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Thread: Helios VI: Return of the Reporters!

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    State of the Thema Devia by Seneca
    Vestigia Vetustatis by Scorch
    Circus Maximus by Darkragnar
    Basement by Shaun
    Coliseum by Ozymandias
    Page 3! by Ozymandias
    Eagle Standard Guide by Hex Khan

    Right, we're a little thin on the groun in terms of news this week sadly, since some reporters were called away for other duties of an essential (possibly. So I'm told) nature, and some other excuses. Before we start with any articles, I'd like to welcome the new Icon of the Helios, produced for us by the wonderful Ma- sorry, Gil, and I'm sure we all appreciate it greatly and dearly; wonderful bloke, is Gil. Anyway, before I am turned further off course, I'd like to introduce our good old friend, reliable Seneca, on the TD as per se.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    A turbulent week for the Thema Devia and for the reporter himself. It all makes for exciting stuff, we have the return of a lively, controversial but prolific poster Carach - and we have a possibly common community reshuffle going on in the Curia so watch this space folks we may be making some structural changes

    I'm also adding in a few humerous attachments opinions of whether they are dull or knuckle cracking, rib splittingly hilarious.

    Random Death of the Week

    What is the best way to die?

    1899: French president Félix Faure died of a stroke while being fellated in his office.

    Random wierd and unusual wikipedia article of the week

    The forest swastika was a patch of carefully arranged larch trees covering a 60 square yard area of pine forest near Zernikow, Germany. The reason behind the planting of the trees is unclear, but it has been suggested that it was laid out in 1937 by locals to prove their loyalty after a businessman in the area was denounced and sent to a concentration camp by the Nazi Party for listening to the BBC, or that a zealous forester convinced local Hitler Youth members to plant the trees in commemoration of Adolf Hitler's birthday.
    For a few weeks every year in the autumn and in the spring, the colour of the larch leaves would change, contrasting with the deep green of the pine forest. The short duration of the effect combined with the fact that the image could only be discerned from the air and the relative scarcity of privately owned aeroplanes in the area meant that the swastika went largely unnoticed after the fall of the Nazi Party and during the subsequent communist rule. However, in 1992, the reunified German government ordered aerial surveys of the state-owned land. The photographs were examined by forestry students, who immediately noticed the design.
    The Brandenburg state authorities, concerned about damage to the region's image and about the possibility that the area would become a pilgrimage site for far-right supporters, attempted to destroy the design by removing 43 of the 100 larch trees in 1995. The figure remained discernible with the remaining 57 trees, though, and in 2000 German tabloids published further aerial photographs showing the prominence of the swastika. By this time, ownership of around half the land on which the trees sat had been sold into private hands, but permission was gained to fell a further 25 trees on the government-owned area on December 1, 2000, and the image was largely obscured.
    In September 2006 the New York Times reported on another Forest Swastika in Eki Naryn, at the foot of the Himalayas. It is about 600 feet across, but does not resemble the swastika symbol as much as the Zernikow forest swastika.[1]

    Political Mudpit

    Money is the Root of all Evil

    The evils of capatlilism

    A thread that continues unabated, raging ahead in intellectual prowess as the evils and virtues of capatilism are extolled mightily!

    "“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.” Winston Churchill

    Start learning Klingon now

    Space Programs, waste of money or humanities next great acheivement

    Interesting replies so early in the thread.

    Yes, but this would be akin to saying "we need to get things right here in Europe before we start moving on to the new world." Things are never going to be "set right."

    And cars started out as being only for rich people.
    Quote Originally Posted by syron
    I doubt this thread is going to get anywhere due to lack of technical knowledge. Sometimes i almost cry at the shortsighteness a lot of people have about this topic.

    Mostly these global, huge problems of future such as warming and overpopulation seem pretty easy compared to some futuristic space projects.
    And how do we know about the real problems facing the earth like
    overpopulation and global warming/ozone holes/el nino etc? i'll tell you, Earth Observation satelites! If it wasn't for the Soviets and US advancing their technology through competition we wouldn't have these in the first place!

    Of course the scientists can research whatever they want, but I think those resources could be used for something else. Plus, the achieved technology from space programs will be used for military purposes.
    Civilian technological progress comes from military technological progress, parts of the original internet were a DARPA project for crying out loud!

    "Since, in the long run, every planetary civilization will be endangered by impacts from space, every surviving civilization is obliged to become spacefaring--not because of exploratory or romantic zeal, but for the most practical reason imaginable: staying alive... If our long-term survival is at stake, we have a basic responsibility to our species to venture to other worlds."
    Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot, 1994

    "There are so many benefits to be derived from space exploration and exploitation; why not take what seems to me the only chance of escaping what is otherwise the sure destruction of all that humanity has struggled to achieve for 50,000 years?"
    Isaac Asimov, speech at Rutgers University

    "Life, for ever dying to be born afresh, for ever young and eager, will presently stand upon this earth as upon a footstool, and stretch out its realm amidst the stars."
    H. G. Wells, The Outline of History, 1920

    The Star Spangled Banner

    Quote Originally Posted by Gil
    It means nothing to me.
    It does represent, to me, the U.S.
    No more, no less. It's a flag, a symbol, symbols are given meaning by people, it has no meaning itself
    Eddie Izzard on flags:

    We stole countries! That's how you build an empire. We stole countries with the cunning use of flags! Just sail halfway around the world, stick a flag in. "I claim India for Britain." And they're going, "You can't claim us. We live here! There's five hundred million of us." "Do you have a flag?" "We don't need a bloody flag, this is our country you bastard!" "No flag, no country! You can't have one. That's the rules... that... I've just made up! And I'm backing it up with this gun... that was lent from the National Rifle Association."

    (1)What is it Lt. Sebastian?
    (2)It’s the Rebels, sir. They’re here.
    (1)My God, man. Do they want tea?
    (2)No, I think there after something more than that, sir. I don’t know what it is, but they’ve brought a flag.


