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RTW Region Picker v1.1.0

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Uploaded by mamik_yev_konak - March 13, 2023
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RTW Region Picker v1.1.0
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GUI app to pick regions from Rome: Total War modifications. Selected regions are saved to regions.txt as a space-delimited list of provinces (merc pool option) or settlements (win conditions option). Output may also be saved to the clipboard.

Note: The app will overwrite any previous regions.txt file, so please make backups if necessary.


Game Mode
Specify the Game Mode (RTW or BI) before browsing for a campaign folder. The app currently does not auto-detect whether a campaign uses BI's religion mechanic. The app will notify the user if a campaign folder was not read successfully; forgetting to specify the Game Mode is often the cause.


Browse for a campaign folder (e.g., world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign). If a relevant file is not found, the app will look in world\maps\base. If a relevant file is still not found, the app will notify the user.


Pick a region by way of CTRL + Left Click on the map or by checking it in the spreadsheet. Repeat this process to unpick a region.
Buttons are provided to (un)check all regions and invert your selection.
Zoom the map by either using the provided slider or CTRL + Mouse Wheel.
Pan the map by Left Click and drag.


The app automatically saves output to regions.txt. A button is provided to copy output to the clipboard.
If Output Mode is set to Merc Pool, provinces are saved. Setting the output to Win Conditions will save settlements.

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