).
    • Mortars have smaller range but can also fire closer to them. Now they are a better close support artillery which is more vulnerable to Cannons and Howitzers. (Not yet available to this beta)
    • Trade and alliance agreements have more effect so the CAI honours them more.
    • Various CAI changes to make the CAI help more the allies and also to balance regional development vs army technology management.

      The new formations

      The new Darth Formations encourage AI battalion type attacks (reserve system) and also:
      • The AI should attack now in full unison.
      • The AI should lethally flank.
      • The AI light infantry is more dangerous.
      • The AI artillery is located in a powerful battery which unleashes devastating concentrated barrages to the human player.
      • AI general is always careful and not suicidal.
      • Cavalry attacks are better coordinated.
      • No big gaps between units (now they create one long thin line of musketry per group and per formation).
      • Attack and defend offsets are improved so that the AI properly times the assault and muskets more.
      • There are various micro-adjustments to each formation.
      • The official Indian, Native American, Ottoman formations are no longer used because they were not working correctly.
      • AI naval formations should interact better.
      • The AI siege and river battles should play better.

    Special new in version 6,95

    • AI ships should manoeuvre more efficiently.
    • CAI composition of armies and navies should be better.
    • CAI Lite campaign handicaps were working the opposite (!) so I made them to work as intended. You should now notice insane difficulty in Hard mode and above. Thanks to shokh for the very helpful feedback about this.

    Note: The gameplay of 6,95 maybe different/better comparing to the unofficial DMUC 7,0 that few people have, because it was a beta version not finally tested by me.

    Special new in version 6,9

    • Mortars less accurate. The garrison mortars were very accurate so this had to be addressed.
    • Fire-By-Rank reload penalty reduced.
    • Broadside damage bonus reduced.
    • Edited again the notorious xholds parameters in kv_rules tables (previously they were all made zero by me). This clearly seems to produce a very good effect in Battle AI. It becomes more determined and aggressive (much less back and forth). Also, the battle mechanics change and you see much more lively melees. This new setting needs your full testing in battles.
    • Returned the grappling hooks for infantry. I tried, you insisted, it did not work. The poor AI cannot handle this and we want it to be better and more challenging. There is no fort lag with the latest additions of DarthMod so by returning the ropes back, you will get a far more challenging battle and campaign experience overall.
    • Added limbering ability for fixed cannons (The fixed cannons were not working correctly in sieges and also it is ridiculous not to have them in reinforcements).
    • Made some slight accuracy balance for cannons (Sakers became more accurate, demi-cannons less accurate).
    • Improved the response of infantry (move, shoot etc.) as it was asked many times. Now the infantry can shoot in time (The AI also) before a charge.
    • Made a brave new change to parameters of battle_entities files that were for much time untouched as they were balanced in a different way. Changed the value of the 8th column from the left in battle_entities file. This I have understood is the "locomotion speed". It affects how quickly the formation of the unit moves around its center (If you fantasize a unit length as a snake then it affects how quickly is the movement of the body of the snake that walks as a wave). Also I modded the 5th and 6th columns of the same file. These values affect the acceleration of the unit as I know (acceleration and deceleration respectively). Also, many other parameters were changed like radiuses, targeting angles (removed 360 degrees of light infantry because it made it to form strange angles automatically), masses, radiuses, models etc. All these clearly have transformed the battle system, both in melee mechanics and musket behaviour.
    • Turn rate of infantry increased (Affects reactions and fire delay).
    • I decided to change the parameters melee_height_delta_max/min. These values control a "tractor beam" which drags the troops to the center of the melee. The less it is, the more chaotic the melee becomes. For compensation, because melee lethality has changed due to that, I balanced some melee factors in the same file (kv_rules). The outcome of all the above affects the battle greatly, makes the AI more challenging, to react and musket more.
    • More GDP and research bonus for the CAI to make it more challenging.
    • 5th and 4th rate made available earlier in shipyards and also 6th rate made available to late trade and fish ports. I tried to override vanilla building units allowed tables so to make sloops, brigs, 5th rates unavailable to high tier shipyards (and encourage the AI to build bigger ships) but the engine did not allow it.
    • Made the AI priority to save money very little (hoping that it will use more money for repairs and development).
    • Changed some animation values to improve the musket/aim animations. Basically I changed the value of blend_time from "0" to "1". The vanilla zero value seems to cause problems. Also I corrected some very high values of animation mods added to DarthMod after 6.0 version, which caused delays of reactions for no reason (inspired by many users feedback about this). These new animation settings create a miracle to the battlefield, as the AI responses are greatly enhanced and it becomes MUCH more challenging.
    • Changed the CAI weight system to encourage more development, research, naval actions and spies attacks.
    • All naval units have lower upkeep cost to encourage the CAI to prefer the strongest ships. Also the unit limit of 5th rates and all admiral type of ships is reduced.
    • Most naval limits removed, including those of trade ships.
    • Experimenting with a new value in unit_tables (3rd from the right). Does this value affect the priority for the AI to build the unit? It needs testing or an answer from someone who knows.
    • More usage of trade routes by the AI (Hopefully) and less spamming of trade ships.
    • A lot of new animation tweaks for better reaction of troops. Removed some extra animations that caused delays as well. Thanks to "elianus", "Hofan" and "Lordsith" for designating the units and animations that had the problem.
    • Demand for special trade products increased globally.
    • Increased the trade bonus per turn for steady trade agreements with nations.
    • Reduced the build times of ships (now max=2) to encourage the CAI to build more ships and also to quickly go to trade theaters.
    • Possibly corrected a DMUC bug which made some line infantry to fire more slowly than normal. The DM does not have this issue (needs testing).
    • Experimenting for the first time with the file "battle_type_setup_limits", possibly affecting BAI battle priorities per army type (?). You must test battles to see if the new settings have a better effect in battles. Maybe for example it considers its army with 4 artillery pieces as strong in artillery and choose other hidden tactics. Previously the vanilla value was crazy high... 12!
    • Fixed some errors (hesse-cassel grenadiers not able to form square-vanilla error, magyar grenadiers more loose formation etc.). Thanks to "elianus" and Hofan for the feedback
    • Returned the "value analysis horizon" parameter to its original setting (Maybe it caused CTDs and corrupted saves on late turns (Needs testing).
    • Disabled the axe throwing ability of native americans because it made them useless against line infantry (due to the ridiculous fire by rank animation they had).
    • Reduced the deployed ranks from 6 to 4 to favour the AI musketry. If is is 3 then the unit formations stretch too much and the probability of the "leap frogging bug" increases very much.
    • Increased the government buildings tax bonuses to make them more useful comparing to barracks.
    • The increased agent movement points are reverted to vanilla (the related file probably caused CTDs to some users).
    • New animations and some latest tweaks to refine the whole mod to perfection, with the valuable aid of Hofan.
    • Unified and optimised the locomotion speed of units.
    • The melee height parameter has no max and min, and this makes the melees better.
    • Government effects changed to increase rebellions and clamour for reforms but not so much so to cause difficulty to the CAI.
    • Fluyts and Galleons characterised merchant ships so that the CAI uses them in the trade theaters. Before they were characterised ships of the line so the CAI preferred to build them instead of the actual big ships.
    • Rockets reload rate reduced.
    • Unit icon of East Indian Lancers showing Native Indian Cavarly (Vanilla bug) partially fixed by giving a more relevant unit icon.
    • The campaign missions automatically success for the AI after 120 instead of vanilla’s 5 turns. For example the 13 colonies will join AI Britain after 120 turns instead of 5.
    • Fixed the 3 turn and 4 turn per year option for Ultimate Late Campaign (DMUC related).

