TWC HotSeat League 2015 Newsletters

  1. Macrath
    TWC HotSeat League 100 Members strong.

    Greetings fellow members of the TWC HotSeat League. Today the League is over 1 year old and over 100 members strong and up until now has never been used for much other than my personal OCD-like need to organize all TWC HotSeat players into one big group. But now that i have accomplished that goal(aside from a few straglers) i think its time to do something more useful, and perhaps hold some events and competitions. And when you are in a competitive League you don't simply play because its fun, you play for shiny trophies and to stomp your opponents into the mud so you can make yourself feel like a big man.. and have fun

    So keeping with that spirit, starting within the next couple months the HSL 2015 season will begin. During which time myself and perhaps a couple other HSL members will begin hosting some unique competitive HotSeat Campaigns. Without going into the details about the Hotseat campaigns theselves at the moment, let's talk about the prizes that will be awarded to the winners of each HotSeat Campaign instead. What prizes you ask?.. No?.. you didn't ask?.. Well im gonna tell you anyway.

    To the victor of each campaign go the spoils! You will have your pick from a list of available goodies that will include items like- Merchandise from the TWC shop, Official Total War T-Shirts, a PC Game gifted to your Steam account, and various Gift cards just to name a few of the prizes.

    If this interests you at all and you would like to compete in these campaigns or help host/admin them please stop by the TWC HotSeat League group page and make a post in the HSL 2015 Campaigns Entry thread.

    Keep an eye on your TWC inbox for more information, the newsletter will be sent to update HSL members of new events and the start of the 2015 campaigns.

    Balancing mods for HotSeats

    I have found that there are many great mods here on TWC that simply don't work as well as they could, or not at all, for a good well balanced HotSeat campaign
    . So I am looking for people willing to attempt to help tweak some mods so that they may be enjoyed by the TWC HotSeat community. I personally have no experience modding but am willing to learn if someone is willing to advise/teach me along the way.

    The changes wouldn't require too much in most cases just simple unit/stat balancing. In some cases bigger changes to the map, factions location, completely adding/removing entire factions from a mod. Anything is helpful even simply noting balance issues in any given mod and letting me know so we can create a list of what to work on.

    PM me if this is an idea you would like to help develop further, even if you have no modding experience don't be discouraged, we will learn together. I will also be contacting mod dev teams with the same request so hopefully with a few dedicated people we could start seeing some more exciting HotSeat campaigns become available.

    Mod Watch

    Here we will list some mods in development that are looking very promising, espescially if you are a HotSeat fan.. Which since you are reading this I am sure that you are So check them out and leave some support for the Devs, or if you can, lend em a hand in creating these epic mods

    First up
    Kingdom of the Scots

    DragonDawn total War

    Skyrim Total War

    Second Age Total War

    Supremacy Total War

    Dragon Age Total War

    The following is a list of a few HotSeats in need of one or two good players to keep them alive. To the Battlefield HSL!

    War of Kings 2- Hosted by Luume

    Conflicts of Westeros- Hosted by Luume

    The Italian Wars- Hosted by me

    Hungary against the Nations- Hosted by Dragon.
  2. Macrath
    Hail TWC HotSeat League!

    The Elder Scrolls Total War
    - A NEW MOD For HotSeat Campaigns -

    The Elder Scrolls Total War... Yeah i had no idea about this mod either On March 1, 2015 this mod reached its full 1.0 build on Moddb. If you like TATW, The Elder Scrolls series or a good fantasy setting in general than you can't go wrong here. You are goin to love this mod Worthy of its own sub-forum in the HotSeat forums one might say

    I don't know about you but i would like to see a lot more HotSeat options here on TWC but a good majority of us seem to be stuck on nothing but TATW or Westeros. Now don't get me wrong Im a fanboy of Westeros and TATW too and will likely host a HS in one of them myself at some point, but there are other great options out there.. or so im told. So why not give this HS a try? There are no Lannisters or Baggins in the mod currently but if we get enough interest for the HS i will put them in not really... well perhaps....

    Pre Season Has Begun!

    Over the next month or two the HSL 2015 Preseason will commence, during which time we will host a couple Hotseats using Elder Scrolls Total War to determine if it will make for a good competitive HS campaign to use for the upcomming TWC HSL competitions. We will also be using the next month or two to create sub-mods for some of the more popular Medieval 2 mods that will focus entirely on developing a great setting for HotSeat campaigns. So head HERE and join us for the first ever TWC Elder Scrolls HotSeat campaign.
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