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Thread: Hegemonia: City States

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    Default Hegemonia: City States

    Mod Registration Form

    Mod name: Hegemonia City States
    Platform: BI 1.6
    Release Status: Hegemony City States BETA V.0.99
    Modfolder Overwrite: no

    Mod creator: Hegemon

    Mod team leaders:

    *Mod team members:

    Timoleon of Korinthos

    Mod Description:Encapsulating the Persian Wars and the period leading up to the Great Peloponessian War. Hegemonia aims to provide a mod that is highly accurate and also immensly fun. Factions will include many Greek nations: Athens Sparta Korinth etc but other nations aswell such as Carthage Persia and Etruscans.

    Other info on mod: New cities in the battlemap

    Forums link(s):
    TWC area:
    Download link(s):Hegemony City States BETA V.0.99
    Permissions:Permission by request only
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