    The hotfix includes:
    -Repaired language options not working correctly
    -Repaired 4 turns per year not working in DMUC Ultimate Campaign
    -Repaired Grand Campaign Loading Script (Probably an old bug of DMUC 6,2)

    This version is dedicated to all the people who have helped in creating it

    Special new in version 6,8 Plus
    -Brand new CAI weight system. The previous had a lot of vanilla inconsistencies. The vanilla programming of CAI priorites in the map was mostly this: (Create armies, Create navies, do not worry about bankruptcy or development... we have for you super handicaps). Because I have removed the handicaps from the campaign (They are for the weak minded) now this file had to be re-examined. In short what you should witness is the following:
    More balanced CAI, trying to develop its land, not to overspend and also dynamically to reduce/increase its forces according to income, repair land buildings/armies, trade and use more dynamically the navy.
    -The exaggeration of CAI to help allies more than its own lands has been removed.
    -Agent movement points reduced (from 200 to 100).
    -Army movement points bonuses removed (Reverted to vanilla as requested).
    -Republic gains more repression bonus from buildings in compensation for its low repression ability as a government type.
    -CAI Agents are finally more energetic.
    -Muslim nations can now build and use Xebecs, a good all around vessel for its price (Thanks Freakwave for the idea).
    -Big ships got some new heavy cannonry (replaced the very small they had), so that their firepower and role is more characteristic. Maybe this will affect the CAI to prefer more to build them.
    -European colonial units (like VOC Infantry etc.) now do not have heat resistance bonus. This was not correct and made the native mercenaries obsolete comparing to them.
    -*DMUC*specific. A slightly edited Sound Mod is included, the one that hip63 has created before his voyage to the outer rim. It has many new sounds, drum and fifes included by default.
    -Fixed the mixed voice bug (admirals sound as generals etc.). Full credits go to Lordsith for finding the solution.

    Special new in version 6,7
    -Removed the no_fort_mod completely, as well as the cannon garrison. The mortar garrison, no grappling hooks, walls remain and produce the best possible siege experience. The AI will not be able to attack forts efficiently but at least it will choose more often to starve you out or demand from you to surrender.
    -Difficulty levels give to the AI GDP and army research bonus (It was a necessary move to make it more challenging).
    -Optimized the repression, happiness level to unchain the CAI to attack regions and also make more reasonable the pacification process for both AI and human player.
    -Government types have different type of repression and penalties making them a really unique choice to rule regions.
    -Fleets and Armies of CAI have different role assignment in the map (more mobile, more energetic, more naval invasions, more trade and blockades etc.)
    -Reduced spotting distances for all units. Trees, scrub, long grass are accordingly:
    Cavalry: 30, 60, 150
    Light infantry: 50, 70, 90
    Medium, Heavy Infantry: 40, 60, 70
    Artillery: 100, 130, 200
    General: 50, 80, 200
    Native Americans (Including their artillery): 80, 100, 150
    The result of this is a better BAI and also makes the units which can hide more useful. For example the Native Americans can now hide & shoot efficiently and deadly.

    Special new in version 6,6
    -Clamor for reform and repression base values have been increased to release the CAI from the chains of public disorder and be more energetic. Some other CAI values have been changed to fine tune. Now you should witness a more aggressive CAI than 6,5. Thanks to the useful feedback of users.
    -Garrison will now have cannons and mortars!
    -Land units movement points increased.
    -Agents have increased movement rate to be more useful.
    -Removed gabionade ability (it made the AI unable to defend properly with cannons)
    -DMUC grenades options not working fixed.
    -Ultimate Late campaign Turns/Year options fixed.

    Special new in version 6,5
    -Included by default the No_Fort Mod. The removal of grappling hooks makes the CAI to choose better odds for siege attack, so it waits or demands surrender. Also the human player cannot autoresult sieges all the time because units with no grappling hooks have penalty in the calculation of attack. And if finally there is a siege battle, there is no more the fort lag and the idiotic AI. Needs testing about idleness if the AI attacks.
    -Fine tuned diplomacy attitudes and diplomacy religion values.
    -Forced the AI to go more in trade routes and theaters and also lowered the vanilla very high minimum limit of trade ships. This possibly affects the naval unit composition positively.
    -Corrected a CTD animation bug for Buccaneers (Only DM related). Thanks to William1976 for the feedback.

    Special new in version 6,35-6,4
    -Various faction AI characters where changed.
    -Balanced the diplomatic relations negative values so that friendly stance means friendly, neutral means indifferent, etc. This file (diplomatic relations_attitudes) worked fine until I modded the diplomacy file unlocked by "taw" (diplomacy_attitudes) this was required because the campaign would become too peaceful.
    -Different religion will have more impact penalty in diplomacy.
    -Made the CAI to build more ship of the line and frigates and not so many trade ships.
    -Fixed a small glitch in the british 5th rate which had smaller reload rate than it should have.
    -CAI will examine an invasion to province with 10% more risk than before (should make the AI to attack more).
    -The newest UPC by Swiss Halbedier

    Special new in version 6.3
    -Used the entities training tables (new file unlocked by taw) to optimize the tidiness of units and responses.
    -Preserved the golden deceleration/acceleration values in battle entities db file of version 6,2.
    -Outcome due to the above: the units respond and act more realistically, musket more, battle physics improved, units with high training are far more distinct in the battlefield comparing to units with lower training levels (visually and practically). For example, the native americans have much more free formations and this is for their advantage.
    -Changed some training levels for some units
    -Nullified all CAI difficulty level handicaps (all zero). Previously, it seemed that they were enabled for the AI although they were set to false. This affected the turn delay... less calculation less waiting, no ottoman turn bug anymore it seems.
    -Balanced the autoresolve for Naval battles (Needs testing).
    -Various tweaks to CAI (AI should repair its naval forces, should be more energetic around trade routes, will support less the Allies in order to protect itself more, etc.)
    -Used the diplomacy_attitudes file (new table unlocked by taw). This diplomacy file is very important and controls the per turn relations numbers. Now modded to be more dynamic. Not for example to begin wars and the relations to deteriorate infinitely (silly vanilla setting). Wars will begin, outbreaks will have impact but the negative values will pass overtime to press the AI to negotiate peace... finally. Together with the other innovations of DarthMod, these new settings make the diplomacy AI manipulation complete.
    -More hilly terrains.
    -All skirmishers can now react/shoot at 360 degrees. This gives their last touch to their unique role in the battlefield.
    -Various changes (not many) to stats for some units. Thanks to Xwyzed and Elianus for the feedback.
    -Removed the attribute "Can do formed attack" of line infantry type. I believe it affected the AI and made it to musket less.
    -Many changes in fatigue settings. Now new settings make the AI to prefer more to approach in order and musket. Also the dynamic fatigue settings changed the whole character of the battlefield.
    -Removed the spider rope ability of infantry. Now the AI will prefer not to storm the fortifications but to wait, or attack when it has cannons. In battle, you must outgun the fort in order to take it, and cannot climb it (historical)... testing needed.
    -Many new settings in CAI (prefer more to research army improvements, calculate better each turn etc.)
    -Native americans are now cold resistant, impetuous, have extra stamina and generally are more realistic (due to the new settings of their unit formations as well).
    -Removed the european minor factions unit limits (DMUC setting only).
    -The admiral naval ships improved.
    -The heavy naval ships gained a little more armour.
    -Mounted unit walk speed increased (Maneuver better that way).
    -The desert warriors gained ability to skirmish and now fight as they truly did with the new scattered unit formations.
    -Throwing axes are now armour piercing.
    -CAI will respond equally to port attacks or other naval threats and not neglect one of the priorities (needs testing).
    -Pirates have now pistols and shoot before they charge.
    -Some urgent settings in attack factors (front, rear, flanks) which should make the AI to hesitate less and to make the melees more balanced with the new settings of the mod.
    -Some distorted cannon explosion sounds have been removed (only DMUC related).

