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    Ok people, my battleplan is the following:

    - Next version status

    new buildings and tech trees: the new version of AD will have a lot of new buildings and a complete new concept of tech advances. No more the same building queues for all your provinces, you'd better choose for each one a different kind of government, a different economic specialization, etc...
    Completion Status: 90%

    revision of income/resources/trade values: techs and buildings in a region will give huge differences and not just 2-5% bonuses like in vanilla. This way we could simulate highly developed regions like Constantinople, Venice, Bruges, etc. Textiles would not be a resource anymore, replaced by Alum. There will be a textile manifacturing buildings tree which will give different incomes depending if you'll have a merchant on the commodities needed to produce textiles (wool or cotton, dyes and alum). Some other manifacturing buildings will be added (like a brewery with bonus if you're trading grain or have grain in the region). I also reduced the resource points together with an increased number of recruitable merchants if you have the right trade tech. Some trade wars are to be expected.
    Completion Status: 30%

    new units roster: I'm writing a new EDU (export_descr_unit.txt) from scratch using as guidelines rosters used in popular medieval wargames (DBA and DBM), linked to an era system, together with a complete (and I mean complete) revision of stats and costs. Basically, following PointBlank great ideas, I lowered the attack values of the units resulting in longer battles. I expanded his concepts also to mental and defense stats so they are coherently applied to the various types of units (elite, professional, militia, peasants). So for example a peasant archer will have shorter range and slower rate of fire than a "professional" longbowmen, not just a different attack value (which is more linked to the weapon he's using). Once in melee the latter would also have a better defense and morale than the former. For the moment I will use old skins and models, they'll be modified in the next versions (read on).
    Completion Status: 20%

    Scripts: Rebels won't spawn the same army over and over. They will spawn with core units to whom randomly some others units could be added in the following turns. So you can "easily" take care of rebels soon but if you let them grow you'd probably be toasted in that region. There will also be a lot more faction events and historical events.
    Completion Status: 60%

    Expanded family trees right from start with all the most notorius noble families linked to the "royal" dinasties. So you'll have Hohenstaufen, Palaiologos, etc as family members (this also immensely helps the AI and avoid AI factions to collapse because lacking of heirs). Family members will also have improved fertility (yeah they like sex ).
    Completion Status: 100%

    - 1.0 version todo in order of release

    New victory conditions linked to "prestige points". Basically it'll win the faction that will have more prestige points at the end date of the campaign. Prestige points will be gained using your prestige status (global reputation, already changed the name in the diplomacy screen) at the end of each turn plus other important achievements.

    Revision of what influence your prestige status splitting the less important thing into turn status and the most important thing directly in prestige points (like a victorius crusade, a pope election, etc).

    Revision of the campaign AI using the new 1.2 patch commands.

    New factions. They'll be mostly playable and at the start they'll mostly use already existing models with just new skins for the elite and professional units (militia and peasant units will share skins depending on culture, geography, etc, peasants didn't use heraldry or uniforms).

    New skins, banners and some new models for all the factions (as this will be very time consuming I'll release them as singular faction packages one at the time).

    I'll edit this post regularly with the news, please post your comments, questions, etc in the "Anno Domini New Versions Announcements - Bug Fixes" thread, thanks.
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