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Thread: The Lord of the Rings: Total War

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    Default The Lord of the Rings: Total War

    Mod Registration Form

    Mod name: The Lord of the Ring: Total War
    Platform: LOTR-TW 1.1c is for RTW 1.2
    LOTR-TW 2.0 will be for RTW: Alexander
    Mod creator/Mod team leaders: wlesmana

    *Mod team members:
    Bardo - scripting
    mac89 - website and PR
    messenger & crayon - busybody
    hokomoko - formations
    and a ton of people working on sounds and music

    Mod Description (3-4 sentences):
    RTW mod based on The Lord of the Rings films by Peter Jackson (New Line). This mod strifes to replicate the conflicts seen in the movies with epic battles on a grand scale.

    Other info on mod:
    LOTR-TW version 1.1c (Custom Battles and 1 Historical Battle only) has been released. For more info please visit our website
    LOTR-TW 2.0, which features a full Campaign with 13 playable factions, and scripting that would ensure a gameplay experience different than that of original RTW, is currently under closed alpha testing, with Closed Beta testing not far behind. For more info on the mod's progress, check our website.

    Permissions: Personal Use Only.

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