    Special new in version 6,2
    -Finally the pikemen fight with pike and not with sword and so are useful and historically correct. This fix is based on Primergy mod. Full Credits belong to him for this long anticipated fix.
    -Musket-axe troops melee with their axes and not with their muskets (vanilla bug fix). Thank you Xwhyzed for the very clear instructions and your animation mod.
    -Fatigue tweaked so that infantry gets tired more while in steady mode and by climbing hills (affects AI as well which seems to fight more conservatively).
    -Camels cost/upkeep tweaked and have unit limit so that AI does not create camel armies.

    Special new in version 6,1 (including older 6.0 enforced version):
    -CAI corrections which affect AI reaction in defense of regions, response to port attacks, correction of possible AI confusion mid turns, AI naval repairs.
    -Weakening of melee troops of Native Americans and Indians (Mostly morale and shield lowering). Now they should be shocked more from proper musket fire and maybe will not be able to even reach the line infantry. Also the shield defense was very large for the Indians (7) so this made them too powerful and musket resilient also.
    -Includes the Naval Pitch&Roll fix (thanks to Monkeybreadman for the helpful feedback on this) and also some new values which I hope improve the resistance of low level ships (to sink prematurely). Also sailing against the wind has more penalty.
    -Naval wind speeds made more realistic according to direction (Slower).
    -Pitch&Roll effects balanced according to new settings to make the effects more realistic and help the endurance of ships.
    -Naval Moral effects balanced to fit new settings.
    -Chainshot became 35% more effective.
    -5th Rate and 6th Rate ships gained more hull points.
    -All ships campaign movement points increased a lot. This helps the trading locations to become theaters of war and also helps tremendously the AI naval invasions. The hard code seems sometimes to timeout if the destination is too far away so this method makes the Naval Invasion System of DarthMod Complete.
    -New melee mechanics making units more responsive and also musket units more defensible against heavy melee troops.
    -Native Americans can hide&move, hide&shoot.
    -Land Mortar calibration improved (Now it is far more effective).
    -Field artillery calibration improved slightly.
    -Old technology muskets have more misfire penalty.
    -Made squares more resilient against cavalry.
    -Fatigue thresholds changed so that units willl become tired more easily and not run all the time (Affects AI positively).
    -New Melee mechanics creating the necessary adjustments so that: Chaos of battle is maintained, cavalry is not so powerful, bayonet musket troops are not as weak against melee troops as before.
    -Musketry slightly more powerful (It feels even more real).
    -Extreme Projectile adjustments to cannons:

    • All solid shots gained realistic fragment damage according to their caliber. This includes all infantry cannons, naval cannons except the early cannons of the campaign which still kill by impact only. Artillery lovers... you are going to love this! It is real! No more mortar and howitzer useless solid shots. In fact, solid shots are the best average solution, as it was in History.
    • Carcass more powerful.
    • Rockets more powerful.
    • Fort cannons gained realistic ballistic speeds and are more effective (They had the vanilla laser ballistics before...).

    Those who have mods based on DarthMod must include or adapt all the projectile files.
    -Radical change of native american style of warfare. (Melee skills increased, Morale lowered). Now they fight more like Indians concerning the limitations of the game and of course cause a lot of casualties from where you do not expect they will. You will feel their ferociousness but also the might of the musket against them. Same balance logic follow now the desert and camel warriors.
    -Arrow and throwing axe damage increased to realistic levels( Since now they new type of Native American warfare makes that possible for balance reasons).
    -CAI will build more artillery in army, Easterns will build even more artillery and cavalry, Native Americans will have more infantry.
    -Breakthrough in BAI response system. I nullified the delay(?) stat in unit_stats_land (@modders change the unknown15 column in unit_stats_land file to zero). Also I maxed out the unused1 and unused2 columns in the same file (unsure if that affects something but to be sure I did this). The result is an AI which responds, muskets, flanks and challenges the player than never before. Also the player's units become more effective.
    -Acceleration values tweaked to balance the new system.
    -Mughal and other Islamic units cost & upkeep lowered significantly to reflect their historic ability to wage large armies and to be able to defend better against Maratha. (Thanks Xwhyzed for the feedback)
    -Buccaneers invisible sword (Vanilla bug) fixed.
    -Naval Chain shots improved realistically as requested.
    -Saxony gets a school from the start of the campaign.

    Special new in version 6.0 Release
    -Optimized for 1.6 patch (removed the AI formation pack used by previous version of DarthMod).
    -Corrected Ghoorkas having no shield defense value and deleted Death Head Hussar wrong shield Value (Vanilla bug reported by zowrath).
    -Trade and Fish ports can now raise 4th and 5th rates at higher tiers. Also Naval Hospital can now raise 1st rate, over 1st rate and some other ships except the steam ships which can only be created in Steam DryDocks. Result: AI and Human player can raise much powerful fleets with varied composure and not spam too many trade ships, sloops, brigs etc.
    -Increased upkeep costs of Native Americans so that they can not support big armies but they are still cheap to be raised quickly.
    -Melee units upkeep costs increased, the same done with special units of Maratha + unit recruit limits enabled (for example Sikh troops) so that Maratha cannot overrun easily with quality armies their neighbours.
    -Bargir infantry not so powerful as before (They have the numbers to compensate). Mughal and Persian musketeers combat skills increased (they were low). This is another trick to weaken the Maratha.
    -New models and textures for The Ottoman's Nizam-I-Cedit units (Provided fully by zowrath).
    -Camel gunners abilities increased: They can dismount as Dragoons, fire from horse back, their abilities are enhanced, making them a harder unit to fight in battle (Thanks to zowrath for the original idea and the great implementation help).
    -New animations for cavalry and infantry: an original idea mod of yanxu. Cavalry units have more pluralism in Death and idle occasions. Infantry stands in a different manner. These animations add more realism perception for the tactical battles.
    -New help distances for CAI, hopefully encouraging naval invasions and Alliance helping.
    -New special characteristics for each kind of CAI (For example Natives will prefer to raid more and will ally with powerful and nearby neighbours, Trade countries will use more their strategy to gain diplomatic and trade agreements, Maritime countries will use more army for naval invasions etc. (I am unsure if this works 100%). This character modding of CAI was inspired by Zowrath who proposed to add some code lines to encourage better army stacking for CAI and then it was fully implemented by me as a full scale idea to add more layer of code.
    -New naval units limits (with the 4th-5th rate ships now more easily recruited the CAI liked to spam them so this had to be done).
    -More campaign movement points for auxiliary and trade ships (Brigs, Sloops, Indiaman, Xebecs, Dhows etc.) and also to special ships and steam ships. The result is more easy reach and support of trade lines and more historic usage of the smaller vessels.
    -New Maratha Light Infantry unit created from Zowrath.
    -USS Constitution got 32 pounder cannon and 4 turns build time (Vanilla historical fix by Zowrath).
    -Some naval crew fixes of equipment not showing (Vanilla Bug Fix by Zowrath).
    -The return of the vanilla classes... now that CA has decided to finally fix the formations to 1-line as proposed so many times by ME. 1.6 Patch Formations are identical to DarthMod formations prior the patch with my class fixes. Yes = identical. Probably they implemented some other code to fix AI, but anyways now the skirmisher class innovation fix is no longer needed (It works but it is not as necessary as before). The side effects of units to show as skirmishers and not to have correct regiment names is now fixed.
    -DarthMod Lite now includes everything except the Smoke and Sound Effects which may slow down older PCs. DarthMod Lite is now (DarthMod) - (Smoke & Sound effects) I repeat!
    -New CAI developments: CAI characters gained even more level of characterization (Important to use the new starting positions!). Some faction will prefer to develop more, some to raid more, some to create large armies, some to attack in larger stacks than to separate to raid.... too many to list. You have to witness that. (Thanks to Zowrath for the very good feedback and ideas for this).
    -Unit Spotting parameters lowered by 50%. Now the units can hide but also behave intelligently as well (not blind as in vanilla). The new patch of CA made that possible to lower. Thanks to hip also for the original idea and reminder to look at this.
    -Special care and balance in the battle system to make it fit to the new BAI. Melees more decisive and chaotic, cavalry more lethal and penetrating, musketry slightly more devastating... it is excellent I guarantee. Play as many battles as you can! They will be not enough! You will want more!
    -Minor balance changes for British/Prussian Line infantry. British Line Infantry reload reduced from 30 to 27, Prussian Line Infantry Accuracy increased from 35 to 38. (Thanks to Alhoon for the feedback).
    -Spotting distance ratio for cavalry changed and seems that this affected the premature cavalry charges (common AI behaviour). The AI does behave overally better with these values. Light Infantry and Infantry are the main spotters of the Army. General and cavalry will be sentinels around.
    -Cavalry is penetrating and enduring in battle, not murdered easily. Now you can organize cavalry assaults to flanks or even heroic frontal charges at crucial moments and end the battle. You must fear AI armies with cavalry.
    -Melee penetrations of infantry has been balanced as well and a lot of other parameters affecting turning rates, radiuses, charge distances, hit points etc.
    -Morale impacts of artillery has been increased.
    -Fatigue has been normalised so as not to show as fresh soldiers those who have not moved but are engaged in prolonged projectile fire.
    -A negative city growth problem (probably exaggerated vanilla bug in DarthMod) which could occur because of citizenship research was fixed by a big probability.
    -A vanilla bug fix proposed by Zowrath to make the surrender button in campaign to work properly.