    Quetzalcoatl the thread making machine/philosophical hurricane

    Does everyone really believe in the same god?

    The advocates of a pluralist theology of religions, of course, are well aware that the idea of Ultimate Reality as ineffable mystery is not new. In fact, they point to its ubiquity and antiquity as evidence of its deep roots in human experience and as grounds for its acceptance today. But here I think we come to a key question: the nameless, ineffable God has deep roots in human experience. But what experience is this? Or to put it another way, in whose behalf does the nameless, ineffable God reign? In fairness, we must say that the human spirit has been drawn to speak this way of God for many reasons, including awe and humility before the mystery of life. And yet we may at least ask whether the cult of the ineffable God owes at least some of its appeal to its political utility, especially for empires, which by their nature seek to unite many peoples, cultures, and religions under a single earthly authority. In the famous words of Edward Gibbon, in the age of the Caesars all modes of worship were "considered by the people equally true, by the philosophers equally false, and by the magistrates equally useful."

    We have already seen that ancient Egypt knew of the cult of the ineffable God. Yet it was Alexander the Great who, by conquering the whole eastern Mediterranean in a few short years, created the social and political conditions in which the cult of the nameless, ineffable God attained prominence in the Western world. According to the New Testament scholar James Dunn, the theology that underlay the policy of Alexander the Great and his Greek and Latin successors regarded the different religions as in the end only manifestations of the same deities.6 This theology allowed the victors to incorporate defeated nations by absorbing the local religions into the larger syncretistic whole of the empire. So, for example, the Greek God Zeus and Roman God Jupiter were regarded as one and the same; at Bath in England, we find a statue to Minerva-Sulis, Minerva being the Roman goddess, and Sulis the local equivalent. In the great hymns to the Egyptian goddess Isis, she was addressed as "Thou of countless names," because she was identified with so many different religions.

    Gradually, among the learned, the religious attitude took hold that the different religions were in fact only manifestations of the one deity, or, in the words of a treatise falsely attributed to Aristotle, "God being one yet has many names."7 This view, philosophically buttressed by the successive waves of platonic revival that emphasized, in addition to God's unity, his utter transcendence and ineffability, became in fact the reigning civic religion of the ancient imperial world

    Thema Devia


    The man, the myth, the sheffield farners hero and he is looking for charvs with a rather large bat!

    Great find Moral man this looks like one hell of an exciting film.

    Bit of a caffufle over where and what a Charva is, I am going to be controversial with this one in giving the Americans an explanation.

    It has been a term for as long as I remember a Newcastle word that gradually over the last decade started getting used in the media at which point it went from charva to chav.

    They have a unique dialect, even more so than normal geordies which can be a bit wierd in itself.

    1 PEEVE Alcoholic. Also, to drink: "I was proper peeved-up."
    2 TACK Hashish, usually of a very poor quality
    3 NASH To move swiftly: “He proper did a nash when me fatha came home”
    4 CHAW To steal
    5 HOCKLE Spit
    6 DAFTY Thick or gullible person
    7 MONGED Off one’s head
    8 BAR An English pound: "Me fine was only fowty-bar."
    9 SPECCY Spectrum cider, cheap and nasty
    10 BELLA Bella Brusco, a vile white wine
    11 DOUBLE CUSH Very good. Also ‘pure cush’, or simply ‘cush’

    Are a few examples.


    An intellectually inferior specimen often found in large herds, or parliaments, on street corners swigging cider or other cheap, alcoholic beverages accross Newcastle and the North East. Can be identified by horizontally striped (hooped) jumper, burbery cap and obscenely overpriced Rockport boots. Are racist, homophobic, and fearful of any person or persons with an intellect surpassing that of a pencil. Express fear and feelings of inadequacy through violent outbursts, normally aimed at innocent passers by. Favourite pastimes consist of drinking cider, smoking, harassing members of the public, taking drugs, shoplifting, signing on, and burning cars. Thay have a limited vocabulary which mainly consists of phrases somewhere along the lines of:- "Lend,s a taaaab", "Got ennie Shnout" and "Hu the **** you lucking at". Particularly inarticulate. Highest concerntrations can be found inhabitting the council estates of Newcastle. When left to their own devices, they breed.


    Not to be confused with the programming tool.

    FYI guys you let someone else use your account or don't keep it secure and someone hijacks it then you are still just as responsible if something wrong is done with your account so be careful with passwords and your friends/siblings - Seneca

    Thats it folks

    Sadly a brace of reporters were unable to join us; to get names and places out of the way, Gaius Baltar (snowed under with work, sent excuses, and we'll have something next time I'm promised); Felixion and Kscott (hatemail to them would not be appreciated. Much ) but we do have a return, Scorch is giving in here a VV article once more; history, rejoice, for thou art served

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Around the VV
    Following the release of the 300 Spartans, there have been several threads regarding whether the Spartans really were 'all that'.

    These threads are fairly worthwhile, and I recommend you check them out:

    My opinion on the topic is fairly simple, they were phenomenal and ferocious fighters, but as a culture they had a negative side. However to attempt to judge or analyze them by the standards of today is ludicrous.

    The Armenian Genocide remains a hot topic, and there has been some interesting discussion regarding Antisemitism, but apart from that it has been slow going in the VV, so maybe you should swing by and see if you can change that.

    Ah, wonderful, but heed that advice; when the VV dies down, history itself flags; the proper study of mankind is man, and the best way to stuy man is through his past. Take a quick perusal if no more.
    And once more onto odd little nooks and crannies... the Circus, to be more precise. Though one hopes it will be less nookish and maybe even less crannylike in future, after this write up by Darkragnar!
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Knights of the Old Republic III Be coming. waatch

    Well, This isn't the video from it ,so sorry, but it makes for a nice Opening statement.

