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Modding Spotlight for Total War: Warhammer I & II

Radious Total War mod logo

Radious Total War won the favourite compilation/overhaul mod category for both Warhammer I & II in the TWC 2017 modding awards!

Radious Total War provides a complete game overhaul for Warhammer, giving players major changes in campaign AI, diplomacy and land battles. The mod reworks abilities, spells and magic, changes buildings, re-balances all unit stats and costs, reworks the experience system and also adds custom made units for all in game factions. The Warhammer II mod also unlocks minor factions making Dwarfs, Greenskins, Vampire Counts, and Bretonnia playable in battles.

  • Visit the TWC hosted mod forum here
  • Steam download for Warhammer I here
  • Steam download for Warhammer II here

The Community Portal

The Community Portal

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Modding Spotlight for Total War: Attila

Ancient Empires mod logo

Ancient Empires is an overhaul project for Total War: Attila that aims to provide the player with a historically authentic and strategically challenging experience from the First Punic War through to ~100CE with a series of mini-campaigns as well as a rebalanced Grand Campaign.

Ancient Empires won the favourite hosted mod category for Attila in the 2017 modding awards. The mod had a major update to version 1.02d in July 2018 and extensive works for version 1.02e are currently in progress.

  • Visit the TWC hosted mod forum here

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