    1.5 Patch Time Period
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Special new in version 5.5
    -New Darth research bonuses (replaced Isabelxxx's). The whole system has been updated. Everything seems now to work as a clock in the campaign and the technology development. The AI also will not be confused and lead itself to bankruptcy (an older issue reported).
    -New taxes income penalties for compensation.
    -New Darth building research bonuses so that factions with no universities can still research and not stay to neolithic levels of technology (vanilla bug). Thanks to Isabelxxx for the feedback transfer for this, implementation by me.
    -Pikemen limit to 6.
    -New formations offered by hip63. The new "secret" formations provoke overall a better AI.
    -New Campaign AI to make the AI more aggressive and responsive and also to trade more. The challenge in the campaign map is greatly enhanced (tested in Hard campaign difficulty level).
    -Lancer cavalry now have +4 anti-cavalry bonus (Makes them more unique and special for charge purposes). Mods which adapt with DarthMod gameplay such as AUM of Swiss Halbedier should do that as well.
    -New Starting Positions for Grand+WarPath Campaign (Work is done by hip63, Isabelxxx, HusserlTW)
    -New tweaks in the naval stats and overall enhancements (armour and reload rates balanced differently and this solves also some issues for example 5th rates were underpowered).
    -Some unit stats corrections (Maratha Elephant bodyguard crew correction, Bazhibouzouks stats enhanced).
    -Drastic improvements in CAI unit recruitment choice (Thanks to the feedback of the closed beta team).
    -Improved the reload rates of bows and tomahawks as requested (The natives respond much quicker).

    Special new in version 5,4
    -Implementation of some new breakthrough presented in TWcenter. The complete nullification of the columns unknown2/unknown4 (charge parameters) which makes the AI to behave better in any occasion. Luntik has used the values 0 only for some infantry types but this inspired me to do that for all unit types and so you will see better musketing, better melees and charges and also the AI artillery strangely not to go for strolls (Needs more testing). DarthMod works perfectly with this new addition and I urge all to try it immediately.
    Big Thanks to:
    Luntik for the inspiration he has given with his great mod (check it here) to nullify some charge parameters which create melee bug. This mod has other tweaks as well that will work well as a Lite AI enhance for vanilla. Check it out.
    -Inserted new starting positions of Isabelxxx which allow the recruitment of EUE in the campaign.
    -Inserted a fix in technology proposed again by Isabelxxx which without there was probability of weird bankruptcy incidents.
    -Corrected the Brunswick Dragoons (EUA) to be class dragoon and not skirmisher as it was wrong.
    -Corrected some things in the radius of cavalry and heights (battle entities) and now cavalry is stronger in charges against infantry and generally more effective as it was requested (correctly).

    Special new in version 5,3
    -Adaptation for the new DLC "Elite Units of the East". The new Units have been "Darthed" so that they are balanced with DarthMod's melee bug fix. Those who have not bought the DLC can still play DarthMod.
    You will need the latest UPC language pack hosted on Swiss Halbedier's mod thread to see the unit description names (as many names of new units in DarthMod such as the garisson units). The DMUC will have it included as always.

    Special new in version 5,25 (Hotfix)
    -I reverted the vanilla values of the recruitment of generals (They were correct). They work different as they seem to. The max = the general_units allowed per army/navy, the min=the general_units allowed generally across theater. There is a second percentage filter for that also. The previous values also would create campaign CTDs in later turns. So I corrected it.
    -Also I optimized the autoresolve.
    -Also again, I forced the AI to repair its navy more.

    Special new in version 5,2
    -New technology tree plan, implemented exclusively by Isabelxxx. (The obsolete fire and advance, platoon, grenades etc. technologies give now some good benefits and there is also general balance around all other technologies).
    -Some unit limits have been lowered (Grenadiers mainly).
    -6 lb naval cannons replaced by 6lb lr or 9lb because they gave very large firepower values and bugged the autoresolve (Thanks to Myshkin, Isabelxxx for the feedback).
    -Government bonuses and penalties changed to make each government even more unique and to encourage more late turn clamour for reforms and change of government.
    -Autoresolve issues that were reported hopefully solved (More casualties than normal in easy battles).
    -Corrected a bug of vanilla that made AI not to recruit many generals (CA had put the opposite campaign AI_personalities_tables (min/max of navy/military admirals/generals).
    -Modded the CAI to have better balance of navies.

    Special new in version 5,1
    -New musket balance fix (In DMUC there will a button to revert to old).
    -Reverted cavalry and camels hitpoints to 1 (from 2) and Elephants to 8 (Was 9).
    -For compensation increased the defense +5 all cavalry and camels (Elephants unchanged). Tested and is better from proportional increase which causes unbalance.
    -Morale suffers more from combined musket volleys or successful melee charges and the elite units will show now their real value.
    -CAI updated and it shows: Acceptance and desires for Peace Treaties, Naval Invasions Across Theater more, Better handling of alliance packs and support (In DMUC there will a button to revert to old).
    -New updated Starting Position modded exclusively by Isabelxxx:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Victory conditions added to:

    EUROPE, AMERICA & INDIA (in the 2 versions)

    -Russia (revised, more influence in Europe)
    -Britain (revised, more influence in Europe, Asia, Arabia, Mediterranean isles )
    -Ottomans (revised, more influence in Mediterranean isles )
    -France (revised, more influence in Europe, Asia, Arabia, England )
    -Prussia (revised)
    -Austria (revised)
    -Netherlands (revised, more influence in America)
    -Sweden (revised, more influence in Europe, America,Asia)
    -Spain (revised, more influence in Europe, Asia, Arabia, Mediterranean isles, Scotland )

    AI (alternative version & recommended):

    -Denmark: FULL & continental_progressive
    -Portugal: FULL
    -Sweden: '' & continental_progressive

    They work for EUA DLC & non DLC

    Special New in version 5.0
    AI Melee bug is eradicated!