    Foytaz's KOTR III - hope that's true!!! thread is a great place to get some information about the Real KOTR III and as expected of any KOTR Game ,you can go there to spit*,cuss & dis Obsidian for ever making KOTR II.

    Also Jade Empire has been released for the PC and according to :-
    Giorgos - Zahos the thread creator If you don't have this game, go out and buy it. Its an Action RPG set in Medieval China made by Bioware ,the kings of RPG's, in which you lead your party of Kung Fu Doing Martial Artists into harm's way. If your going into Harm's way then you'll be glad to know you can choose to fight with Axe's , Swords & Spears but if your a real Man then you'll forgo all of these Children's toy's and fight with your Bare fists, of course this is china so no wimpy ass punching like girls instead you can do a somersault tipple flip Dolyo Chagi (thats Side Kick for all you Non-Koreans Non-Martial Artists) Disorienting him with Paralyzing Palm and finishing him off with Thousand Cuts or you could go the normal way and finish him with your Spade Staff.

    Now i am not sure but i havnt mentioned XIII century yet, Its a Medieval warfare Strategy game being made by a Russian Developer which keeps on sounding better day by day and were lucky to have 2 people who are in close contact with the developers here at TWC , they are :-
    Pavlik the Rus & MARIAN

    Head over to XIII Century - Looks very promising to ask them anything about the game , even what the developers have kept a secret to the press. I'm sure they would be able to find out by Bribing or Torturing the Developers into submission so go ahead , Ask all you want Ask them In Russian if you know any but ask them none the less.
    Some Ingame Action for you to check out, two things worth mentioning here; 1st the Cavalry arnt just Infantry on horse's they are more like the cavalry you saw in Lord of the Rings the Movie where the horseman Can Collide with his enemy and fall and he can completely miss his enemy and due to momentum passes him after which he checks his horse and comes back for another charge. The 2nd thing worth mentioning is that the Game isn't restricted to 16-20 Units in a battle (1 unit consisting of 2 Men to 400 , thats right up to 400 men per unit) so you can have about 20-40,i believe)

    Markas has made a thread Dawn of War 2... What do YOU want to see? hes got some pretty interesting idea's on what the Next Dawn Of War Game should be like.
    By some Miraculous chance that you havnt heard what, the 8th wonder of the world, Dawn of war is then Shame on you; Its one of the most radical Strategy game ever which inspired the acclaimed Company of heroes, Watch This and repent my child for you have sinned in your ignorance.

    well thats it from me, see you all later next edition.

    (BTW, You can add any Reputation to me if you want by simply clicking my name above, easy as pie.)

    Now, we are all techies here I'm sure (well... 'cept me) so we all know the risks of malware... but what about antimalware products? Shaun is here to analyse whethe its worth actually buying them (you know, rather than free ones) followed by a general Basement roundup; this is why we love him, you know.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Is it worth paying for anti malware software?

    This is a question that’s often asked. Are the retail versions of your favorite anti malware software actually any better than the free downloadable versions? Well, that is not nearly as simple a question as it sounds.
    To begin with, if anyone thinks they can get away with not having any Anti malware software installed at all, then they are completely wrong. Sure, common sense will keep you safe from old school viruses, such as the usual suspect – an attachment, entitled something along the lines, from an unknown person. Don’t open them, for the millionth time!
    But the problem is, most viruses aren’t old school anymore. Most are up to date, and written by far smarter people than who, who are more determined to infect your system that you are to keep it safe, and have a lot less social contact than you. IRC is now quite a popular for the virus coder to distribute his work. Malicious sites are also extremely popular now. They use a method known as drive by, in which malicious code is hidden in the web page, which then forces your browser to download the virus. It used to be that Firefox users were quite immune to these sort of viruses – 90% is a figure I heard when querying how much drive by viruses Firefox is estimated to be able to stop. Not to mention that most viruses are/were written to exploit Internet explorer, as that gets something like 80% of the worlds browser use, mostly by less security conscious users. Well, please, please don’t merely count on using Firefox and not opening attachments from strangers! One report predicts that malicious web pages will do for the world wide web like what spam email has done to email – who here seriously uses e-mail as a way of contact? I gave up long ago once I started getting on average 50 emails per day, all of them spam. That prospect doesn’t sound too entertaining, hell, even My Space is known to have viruses hidden in some of its pages!
    Another thing to avoid is clicking on ad banners on some suspicious sites; you know which sites I am referring to. Often they lead to a virus or spyware.
    Malware is big money nowadays, with spyware tracking peoples credit card numbers, sending them to a remote server, then being sold on for around $500 per thousand, so that’s roughly $0.5 per card number. What, you are thinking, that’s nothing! Well, it’s a huge amount when you take into account the huge numbers card details illegally acquired. The other favorite way of getting your card details is phising. Who here has had an email from their ‘bank’ saying that ‘we are upgrading our SSL servers, and need your bank details, if you fail to comply your account may be closed, and any money in it lost’? Well, simply delete them. Your bank will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever send you an email asking you that question . First of all, they wont be telling you that they are upgrading their SSL servers. Secondly, they wont ever, ever email you asking for your details, if such a thing happened, you would most probably get an appointment with your bank manager. Thirdly, common sense should tell you that an organization, such as a bank, should be able to transfer data such as that, they would never need it all to be re entered! I think the best thing for banks to do is what a slogan on their official web page, on their TV adverts and on their leaflets saying something along the lines of “we will never email you asking for your details”, this is what AOL did years ago, and since that phishermen phising the sea’s of AOL cut down drastically. Of course, there will always be the odd idiot.
    Now then, as you see, it’s quite important that you get anti malware software. New school viruses are nearly always undetectable with out anti virus software. Some phising pages are extremely convincing. Some Trojans look like really useful programs.
    So, do you really need paid for anti malware software?

    The verdict.

