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New Mod Releases/Updates

[edit] Total War: Rome II

[edit] Total War: Shogun 2

[edit] Napoleon: Total War

[edit] Empire: Total War

[edit] Medieval 2: Total War

[edit] Rome: Total War

[edit] List of all mods

A categorized and sortable list of all completed mods for all Total War platforms. Although incomplete it is probably the most exhaustive list available.

The Modding Spotlight

[edit] Radious: Total War

Paeninsula Italica II mod banner.png

Paeninsula Italica II is a hosted mod for Medieval II: Total War. With a campaign starting in 338BC, the mod is set during the time when Rome had yet to take control of Italy, let alone its later Empire. As well as removing anything medieval from the game, the mod adds historical factions and new units to match, along with other features such as more realistic seasonal effects and traits representing the Cursus Honorum.

You can find more about Paeninsula Italica II here.

[edit] Radious: Total War

Radious total war spotlight.png

The Radious: Total War modification team has updated their mod for compatibility to Rome: Total War Patch 9 and various downloadable content packs. The Radious Graphics Mod is not yet fully compatible, but the AI Mod, three Unit Packs, Battle Mod, Economy and Research Mod, and Campaign Features Mod are. Users can now choose and combine hundreds of their desired Radious: Total War modifications of the newest game of the Total War Series, Rome II, with patches and DLC from the Creative Assembly.

You can find more about the release and the Radious: Total War mod here.

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