    -Acceleration and responses of infantry balanced to make the AI musket even more and hide the AI melee bug even more...
    -Musket damage in long range slightly increased.
    -360 degree fire angles for infantry dropped to 140 degrees.
    -New Breakthrough! New campaign terrain type modifiers. You will notice realistic variance between hills and flat terrain now. The objective is to create more strategic field of battles. Watch the terrain how different it is also in the campaign map, with hills and strategic points to hold. Also the step-like hills of vanilla... are eradicated as well and AI no longer has pathfinding issues with the better terrain.
    -New campaign starting positions modded by Isabelxxx included in the download folder which encourage the AI naval invasion to India. They are also available as a separate download in the download thread.

    Special New in version 4.95
    -Hotfix. Previous testing version which was wrongly uploaded had increased the hit points of the infantry which was wrong. The correct version is this.

    Special New in version 4.9
    -A serious gameplay enhancement proposed by the ultimate commander hip63. Deployed ranks per unit became 6 for all units except light infantry making them more thick and less wide. This setting is ideal for ultra settings,the proposed for DarthMod, and may not seem so good in lower unit size settings. The impact in the gameplay is huge. AI steers less, takes strange angles in less probability, lasts longer in melee and musketry and generally behaves better. Other modders should try to adapt to this with lower settings according to the base unit size of their mods.
    -Mounts got more hit points (battle entities db file, last column). Result: Still can be murdered by musket fire but they last longer in melees and battles. A real challenge to face AI cavalry now and fun to use cavalry units by the human player.
    -Garrison line infantry units are now not available in custom and mp battles (Their names still not show up but this requires extra work that can be done in the future or by a 3rd party submod).
    -Euro cavalry musket units have now the straight sword instead of sabre, as it is more historic. Fix proposed and explained by Fencible.
    -The welsh fusiliers now use fire by rank. Bug traced by Ftmch (The other 2 reports were not bugs but features of the game).

    Special New in version 4.8
    -New Garrison Line infantry gained abilities rank fire and square
    -Included the re-texture of european firelock armed-citizenry of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar # (So ugly they were these clochards)
    -Included a fix, as proposed by Isabelxxx, which will help those who have not bought the EUA DLC and had CTDs at startup with DarthMod

    Special New in version 4.7
    -New unit limits for the native Americans (To build more melee infantry)
    -Throwing axes ammo limited to 1 (Also for chakkar) to encourage the units to charge and melee
    -Garrison units included = Line Infantry and others (Was requested many times)
    -Morale penalty for infantry vs cavalry increased a lot (Charges of cavalry should break low quality infantry easily)
    -Change to model+melee mechanics for cavalry and infantry results now to better charge penetrations and more effective cavalry
    -(Experimental but it should work well...) increased the help distance for AI allied factions, hoping (had no time to test) to create a more dynamic theater of war and (maybe) AI invasions to India! Please feedback after many turns of campaigning. This is very important!

    Special New in version 4.6
    -The final tuning, the indirect correction of melee bug is now finished (together with all so many other).
    I have changed in the battle entities db file:
    *The column "Run2" in the db editor which I have played with it quite some months and I am convinced that it does something else, or indirectly it affects how quickly and tidy can the unit deploy/maneuver. Small values make it completely intidy (try values 0,1,2...) and larger more tidy and 18th Century look like. I increased the values very much, hoping to either "hit" the internal maximums or vary the results as I want them.
    *The internal model of infantry (column unknown6) changed from circle to ellipse, making it, I think, a thinner obstacle for units, and so creating better melees and less desire to "untouch", the common problem of AI units.
    *Sync Column "unknown12" tweaked so artillery units not so slow (as reported) to react to movements and deployments, but not so fast to cause "power booms" (Artillery fires in semi-salvos). This has been done to other units as well. Naval cannons remain to the value 10, which creates very realistic cannon fire release.

    After that... you tell me first that it works... then spread the news to our gaming world!
    note: The problem of AI units trying too much to avoid each other still exists but is lowered by at least 80%!

    Special New in version 4.5
    -The change of infantry classes which indirectly controls the formation system is updated to the final stage, after many new extra tweaks to other files:
    All musket armed infantry ->Skirmish class (Missilie cavalry class is obsolete now)
    The side effect in this is that human player cannot separately select light infantry with double click. The benefit is a long infantry line which muskets hell!
    Melee infantry stays for melee infantry, cavalry stays as it is etc.
    This is now very simple for every modder to implement.
    -Sync of infantry optimized again to allow also realistic musket salvos and melee mechanics and also effective and without too much delay deployment.
    -More moral penalty for infantry when fighting cavalry (-1).
    -Some new tweaks in kv_rules to favour musketing for AI (Defense projectile divisors), and there has been careful balance in melee and musket lethality for compensation.
    -hn_bonuses nullified... a bugged stat I am afraid: enhances the melee bug and makes melees look more idle due to a sphere of control which creates.

    Special New in version 4.45
    -Research technology bug fix for WarPath Campaign
    -Unit recruit limit for some more units (Native Americans Auxiliary because AI spams them)

    Special New in version 4.4
    Urgent hotfix version which includes:
    -Inserted again the darthmodformation.pack (old vanilla formations) which generally improves the gameplay and musketing.
    -The infantry troop synchronization parameter which makes troop fire and fight in realistic syncs is increased to 15 (This parameter is in battle_entities db file, the 2nd from the last column), because below 10 creates more trouble than optimization of visuals.
    -Changed the skirmisher class to cavalry_missile class to force the light infantry to deploy in the flanks or far behind the center... a hilarious but rather good technique to avoid the melee problems which can occur.
    -Spotting parameters values updated. The previous low values were implemented to force the AI not to turn around all the time. Now that the 360 targeting system is used in DarthMod the bigger values work way better, and result to even more successful musketry and proper AI strategy thinking, which becomes obvious even during custom battles. The following values are used:
    General infantry (Line, Melee, Grenadiers etc.): 200-300-400
    Light Infantry/Skirmishers/Cavalry/All Native Americans units: 400-500-600
    Artillery: 400-600-800
    Generals: 800-1000-1200

    Special New in version 4.3
    -Lots of new land and naval recruit limits for units to allow less spamming in the campaign for AI.
    -Dahomey amazons unit size reduced.
    -360 degree system implemented for mounted troops also (those arguing about this must understand that the AI gets a lot benefit from the increased targeting arcs).
    -Synchronization of musketing fire and deployment optimized better (sometimes the human player waited a lot for the unit to get ready).
    -Mass penetrations optimized for the new targeting system.
    -Cavalry effectiveness increased for balance.
    -Reduced unit size of minutemen due to their light infantry behaviour.
    -DLC Elite Units of America adapted.
    -Extra formations removed because I noticed that AI cavalry is not used correctly.