    My answer is a bit of both. If you are a complete idiot who clicks on ad banners all the time, goes on dodgy Eastern European teen porn, relies on torrents for their movie collection and use P2P programs for all their full version software, then yes, you will need everything that the anti malware companies can throw at you.
    However, if you filter in a little common sense, i.e. by not clicking on links advertising nude teenage photos of Britney spears, and using Firefox, then you can probably not bother with anti phising software and not necessarily have to get the latest and most expensive software. I get by perfectly fine (I hope, so far my bank hasn’t been raided, and so far my PC’s files are all intact) with free anti virus software, anti spyware, anti ad ware, and a firewall, and only one of each. Besides, most paid for anti virus software isn’t really better than the free version, its only that they come with many extra features, such as phising protection, and spyware as well. But hey, even these are available for free, so in reality, you don’t really need to have paid for anti virus software. But you will need at least free anti virus and anti spyware software as the bare minimum.

    Now, if you didn’t understand a word of that, fear not, this dictionary, courtesy of PC Gamer UK, will explain the technical terms listed above.

    Virus:A piece of self replicating code which seeks out more PC’s to infect. Also used a catch term for all malware, this, however, isn’t really correct. Most of the malware you will get wont be proper viruses, but either spyware, a worm or a Trojan.

    Malware:Viruses, Trojans, spyware, even some adware, worms, phishing programs. You can practically immunize yourself from these threats will assorted software.

    Trojan:An innocent looking program that contains another piece of malware, most commonly spyware. These are a great threat to a large amount of users.

    Spyware:A small program installed without your permission, which watches what you do on your PC, then reports back to a central server. Most commonly steals credit card numbers.

    Phishing:Attempting to illicitly obtain information such as passwords and bank details online, they are disguised as your real bank, and often look like the come from your real bank URL, but are not limited to pretending to being your bank, they often take the form of ‘trained service personel’ who need your password to fix a problem.

    Recommended links.

    A must read guide to spyware
    Essential free softwaret, make sure you check out the AV and anti spyware and firewall software!
    Recommended links, again, this is very useful for getting all the essential software.

    Now, onto the basement, it seems that an alternative to Vista has been discovered! If you perhaps didn’t like my verdict about it, but want the uberly mediocre new interface, give this a try.

    That’s all for this week, thanks for reading.

    A new sight, here; an article actually written by me. Amazing, really, to be honest. I forewarn you, its likely to be, shall we say, pretentious; and will include the Editor's Pick. take it away, me...

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Ah, we all miss the hack and slash of competition, right? Wrong? Well, we should. And now, we don't; debate of the most polite and intellectual kind has returned. I announce to you,
    Now, Garb had an interview with me, which he forgot to actually remember to reply to the questions of (silly bugger...); however I do say here and now that some things are self-explanatory. Mano a mao challenges are the vogue, now; rather than that crude, rude, and above all silly mob warfare in the Thema Devia and VV, we can have considered debates, polite debates, intellectual debates, of the quality we all aspire to achieve; and the glove has already been thrown down, twice! I will announce only the first fight; Hans Kloss vs. ThiudareiksGunthigg, on the killer topic of the Holocaust; the ring has been entered, both warriors are prepared to do battle, for Sparta... or for historical accuracy at any rate; I advise all to watch this with interest, and here announce my post of the week; ThiudareiksGunthigg's opener:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    You can find Holocaust Deniers in the strangest places. Stamp collecting clubs, for example. One day in the late 1980s, Oskar Groening – the manager of a glass factory near Hamburg – was attending a meeting of his local philately club and was, not surprisingly, talking to some fellow members about stamps. Somehow the conversation turned to politics and one of his fellow stamp collectors began complaining about how it was illegal to argue against the idea that thousands of Jews were gassed by the Nazis.

    As Groening listened, this stamp collector began reciting the usual Holocaust Denier arguments and then kindly offered pamphlets to those listening which detailed more reasons these gassings could never have happened. Groening took the pamphlet home and then sat down, wrote a considered and reasoned rebuttal to its arguments and posted it to his stamp-collecting Denier friend.

    Then the strange phone calls and letters began. It turns out that his rebuttal had been published in a neo-Nazi magazine and many of its readers were very keen to explain to him how he was wrong, how the Holocaust was a Allied/Soviet/Zionist hoax, how it was all a big, elaborate, 50-year conspiracy and how there had been no such gassings.

    Unfortunately for these latter day, wannabe Nazis, the person they were disputing was not simply someone who had read about the Holocaust in books or seen a few TV documentaries about it. Oskar Groening had been Waffen-SS Deputy Company Leader Oskar Groening, an administrative clerk at Auschwitz. And his encounter with Deniers made him break decades of silence and speak out:

    ”I see it as my task, now at my age, to face up to these things that I experienced and to oppose the Holocaust deniers who claim that Auschwitz never happened. And that's why I am here today. Because I want to tell those deniers: I have seen the crematoria, I have seen the burning pits - and I want you to believe me that these atrocities happened. I was there."

    Groening was no SS monster. He’d joined the Hitler Youth in 1933 and had gone on to become a trainee bank clerk before enlisting in the Waffen-SS in 1940 because he wanted to serve in “an elite unit”. After a couple of years of clerical work in the Waffen-SS he was posted to Auschwitz. He was given the task of supervising and recording the money and valuables taken from prisoners when they arrived and he soon realised that this was no ordinary concentration camp. Early on he asked a colleague why the confiscated money was never returned to its owners. His colleague replied:

    "Well, don't you know? That's the way it is here. Jewish transports arrive, and as far as they're not able to work, they're got rid of."

    Groening explains that this was shocking to him at first, but years of propaganda and official anti-Semitism soon numbed him to what was happening around him:

    "The propaganda had for us such an effect that you assumed that to exterminate them was basically something that happened in war. And, to that extent, a feeling of sympathy or empathy didn't come up."

