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    Default Character Names Project

    Mod Registration Form

    Mod name: Character Names Project

    Mod creator/Mod team leaders: deRougemont

    Mod contributors: Averroės, Atterdag, Black Francis, Boicote, Csatadi, Captain Black Adder, finneys13, Johan217, Kingmaker, Lopus, Manji (Gil) Odovacar, pelusa, Polak966, Re Berengario I, saapas, Serious Samurai, SicilianVespers, Vindahl

    Mod Description (3-4 sentences): The Character Names Project's goal is to overhaul all of MTW2's character names lists so that they are as historically correct as possible. A secondary goal is to increase the number of names in each list, therefore creating a more diverse character (specifically family) tree in a MTW2 campaign. This is being done to address the problem of vanilla MTW2 having names lists which contained errors of all varieties, and the problem that they contained too few names.

    Other info on mod:

    Send a message to deRougemont (mod leader): Personal Message Link

    Visit our forum: Character Names Project Forum Link

    Download the mod: Download Link

    Permissions: Accreditation - If you wish to include this mod into your mod, we ask only that we be given recognition for our contribution.[/quote]

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