    Special New in version 4.2
    -Made the naval technology to progress even more faster to help the AI develop in this area.
    -Class light infantry (skirmishers in DarthMod) gained role of riflemen (unknowncolumn4 in DB Editor of unit_tables db file). As I have said, I suspect that this column affects the way that units fight.
    -Efficiency of fighting and musketing of infantry increased by giving them 360 degrees targeting. Now the AI will not turn all the time to attack and will keep formation. Human player units are less dependent in micromanagement as they can fire in all directions of threat although they have to turn to gain maximum firepower, which AI does know that.
    -Synchronization of musketing and attack is more realistic (For example, watch how fire by rank shoots now... not all at the same time and the targeting is more dynamic which creates more lethal volleys).
    -Melee lethality increased to create more decisive momentums.

    Special New in version 4.1
    -Corrected the charge distance problem (Now charges do not need micromanagement and make it always and ferociously to the end)
    -I have seen that the research bonuses I have modded were overridden by vanilla (So many weak AI did not manage to build new kind of troops and ships because DarthMod has no economic handicaps for AI)... renamed the file and it is corrected.

    Special New in version 4.0
    -New BSM light incorporated inside DarthMod (DMUC allready has it)
    -Charge distance problem that was reported for the human player optimized but not fully corrected to preserve the current settings for the AI.
    -Mass radius changed a little to create more penetrations in melee.
    -Religion conversion became even more difficult.
    -Added DarthModformation.pack (Older state vanilla formations unmodded) which improves the AI.

    Special New in version 3.9
    -Finalized the whole system. The roles that will be used from the AI to the formations are transcoded to the following:
    Line Infantry, Grenadiers, Elite Infantry -> Melee Infantry (This role is used excellently by the AI to musket come close, musket again,charge, reform etc. and also you will notice that it is triggered a semi-fire and advance for the human player sometimes (try to melee attack with line infantry an enemy and watch that if it is too far away they will reform and musket in a good distance)
    Light Infantry and other rifle types -> Skirmish Infantry (This role is excellent for them, they do not stop shooting and also never charge, or attack at unfavourable odds.
    Militia Infantry is given to many citizen type units (This role is ideal for defending a city when there are many units of this type)
    -Updated for adaptation a lot other parameters in lethality of muskets and melee physics.
    This time... you will not be disappointed. Videos will follow.

    Special New in version 3.8
    -The endeavor of the melee bug fix and the increase of AI musket firing continues. A drastic solution is activated... zero to the mysterious xhold parameters of the kv_rules files. Death to them for a better AI. I have seen results. There are other things, changed but the idea that has started from 3.6 is preserved. Keep in mind that I cannot make the whole game ideal, because I have no mod tools. But DarthMod Empire optimizes it and it is obvious. Videos will follow.

    Special New in version 3.7
    -A very urgent hotfix to correct problems in 3.6 (I had corrupted installation files). Hopefully now you will see a large proportion of the improvements I planned to offer. Your feedback will help me to optimize the system.

    Special New in version 3.6
    -Reduced the reload and accuracy stats of some overpowered Indian units.
    -Campaign variables no longer overriden by vanilla (For example, you should see more reasonable Campaign AI and not so fast religion conversion.)
    -Updated the melee physics (More violence and penetrations of charges).
    -Found and eradicated a critical bug of CA which created melee bug. This is the correction methodology:
    *I have favoured in the fatigue db file the shooting and reloading fatigue penalties.
    *I have used a specific value system which "came" to me empirically to the "xholds parameters". I propose the exact values I have to all modders.
    *In the battle_entities db file I increased one specific parameter which, it seems to me, it affects a lot the targeting system of AI (watch where I have the value 180).
    *The most Important one! The following classes: Infantry_Elite, Light_Infantry are used by a bugged formation created by CA (I say), and because I cannot mod the formations, I excluded these classes (from the unit_tables db file) and replaced them with similar classes that are used well by the AI (Grenadiers, Skirmishers and to some I gave Infantry_Militia instead of Line_Infantry for the same reason). Also, Line_Infantry class is replaced by Grenadier Class. Now you will notice so much musketing that your ears will hurt and also AI will no longer square itself endlessly... what a bug was this? How did it pass from beta testing?

    What you see, with of course many other things implemented in DarthMod, a far better BAI behaviour in terms of musketing.
    Known side effects of my above mentioned indirect methodology to affect the AI:
    *In custom battles you will see the notification of some units not to be exact, for example Line Infantry to be acknowledged as "Grenadiers". Close your eyes in this... it is worth the effort!
    *Line Infantry and Elite Infantry will no longer start the battle with guard mode on.

    Special New in version 3.5
    DarthMod Empire has gone to a new level with this version. Everything concerning land battles and AI has been updated to create the best tension and challenge feeling ever seen in DarthMod. This version will be synchronized fully with the DarthMod Empire Ultimate Commander Edition Mod of hip63.
    In summary:
    -Melees + Penetrations + Charges are very much closer to reality and epic feeling. Especially to those who play WarPath you will notice how different are the battles against the firepower of the Europeans.
    -AI determination, approach and musketing has been enhanced (Various methodologies: Firing+targening arcs, attack direction factoring, AI unit roles in unit_tables files changed to press the AI to use them right (Needs testing from modders... it seems to me that it affects the AI), new melee offsets, melee + firing synchronization updated etc.)
    Note to all modders who adapt the unit stats of their mods to the core settings of DarthMod: You have to lower the reload ability of skirmishers units or other who "mass fire" to 1/3 approximately).
    -Included the updated UP retexture project of jarnomiedema.
    -WarPath low-level Indians got melee bonus, similarly as DarthMod has for the native Americans in the Grand Campaign (They were real fighters, not peasant fodder).
    -Starting postions updated (and included).
    -Grenadier unit recruitment level=12.
    -BSM 4.0 Light incorporated fully and internally to the darthmod.pack.
    -Changed cannon types for many ships.

    Special New in version 3.4
    -Urgent hotfixes included for some naval cannonade, reported by the feedback of Mr Frost.
    -Changed some cannons for some ships to another type.

    Special New in version 3.3
    -New garrison units for all factions available. European and Americans have militia, Native Americans have warriors and archers, Eastern and Indians have a mixture of musketeers and swordsmen. All these are added automatically in case of a siege with internal probability. It is better this way, instead of having to fight only peasant fodder.
    -Fixed a CTD issue with american pioneers and also corrected the unit number for native american chieftains.
    -Balanced the musketry better again (Close range even more lethal, long range not so accurate).
    -Infantry squares have less bonus against cavalry.
    -Cannon power increased a little in very long ranges.
    -I modded the "spot parameters" which seem to bug the AI thinking. I noticed that, after CA has announced an increase in this values, the problems of over maneuvering of AI was more existent. I have a new balance for them, which seems to me that increases 100% the musket behaviour of AI. Yes, it muskets far more, flanks, fires and charges... all that. Modders and DarthMod feedbackers have to test and tell me if this is improving a lot the gameplay.
    -Added the new textures for the Swedish superior line infantry of Ftmch.

    Special New in version 3.2 (Thanks to minehe for his urgent fix to DBEditor which helped me to mod).
    -Full Adaptation for the new patch 1.5 (All new Indian models have been Darthed).
    -Corrected a minor bug in the crew size of 3rd rates which became always -1 less after deployment.
    -Indian Artillery became very expensive (I do not like Indians with artillery). If they want it they must buy it with a lot of money.

    1.4 Patch Time Period
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Special New in version 3.1
    -State gifts balanced better.
    -Naval deck crews increased almost to the limit of the game for each ship (There is something about a "mod4 relevance" between crew types which prevents more variation).
    -Ship hulls values normalized (weird CA numbers...), Great Britain has slightly less hull values (Lighter more agile ships), Russians more hull (slower and less agile ships).
    -The updated DB Editor allowed me to adapt some small changes in the unit_tables db file (MP unit limits and highlanders icons).