    There were times, however, when he found it impossible to ignore the horror of Auschwitz, such as when a friend showed him the burning of bodies in pits:

    "This comrade said, 'Come with me, I'll show you.' I was so shocked that I stood at a distance. The fire was flickering up and the kapo there told me afterwards details of the burning. And it was terribly disgusting - horrendous. He made fun of the fact that when the bodies started burning they obviously developed gases from the lungs and these bodies seemed to jump up, and the sex parts of the men suddenly became erect in a way that he found laughable."

    Groening tried to apply for a transfer to the front to get away from Auschwitz, but he was refused. “We're all in the same boat.” His superior officer told him, reminding him he’d sworn an oath when he joined the SS, “We've given an obligation to accept this - not to even think about it.”

    But Groeing found it harder to not think about the killings or the other atrocities he witnessed:

    "A new shipment had arrived. I had been assigned to ramp duty, and it was my job to guard the luggage. The Jews had already been taken away. The ground in front of me was littered with junk, left-over belongings. Suddenly I heard a baby crying. The child was lying on the ramp, wrapped in rags. A mother had left it behind, perhaps because she knew that women with infants were sent to the gas chambers immediately. I saw another SS soldier grab the baby by the legs. The crying had bothered him. He smashed the baby's head against the iron side of a truck until it was silent."

    His unease became even greater when he witnessed a mass gassing personally, in all its horror. This happened one night when he was roused from his bed and ordered with several comrades to search the woods near one of the gas chambers for some Jews who had run away:

    “We were told to take our pistols and go through the forest .... We found no one.”

    Then he and his comrades spread out and moved up towards the extermination area of the camp, toward one of the two farm houses which housed gas chambers at Birkenau prior to 1943. Groening is probably referring to “the little white house”.

    “We went in star formation up towards this farmhouse—it was lit from outside in diffused light, and out in the front were seven or eight bodies. These were the ones who had probably tried to escape and they’d been caught and shot. In front of the door of the farmhouse were some SS men who told us, ‘It’s finished, you can go home.’”

    But instead of returning to barracks, Groening and the others stayed to watch what happened next.

    "There were more than 100 prisoners and soon there were panic-filled cries as they were herded into the chamber and the door was shut.
    "Then a sergeant with a gasmask went to a hole in the wall and from a tin shook Zyklon B gas pellets inside. In that moment the cries of the people inside rose to a crescendo, a choir of madness. These cries I have ringing in my ears to this day.

    Then one man—I don’t know whether he was an officer—stood and came to the door where there was a peep-hole, looked in and checked whether everything was OK and the people were dead.

    Incidents like this made it increasingly difficult for the clerk Groening to insulate himself in his office from the reality of Auschwitz. Eventually his requests for transfer were accepted and he was posted to the Ardennes in 1944 and was captured by the British in June 1945. He enjoyed a pleasant captivity in Scotland, allowed out of his POW camp to perform locally as part of the camp’s German choir. He returned to Germany, married and became the glass factory manager who collected stamps and enjoyed feeding songbirds in his neat garden.

    Like 90% of the staff at Auschwitz, Groening was not considered important enough to be prosecuted, though he did give evidence against his superiors in a trial after the War. Apart from this, he tried to forget about Auschwitz until his encounter with Holocaust Deniers stirred him.

    The interesting thing about Groening is that his extensive evidence in nine hours of interviews with the BBC doesn’t indicate any great contrition or remorse. As Laurence Rees, the maker of the BBC documentary who interviewed him in 2005, observed later:

    On the one hand he did want to be interviewed by us in order to make a stand against Holocaust deniers. On the other …. he does not appear to have much remorse. However, perhaps surprisingly, from his perspective this appears to be a logical position. He revolts, I think, against the fact that people try and deny that Auschwitz existed, but he also feels that the general public do not understand that members of the SS like him who worked there felt they were doing 'the right thing' at the time.

    Mr Gröning does express the view that what happened there was 'wrong' but he then tends to qualify that statement by saying "well, if what happened there was wrong then you have to acknowledge that a number of crimes were also committed on the Allied side"

    And here is the fatal flaw that makes all the rest of the nitpicking, misquotation, factual errors, deliberate distortions, lies, misrepresentations and selective arguments that make up Holocaust Denial so utterly pointless. Without exception the Nazi witnesses to and perpetrators of the Holocaust are – to a man – NOT Holocaust Deniers. None of them have ever, in 50 years of ample opportunity, ever said the Holocaust never happened.

    Whether they are like Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Hoess, calmly detailing the horrors of his operation in his memoirs with an almost perverse pride, or the book-keeper Oskar Groening, vehemently dismissing the Deniers themselves and stating “I was there!”, they steadfastly agree that the gassings and mass killings DID happen. They justify them, or they excuse themselves from them or they claim they were only following orders, but they never support a word that the Deniers say or write. In fact, in Groening’s case, they go to some lengths to actively tackle the Deniers head on because they know the Deniers are wrong.

    So it’s bizarre that people like Hans Kloss continue to regurgitate Holocaust Deniers’ lies when even the Nazi perpetrators themselves are against him. Psychologists assure me that the kind of person who is attracted to weird conspiracy theories actually gets a perverse pleasure from knowing most people think they’re wrong. That’s one of the only explanations I can think of for maintaining a position that is so gloriously, obviously and spectacularly wrong.
    One to watch, as I said, and this fight will develope with magnificent splendour to say the least!

    Now, as with last week, we have a Page 3; tBP submitted this photograph but I assure you, its not pornographic, and will have no more introduction than it has just had; I urge you to view it, though!

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Once more we arrive afresh and refreshed from news of a TWC kind to news of a more serious, widereaching, and impacting kind. Okay, seriously, its just the real world I guess, no importance in the end, is there? Let's start with the usual opener, the Queer Corner (it gets queerer every time, I swear...)
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Queer Concern

    Why Pride?

