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Thread: Regions of recruitment or AOR system

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    Default Regions of recruitment or AOR system

    OK Maybe there is a tutorial about this somewhere but I have not seen any.

    This tutorial is to know how to make units recruitable in certain regions of the map. This is also known as Area of Recrutiment system or AOR system.

    You will need to change DB files and also startpos files.

    So the tools required are PackFileManager and ESF.Editor or similars.

    1.- DB changes:

    You need to change region_unit_resources_tables and units_tables.

    The table region_unit_resources_tables is the table where you can create the link of DB and startpos adding what is called resources in startpos, but here in PackFileManager it is called Regions id, it does not have to be a regions name, you can call it "resource_1" or "SuperBethencourt_1" if you like, and I hope you like this last one. There are two columns. And the second column is just a name so you can write the same there, this second column wont cause a crash to desktop, but wrong typing in the first one will do, (so SuperBethencourt with th please), serioulsy now, wrong typing means that if this name is not the same that in other db tables or in startpos it may cause ctd or making the unit not recruitable where desired.

    Ok now go to units_tables and in region id column and in the units you want to be recruitable in the region or group of regions you want put exactly the same value you have created in the first column of region_unit_resources_tables.


    2. - Startpos changes:

    Open CAMPAIGN_STARTPOS>CAMPAIGN_ENV>CAMPAIGN_MODEL>WORLD>REGION_MANAGER>REGIONS_ARRAY>(The region name)|REGIONS_ARRAY>RESOURCES_ARRAY. There is already a vanilla (or mod) value there (The region name)|RESOURCES_ARRAY for example Iroquois_Territory|RESOURCES_ARRAY. If you click on it in the right screen of ESFEditor now will open a scheme of values, there are four columns, in the second is the place of the region id value of the db table, in this example it must be iroquois_territory. This is just a description of what you find.

    Now the change is: in the left screen of ESFEditor right click on the (The region name)|RESOURCES_ARRAY select copy and then select RESOURCES_ARRAY and right click and paste. Now you have a duplicated "resource" or "region" there. Select the new one so it opens in the right screen of the ESFEditor, and then in the second column type the exact same value you have put in first column of the region_unit_resources_tables, or copy and past it there from PFM . And save.

    3.- Test


    Notes: You can add the same value to several regions in startpos so the units will be recruitable in all of them. Also you can add several resources to the same region so you can make overlapped recruitment systems.
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    great job

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    yup, very useful thanks

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