    Special New in version 3.0
    -Various modifications to adapt to the latest patch 1.4. New columns, some new values in db files etc.
    -Musket Lethality is significantly weaker in large range, comparing to last version, but still very large at close range.

    1.3 Patch Time Period
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Special New in version 2.9
    -Very important musket targeting system update which makes the musketry more decisive (It was good but if a unit had low accuracy was too inaccurate before and the AI was also not able to come closer for the muskets to become really dangerous. Also in this way the behaviour of the AI is better.)
    -Isarelys campaign cost reduced to help the Ottomans grow larger armies
    -Azzars unit size made 180
    -I added scimitar weapon to desert and nomad warriors to affect their good melee skill
    -Several units got chain mail armour as their graphics show
    -I replaced the smoke to be as the light version of BSM (as per popular request)

    Special New in version 2.85
    -Several new mechanics for better indirect AI and melee mechanics
    -Musketry and effectiveness of musket men in the battlefield are enhanced
    -Corrected the militia texture bug which existed for the Dutch

    Special New in version 2.8
    -Balanced the grenade launcher units

    Special New in version 2.75
    -Very urgent hotfixes included (version 2,7 had bugs in the 3d model behaviour creating weird animation and lag, weak melees and musket fire). This was created due to my efforts to enhance the melee system, mass and charge penetration. In this version all seem OK after a lot of tweaks in various files. Finally you get a lot of violence in the battle system and not passiveness or "peaceful" melees which were sometimes odd.
    -Cohesion of many units have been improved (Especially the mob type big units e.g Ottoman, Desert Warriors etc.)
    -Azzars unit size reduced from 500 to 300 (It was too powerful with mass fire)
    -Galleys, Dhows, Xebecs have a better chance to hit targets and they are more useful

    Special New in version 2.7
    -Included the secret re-texture project for Sweden of Ftmch (Exclusive graphic work for DarthMod)
    -Extreme Cavalry penetration effects and a new "Havoc" system of melee (You will not be able to hold formation so easily now and chaos will be created)
    -Fixed the vanilla problem of quick Religion transformation (needs testing)
    -New cost balance for special Grenadier units of DLC
    -Carcass made more powerful
    -Cannon trails reduced to be less visible (Increase in FPS as well)
    -Prussian & Sweden Line Infantry melee parameters updated
    -Bows made more effective (slightly) from last version

    Special New in version 2.6
    -Some unit cost balance (Sikh Musketeers and some others)
    -Balance of Line Infantry has been re-worked
    -Yankee doodle music march is out
    -Bow fire damage increased slightly
    -Tomahawk damage decreased slightly
    -Diplomacy Gifts made more effective
    -Acceleration of ships made realistic
    -Chain-cannon fire has been more effective
    -Howitzer and Mortar solid shot made more effective
    -Solid Naval Cannon Balls made more effective
    -New things in balance of battles (Melees more cinematic and enduring and generally more challenge)
    -Added the United Provinces Retexture Project - Light Edition (v2.1: July 5th) of jarnomiedema and all his teamwork:
    Jarnomiedema (historical research and texture artist)
    Van Diemen (unit creator for Full Edition and texture artist)
    KindredBrujah (texture artist).

    Special New in version 2.5
    It was time to make the next step now that the mod looks more polished than ever:
    The mod from now on will evolute to a bigger, more self dependent state but will also try to allow other mod compatibility (Which means that mods which change the db files or units or other similar factors will not be included but will be compatible to add on top of DarthMod).

    -Added the first graphic work which is the Proper militia mod of Spanky (no more silly beret hats militia).
    -Added the Smoke and Blood Mod of Mech_Donald (spectacular sound, smoke and blood effects).
    -Updated the radius and some speed factors of troops (which creates more decisive close range musket fire, better melees, slightly more effective long range artillery hits, better penetrations and charges).
    -American militia unit size reduced from 500 to 400.
    -Arrow damage made less powerful for compensation to the new settings.
    -Various changes in file spacing of some units.
    -Galleons hitpoints reduced significantly (They were too powerful).
    -Mortar targeting calibration improved.
    -Grenadier cost increased 10%.
    -Fatigue effects balanced better (no more extaordinary penalties which caused units to move like turtles).

    -Technology rates made 30% less in cost so that the AI is no more finding difficulties to develop.
    -Region town development will be more frequent.
    -Trade income increased.
    -Several new improvements in CAI which creates a situation where the AI uses far greater its navy (patrols, blockades, defends, attacks and hopefully invades more), its army (Bigger stacks), and its attitude between the nations (better diplomacy, more resilient alliances, more decisive war efforts). I suggest to play Hard campaign difficulty which was the setting I tested.
    Special New in version 2.4
    -Updated the fatigue system (Exhaustion will not occur so soon and also other).
    -Movement speeds + acceleration of units updated and improved.
    -Hitpoints of Elephants increased.
    -Hitpoints of artillery pieces reduced (The patch has made them immune, thanks zowrath for reporting this problem).

    Special New in version 2.35
    -Urgent hotfixes requested in some unit balance sectors (minor morale issues in some units + Line infantry balance of Turks and Sweden changes)
    -I have updated the speed of units (They now rout more effectively + not too slow)

    Special New in version 2.3
    Battle Balance
    -Morale of Native American Indians decreased in some elite units who were too powerful.
    -Morale base of land units increased +2.
    -Morale base naval units increased +1.
    -Reload rate of smaller ships increased a little.
    -Balanced some units as requested.
    -Arrow power lowered.
    -Recruit limit for many special units increased.
    -Ammo limits for crap units like citizens and peasants increased as also their morale (and have been made mob drills also some).
    -Fatigue levels balanced so that exhaustion is not so often and also some other effects for a more dynamic battlefield.
    -Radius of infantry troops increased slightly (I have them lower in DarthMod) for more lethal musket volleys and melee physics.
    -Unit movement speeds balanced a little better.

    CAI (DarthMod Empire CAI chapterIII)
    -Reverted to vanilia file of "campaign ai manager behaviour junctions". This file seems to do something different than priority system.
    -Diplomacy gifts values increased to strengthen the bargain power of functions.
    -Autoresolve battles have been tweaked.
    -Diplomacy hostility thresholds made even more higher to make the AI back off easier. In normal difficulty level it may seem more passive.
    -Tax efficiency increased.

    Special New in version 2.2
    -Added the latest DarthMod Empire CAI chapterII.
    -Probability of explosion of ships has been made minimal = zero and also raised the hit points of the magazine load.
    -Targeting calibration of naval guns is being tweaked so that it actually resembles a more realistic firing arc and heavy sea tide misfire effects.
    -Morale of Native American Indians increased.
    -Normalised even better the battlemap movement rates according to terrain.
    -No reason to use a "pack" type for multiplayer, so it is removed.

    Special New in version 2.1
    -Added Multiplayer support (Use the darthmod.pack of "For MP" folder).
    -Added hot fixes (Cossack unit number fixed, balanced the musketry).

    Special New in version 2.0
    -Compatible with the latest CA Patch 1.3.
    -Adapted almost everything but also changed a lot in the balance of units comparing to past DarthMod so that to keep the new ideas of CA. (Where I did not agree there were a lot of changes).... you will get the Darth Feeling.
    -I have not modded the CAI because I want to test how is the new CA balance in this.
    -There are some files there that are unmodded for future use.