    Well, first of all, for those who don’t know, allow me the liberty of defining pride. Except I hit a problem right from the first word. I can’t. I can tell you what Gay Pride means to me, but that’s as far as I can go, because Pride isn’t a singular Noun describing a set experience. Pride isn’t a Carnival, or a Festival, or a Parade, it is all of those and more. But Pride is an experience. Experience that differs for each and every one of us who attends, and that varies from pride to pride around the world.

    Instead then, let me describe Pride to you. Pride, to me, is a celebration of Gay Culture. I know from the outset some *cough*Syron*cough* will disagree. But Pride is more than a 2 hour march through the streets of a city with flags and banners and dancing and fancy costumes. If it were, Pride would merely be a carnival. And its not, its so much more. Few Pride events I’ve attended have lasted less than 2 days, the bigger ones, such as Brighton Pride and EuroPride last 9 days! I’m sure you will agree we can’t spend 9 days of our time marching around a city.

    And this is why I write this editorial, because of all the gay stereotypes, it would seem that that surrounding Gay Pride is the hardest to challenge, the hardest to oppose. Yes, we parade as part of pride. Yes there are fancy costumes…. Is it obscene? No. We have laws in this country. Those laws don’t get suspended just for pride. People exposing themselves is illegal, pride festival or not. I’ve been to many prides, I’ve not seen a single penis whilst attending a pride event though. What I have seen in terms of the parade is in fact very much the same as Mardi Gras, or better yet, the Notting Hill Carnival, music street dancing, floats, costumes… the only difference being an abundance of things in Rainbow Colours. But as I say, there’s more to pride than parades…
    There’s parties too for one thing. Prides tend to be centred around the gay districts… Manchester’s Gay Village, Birmingham Hurst Street, Soho in London, pretty much all of Brighton… and so on. And when you have some of the best gay bars in the Country (DV8, Essential, Nightingales, Ku Bar, Heaven) and big crowds of the Queer Community, a party is sure to be on the cards.

    But that’s still not all! Workshops, more formal social events, market stalls, funfairs, exhibitions, gay and lesbian cinema, street theatre, comedy, live music, cabaret, competitions, charity events and fundraising and so on. Among things planned for Manchester Pride 2007 is Out in the Past, a tour of manchesters gay history. Tour guide, Paul Fairweather gives a fascinating insight into the times when the simple right to decide upon the nature of personal relationships was denied. Using a mixture of humour and hard hitting facts, Jon delivers both a painful and amusing tale of characters who could be regularly found in the City. Highlights of the tour include the Police account of “disgraceful proceedings…” at a city centre location where 22 of the 47 attending were men, dressed as women – and all in 1880!

    At EuroPride 2006, Talent Circle staged a night of Amateur made lesbian and Gay short films, Pride of New York have already lined up a number of guest speakers for their pride events and so it goes on.

    Gay Pride is MUCH more than just a parade and a piss up and its for this reason I say it’s a celebration of Gay Culture.

    Why Pride though?
    First, some background. As recorded in previous editorials, Homosexual politics have undergone significant change. From the 30s-50s we had the Homophile Movement, groups calling for gradual change and assimilation into mainstream society of gay people through co-operation with medical and law reform bodies. The Movement say the removal of homosexuality as a mental disorder, and the decriminalisation of homosexual acts in England. That all changed in 1969 with the Stonewall Riots, following violent police raids on the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York. Stonewall led to the Gay Liberation or Gay Activist movement which advocated a homosexuality as a challenge to mainstream society. The creation of a distinct gay identity that sought to challenge and overthrow conventional heterosexual thinking and society. The first Pride Festivals were born of Gay Liberation. Taking place in New York and San Francisco in 1970 in remembrance of the Stonewall Riots. Gay Liberation was a failure, changing nothing on the outside, and torn from within by the Gay and Lesbian Wars (also known as the feminist sex wars, a war of words not actions) the movement faded into the LGBT Movement that’s been the most successful movement of change. This movement articulated the equal but different approach of the Civil Rights movement and rather than smash the sex/gender norms of society was “committed to establishing gay identity as a legitimate minority group” (Jagose 1996). Now, as I have said before, gay people live in a time of Queer Identity. While the generation above me lived and fought for Lesbians and Gays, I came of age as Queer. Queer represents the coalition of values, the final union of lesbian and gay, and the acceptance of the challenge of bisexuality. The difference between past and present is marked in the change in the nature of chants… from the 1970s “Hey hey, ho ho, homophobias got to go!” to that best characterised by a 1993 D.C in front of the White House, where the chant went “we’re here, we’re gay, can Bill come out and play?”

    As the aims of the gay community changed, so to did the role of pride festivals. From seeking to challenge a heterosexually orientated society as Ummon perfectly describes in the Symposium, they have moved on to represent a form of politics characterised by the modern Queer movement. Its no longer about Challenge, but about recognising diversity and difference. The colourfulness of the pride parade is no different to that of the Notting Hill Carnival, the music and dancing and party atmosphere precisely the same as that found at Mardi Gras. The community feel, market stalls and competitions, are precisely the same as what happens at my town fete. The only difference is the culture and identity that these events represent.

    Gay pride is not about flaunting ourselves, and I’ve seen nothing at pride festivals that’s obscene or disgusting, unless your description of such acts includes same sex people kissing. As my pictures in the symposium show, there is nothing at pride you won’t find at any number of straight festivals around the world. What Pride is is a celebration of our culture, our differences, our diversity. Its recognition of where we’ve come from, remembrance of those we’ve lost along the way, celebration of our way of life and of our future. Its born of activism, nurtured by the equality movement, and the best expression and celebration of Queer that there is. A place to come together and be ourselves. A Place to take Pride in who we are.

