Author: Mr.Jox
Original Thread: RMV2 Converter v1.1

RMV2 Converter v1.1 Wanted to export Rome 2 or Attila models but didn't know how? Then this tool is for you!

With RMV2 Converter you will be able to:

  • Export any Rome2 and Attila .rigid_model_v2 file to .dae file format (you can read .dae in any 3D editor);
  • RMV2 exports: buildings, ships, skeletons, weighted models, weapons, campaign map models, siege engines and far more;
  • You can watch rigid_model_v2 files statistic without converting these files (statistic shows all groups in file, their vertices and indices count, rigid_material and skeleton name for all LODs).

Please, take a note!
This tool is not tested with everything possible, so in case you will encounter any bugs, please make sure to report it in this thread or in my PM.
You could be interested, does this tool work with Total War WARHAMMER? The answer is yes and no. You can export some of WH assets, and some you cannot. I'll be looking through this in future.

Future plans:

  • Make this tool export R2/Attila/WH animations;
  • Make this tool support WH for 100%;
  • Make a couple of tutorials how this tool can be used;
  • Bug fixes.

Worth to mention, this tool also works with custom skeleton, in case you have made new asset and skeleton and put it to game, this tool supports custom-made assets&skeletons.

I'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions, what to add, what to fix, what to change. Feel free to share your ideas!

Zarathos - for his help and his RMV2 and anim file formats decoding sheets;
Causeless - for his help with some modules for this tool, also helped to decode skeletons.
UU3D dev - for sharing some useful information.

Download links:

Extract everything from .zip file and make sure you have both .exe and .config file in same path with /skeletons/ directory.

P.S. I'm really impressed with this kind of work. So me, Causeless and everyone familiar with binary files parsing possibly can try other file formats (such as campaign map files )