    Old Archive of Updates
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Special New in version 1.9
    -I have removed everything interfering with CAI. It seems there are hidden incompatibilities which I cannot risk keeping in the mod. I will find a way to rework on it later. Until then enjoy DarthMod with Vanilla CAI, with its goods and bads.

    Special New in version 1.85
    -Made a change in 2 db files to certify that they are adapted to the new patch (Thanks zowrath for the tip, although I have seen that the files are 1.0 version, which means OK, not needing special actions) Despite that I did it and I hope CAI is improved.
    -Increased probability to recruit naval units, to adapt to the new patch... which is starting to get in my nerves.

    Special New in version 1.8
    -Full adaptation for the new patch (Thanks Alpaca for the prompt modification of Pack Extractor).
    -I removed the formations of the new patch. Somehow it seemed to me this bin file was causing a large proportion of the suicidal melee charges. I use the formation file of the old patch. Tell me by testing if you see much better AI behaviour as I have noticed (Not miracles because there are other hard coded parameters which I cannot mod).
    -Changed a lot of melee parameters in KV rules to create a cinematic endurance of melees.
    -Jaegers have light muskets instead of rifles (as corrected in the patch).
    -Platoon fire removed (Nice, fancy but... useless as Fire and advance).
    -Made CAI to defend more its provinces as requested (hopefully).

    Special New in version 1.7
    -Adaptation phase 1 for the new patch (tax Fix, some other parameters in KV_Rules such as the melee intervals etc.)
    -Reworked the artillery ranges and time reloads.
    -Fixed the explosion probability of ships.
    -Included a version without the Darth CAI parameters so that you play only pure vanilla CAI (It will be more passive).

    Special New in version 1.6
    -Ship speeds lowered and now better.
    -Ship damage model more realistic (1-2 mistakes in maneuvering and the ship sustains critical damages from the better position of the opposition).
    -Naval moral balanced for new effects.

    Special New in version 1.5
    -Improved the time intervals between attack/defence animations. You will notice: Better individual self defense per soldier and unit, swifter time intervals between volley fires in fire by rank system, better responses.... a general better efficiency which affects also the AI which becomes more dangerous also this way.
    -Lowered the penalties for flank/rear exposure.
    -Balanced morale system for the new effects.
    -Improved naval morale system for easier surrenders.
    -Increased the radius of chain shots.

    Special New in version 1.4
    -New Musket Balance based on Feedback of Bythesword and Naimad (Accuracy system became more fragile but the lethality is increased to creat the proper devastation from close range).
    -Moral system changed to balance the new effects.
    -Also Naval cannons will do more damage from afar.
    -Trying my best to show some Naval Invasion to the game by triggering priorities (I do not guarantee anything but I will need your feedback).
    -English Line Infantry got better melee and less defence from the base balance given in previous versions.
    -Ammo has been reduced so that it is more important during a long battle

    Special New in version 1.3
    -Chainshot range decreased.
    -Experience will level up slower from level 3 and up.
    -Moral system updated (General Unit will inspire more, Flank and rear exposure will not be tolerated and also it helps Ai to cover itself better, Musket volleys will have devastating effects).
    -CAI updated (Allied packs will fight together, You will watch AI to help each other and also the Human player, AI will not tolerate enemy in its lands and will respond aggressively by attacking or placing armies to strategic points of the map)... The CAI seems very good now... ready for the Naval Invasion plugin of CA!

    Special New in version 1.2
    -Carronade frigates more powerful (64lb cannons).
    -Lowered the probability of explosion of some ships (hopefully).
    -Campaign AI improvements. (AI will use better region siege tactics, raids and attacks far better, AI Military technology favoured etc.).
    -Corrected 2-3 unit size imbalances.
    -Fatigue system updated.
    -Melee system greatly enhanced (More lively 1vs1 combat and formation penetration effects)

    Special New in version 1.1
    -Improved the melee mechanics (You will see a lot of cinematic animations as you have correctly asked and an improved and challenging overall battle system)
    -I changed the darthcom.pack to darthmod2.pack due to being renamed by antivirus checkers.

    Special New in version 1.0
    -Corrected the bug of fatigue in my mod. The file unit_stats_land_experience_bonuses is bugged if you import it directly to a mod. You have to put 3 zeros to the table, or else it destroys the game, affecting fatigue(!!!) and other parameters. All modders should be alerted and correct accordingly. This is a proof that you cannot use too many mods without knowing what you add to your game. As of now.... I have no responsibility if you use other mods with my mod. Strange things can happen (like this) and no one takes notice. As I progress I will add other mods, only when I have fully tested them to trust them.
    -Created dynamic fatigue system (Units get tired more easily but rest faster).
    -New dynamic experience system (Units that gain experience are having a significant advantage from rookies. Experience can be gained realistically after every battle in DarthMod and not after .... ages as in Vanilla).
    -Increased costs per cannon type to balance their firepower value.
    -New musket lethality which improves the previous version, making the game far better.
    -New general balance unit tweaks (A battle will show what I mean... sorry end of talking... time for you to play!).

    Special New in version 0,95
    -Grenadiers have more upkeep cost. Some more cost of recruitment.
    -Rocket ships have much more cost to make them less desirable.
    -Made AI to volley from closer range (Test) and revamped the whole battle system through various techniques of morale and other attributes settings. That goes for naval battles too.
    -Close range Musket lethality is increased and now everything seems set (Try it).
    -Turkish units have even less upkeep to help them grow Huge armies.
    -Fatigue files are removed from mod... something is wrong with these files (They seem bugged from vanilla and I removed them for now).
    -Grenadiers have Square Formation ability.
    -Russian Line Infantry costs even less, so that the Russians can wage even more armies. Some other units too.
    -Cavalry balance reworked a lot (Hussars became a defensive skirmish cavalry, Lancers real chargers, Uhlans something in the middle, Cuirassiers a good all around cavalry and also other).

    Special New in version 0,9
    -Grenadiers will not be able to throw grenades (Until there is a fix to be able to change their ammunition)
    -More devastating close range musket fire (The way it was requested)
    -Cannon trails will be those of the great mod of scivian

    Special New in version 0,85
    -Removed Population cost for armies (Only 200 instead of 2000 which was set in previous version)
    -Made the rank distance in units a little higher
    -Re-inserted the cannon trails (Laser muskets are out permanently)
    -Ferguson and green jackets will have variance (propose)
    -Infantry morale has greater shock penalty against extended missile fire
    -New fatigue alterations
    -Campaign AI work out (Should be better, needs testing)
    -Land experience will be gained differently in accuracy and reload rates
    -Modified the charge distance (A new parameter I have found) to create a true battle experience and better AI

    Special New in version 0,8
    -Improved the Campaign AI (Hopefully).
    -New Musket Balance = Devastating close range fire. Harder Battles.
    -Removed the laser bullet-ion cannon trails of vanilla (I needed them for calibration... off they go now).
    -New Land Unit Balance (Melee Units are very dangerous when they are close, Line Infantry get new special character=very large Defence, low Melee= The battle mechanics makes them to keep formation like the Last of the Mohican movie)
    -Balanced Cannons= Special shells have lower range and higher reload penalty, adjusted their universal accuracy)
    -Naval Cannons have special reload rates each. (Each Ship is now even more important due to the special realistic balance there is already)

    Special New in version 0,8
    -Balanced the grenade launcher units.

    Special New in version 0,75
    -I removed the "fire and advance" ability. AI gets lethal without it.
    -Increased the ammo.
    -Optimized the accuracy and the aiming system of the muskets to feel realistic.
    -Made Absolute Monarchy to have better bonus in recruiting troops.
    -Many minor adjustments that were requested.

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