    - the Black Prince

    For this article, I must confess not all the work to be my own, and therefore must express appreciation for the help assistance support and teaching of Professor Andrew Sharpe and Dr. Matthew Weait, both of the School of Law, Keele Univeristy. I’d also like to express thanks for the insightful thoughts of The Rt Hon.The Baroness Hale of Richmond given during her lecture on the issues surrounding the landmark judgement of Ghaidan v Mendoza 2004, and larger issues of Gay and Transgender Jurisprudence, which I had the privilege of both attending and of meeting the Baroness.

    Gay News

    Hero Marine just happens to be gay…

    Staff Sergeant Eric Alva, lost his leg nearly four years ago when he stepped on a land mine in the desert in Kuwait. He was the first U.S. Marine to be seriously wounded in the Iraq conflict.

    In Bethesda Naval Hospital, Alva was visited by President Bush and the First Lady, Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and ex-basketball player Michael Jordan.

    As the first Marine to be injured in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Alva became a household name. He was a guest on ‘Oprah’, was awarded a Purple Heart from President Bush. Unsurprisingly, his good looks and polite charm made him a poster boy for military bravery and inspiring patriotism.

    The opportunist, media savvy establishment figures queuing up for their photo ops were unaware of one crucial fact in this story- the 5’1” Latino from San Antonio just happened to be gay.

    Alva was aware of his sexuality when he enlisted aged 19 in 1990, and admits to lying on his application when asked about his sexual orientation. However, Alva's wish to serve his country proved stronger than fears regarding sexual honesty.

    Already a hero on many levels, Alva is about to use his unique place in history to create waves of a different kind. He 'came out' at a Wednesday news conference on Capitol Hill, where he called for the military's "Don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays in the service to be abandoned. "I'm an American who fought for his country and for the protection and the rights and freedoms of all American citizens -- not just some of them, but all of them," Alva said. He now plans to work with HRC (The Human Rights Campaign is America’s largest civil rights organisation working to achieve gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality). The pressure group are renewing their efforts to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which bars lesbians and gays from serving openly in the armed forces.

    Gay Quotes

    [Homosexuals] want to come into churches and disrupt church services and throw blood all around and try to give people AIDS and spit in the face of ministers.
    Rev Pat Robertson
    Really??? Personally I’d rather avoid churches, especially ones with people like you in them….

    Last time, I called GrimSta charmingly offensive; now I want to call him the reporter of the low brow. Local issues for local people. Just what we all actually need, isn't it? I mean, even I read the Sun on occasion; sometimes, gloriously lowbrow stuff is great. This is such an occasion.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    The bunch of rebelious :wub:s in the employ of Scotrail have landed us all in the lurch. All I can say is grow the hell up and stop being a bunch of whiney pricks. Boohoo, your not being paid as much as you wanted - well neither am I, do you see me picketing outside Asda? No you bloody don't. The whole point of working in an important public service is that it helps the public, not your egotistical wage/attention seeking self whoring... self. If you catch my drift. Thats the problem with the world today it's always "me, me, me, me, me, money, me, me, me, money, money, me" and it pissess me off something awful.You see the rail is an ongoing problem in Britain, we have some of the oldest lines in the world and we can't stop and upgrade them because whiny prats like myself will ***** about it online. On the flip side though, If we don't repair them then lots of people die horrible death's because a piece of metal installed by someone with a Celtic name snapped off at an angle of 32 degrees. It's awful. And therein lies the problem - we can't upgrade, we can't stop, we can't physically repair because the Poles can't read the instruction manual and more people die.

    Vicous circle im sure you'll agree.

    So the question is - What do we do? I'm inclined to follow the fictitous camp that has the "sod it" approach to railway work which basically means - The track's there, so are the trains. You may die but you may get to work. Life's a lottery, you win some you lose some so stop whining and pay your fare", as you can imagine this camp is particularly lacking in members but I hope to recruit some more.

    Onto the other news.

    Some black people who don't like white people shoot some black people who do like white people in a country in Africa no-one can spell. A rich cow gets robbed. Some fool of a yank leaves $20m of dope in a lorry in the middle of nowhere and Spain builds a glass 'thing' to celebrate it's dead from a train - Trains suck people.

    As before, I reject all accusation of bias. In short order I'll name the next reporters: Oldgamer, vizigothe, Silver Guard, and Lord Rahl (why are elitists and right-wingers more likely to write editorials for a leftwing editor?); but before I publish any, I must stress one thing. The opinions reflected here are not those of the staff. They are not those of the owner. They are often not those of the Editor. They are the views of none but the authors themselves, who take full responsibility for the views espoused. Thank you.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Oldgamer reporting for duty ....

    Oldgamer News - March/2007

    I have never endorsed a Presidential candidate before February of the election year, in my entire life. I've never had to. Until now, presidential candidates were chosen by about March of the election year. When I was a child, they were chosen by their respective nominating conventions, a system I would prefer to go back to.

    However, this year, it seems that the Dems have already annointed Hillbilly as their candidate for 2008. I know, Obambam and another dozen or so Dems are still nominally in the race. But they haven't felt the full force of the Clintonista machine, yet. Obambam will go first, and then Dedwards will be trashed by them. By the time of '08 primaries, there will only be a couple of non-competitors left, and Hillbilly will be good to them, to make the primary elections “historic”.

    Among the Republicans, the two frontrunners are Rudy Giuliani and John McCain. Both men are of undoubted courage, and I would feel safer if either of them were President. However, both men have problems with the Conservative Caucus of the GOP, primarily on the issue of abortion. Giuliani was known as America's Mayor after the 9/11 attacks, showing courage and detemination as the Mayor of New York City. McCain was a prisoner of war in the infamous Hanoi Hilton for several years during the Vietnam War, and deserves every accolade sent his direction for his service to his country.

    However, quite frankly, Rudy Giuliani is a social liberal, especially on abortion, gun rights, and homosexual rights. And Senator McCain hasn't been known as the Democrat's favorite Republican for nothing. He tends to vote with the Dems on many issues, and McCain-Feingold was a disaster.

