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Mod name
: Moria:TW

Platform: RTW:BI

Mod creator/Mod team leaders: Tacticalwithdrawal

Mod Description:
The mod will cover the campaign for ownership of the mines of Moria in the Fourth Age of JRR Tolkien's Middle_earth, either from the Dwarven point of view, or that of one of the orc tribes.

Other info on mod:
It will have 7 playable factions, 6 Orc and 1 Dwarf. The mod is set totally underground and will therefore have a few interesting, and different, features. FA:TW are kindly providing the bulk of the units.

For more info see the forums at :
Chamber of Records

and the Blog at Adventures in Modding or How Not to Do it

Permissions: Personal Use only - but please contact me if you would like to re-use something