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Thread: TWC 2023 Member Awards: Voting Rules & Index

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    Default TWC 2023 Member Awards: Voting Rules & Index


    Voting Rules

    • Please vote based on what you are familiar with - you are welcome, indeed encouraged to abstain from a category if you just don't know.
    • To reach polling a member must have 3 nominations: in some cases in order to have a voting pool of 3 or more, 2 nominations were accepted.
    • You have two votes per category. You don't need to use both and cannot use them both on one candidate. Any more than two will nullify your vote in the category. When cast votes are binding, so please be careful.
    • One candidate will win for each category with a runoff in case of a tie. This was changed from initially due to the limited pool of candidates.

    Voting Threads

    How long does it last?

    Voting will wrap up June 16th. Final count & award assignment will be complete and public shortly after.
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