    When the GOP wins elections, it does so on the basis of its conservative stance on most issues. Ronald Reagan won two triumphant elections based upon his conservatism, and the Gingrich Revolution took place because the Republican Party decided to be what it truly is ... conservative.

    So, why not wait and endorse Newt Gingrich?

    As much as I would love to seem him in the White House, the Clintonista machine would give the man a drubbing he wouldn't survive. Just yesterday, Gingrich admitted to an extramarital affair during the time he was attacking Billary for the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Does anyone know what Hillbilly would do to him over the course of the campaign?

    So, who's left, who is also a conservative?

    There's always Condoleeza Rice. But she is indelibly linked to the Bush Administration. I'm not going to give up on her, yet, because I would like to see her in the White House, someday. She's a conservative. She has infinitely greater academic and experience credentials for the Oval Office than Obambam ... or even Hillbilly, for that matter. But 2008 is not her year.

    There's always the underfield among the Republicans. People like former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, who I know personally, and who would do a great job as president. But President Huckabee? I've actually asked him to change his name, though I doubt it will happen. There will never be a year for President Huckabee ...

    And so, I am poised for my earliest endorsement ever! Are you ready! Let the drum rolls begin!!

    I would like to introduce my American conservative friends to someone they already know. His name is Fred Dalton Thompson, and he plays the role of Arthur Branch on the television show Law & Order. Other people might remember him as an admiral in the movie The Hunt for Red October.

    However, his acting career is just a sidelight to his long academic and analytical career.

    He was born in Sheffield, Alabama, then grew up in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. He attended the University of North Alabama and then Memphis State University, where he earned a degree in philosophy and then political science. He received the JD Degree from Vanderbilt University in 1967, and entered the Tennessee bar. He was on the Watergate Committee (being responsible for the asking of the phrase by Senator Baker “What did the President know and when did he know it”, and his voice is famous for the phrase “Mr. Butterfield, were you aware of the existence of any listening devices in the Oval Office of the President?”). He was also responsible in large measure for the removal from office of Tennessee Governor Ray Blanton on the charge of selling pardons.

    He served with distinction in the United States Senate from 1994-2003. Although he was a shoo-in for re-election in Tennessee, he elected to withdraw from the race because of the death of one of his children (a daughter). Among the many things that he did in the Senate was to act as Chairman of the Governmental Affairs Committee, in which he investigated the allegations of Chinese attempts to influence the 1996 elections.

    In 2002, he married Jeri Kehn, a political and media consultant for a Washington law firm. That marriage has produced a daughter. In addition, he has two grown children, and five grandchildren.

    Fred Thompson has not said that he will run for the office of President, and I hope that he doesn't before the early Fall, because of the amount of money needed to keep in the race until then. Besides that, HillyBilly doesn't like him, due to his investigations of her husband's attempts to trade campaign money for technology with the Chinese.

    Also, there is one other problem.

    Senator Thompson is a long-time friend and supporter of Lewis “Scooter” Libby, who was just convicted of perjury in the outing-that-didn't-happen case of Valerie Plame, the wife of anti-Bush Ambassador Joe Wilson. He's already discussed his role in support of Libby, and a few months will give this whole episode time to die away.

    A folksy straight-talker, Fred Dalton Thompson is one of the most distinguished, highly-educated, and conservative members of the Republican Party. He has name recognition that is undeniable. People automatically like him and see him as a capable man. Conservatives ... social and fiscal ... can trust Senator Thompson to fight for the causes they depend on the GOP for. And it is undeniable that God gave Senator Thompson the genes for a voice and appearance that just plain looks like a President.

    And so, it is my privilege to endorse former Tennessee Senator Fred Dalton Thompson for the Presidency of the United States. I strongly encourage all of my conservative colleagues to do so, also.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Anti-Americanism in Latin America and its effects of the regional economy

    The relationship between the United States and the Latin American nations has always been tenuous. The United States has dominated the region economically for years while the Latin American states still attempt to break out of the ancient latifundia system left in place by the Spanish governors. The US has been for the most part a politically stable nation little corruption. However the Latin American nations have often been anything but stable and languish under corrupt governments. If anything you would expect the Latin American nations to look to the US for support and assistance. But the opposite is true. The Latin American nations are trying to reject the US and look to themselves and other places for trade and stability.
    In recent years Hugo Chavez of Venezuela who is a strong proponent of his Bolivarian revolutions and dramatic socialist reform of the Latin American nations. Chavez desires to nationalize the Latin American states to remove the harmful interference of imperialist foreign corporations. Chavez is most known for his fanciful boasts and taunts of George W. Bush however it should also be noted that he has made marked improvements in Venezuela. On the opposite side of Chavez you have Tabaré Vázquez of Uruguay, Álvaro Uribe of Colombia, Óscar Berger of Guatemala and Felipe Calderón of Mexico whose policies are pro-US. Obviously these nations support US and invite US economic policies and trades.
    Of the 20 independent nations in all of Latin America only 4 are decidedly pro-US. Many of the other nations are vehemently anti-US. Where did this animosity come from? One of the biggest issues with the rampant anti-Americanism in Latin American is the fact that the United States has supported at least one coup in nearly every single country. However is this just a way to justify the governments hatred of the US or is it one of the true reasons for the anti-Americanism. If you look deeper into the issue you find some interesting facts. The United States supported Texas when they fought for their independence and then later invaded Mexico and for all intents and purposes conquered Mexico. Guatemala had a very popular president overthrown in the 1950's that plunged the nation into 36 years of civil war. The coup was supported by the US. Colombia also had Panama wrested from them by the US in 1903. These three countries all have reason to hate the US yet they are some of the biggest supports in Latin America of the US.
    The fact is that because of systems left in place after the Spanish were expelled and the resulting chaos of the newly formed governments further compounded by countless coups and corruption has made the area a hotbed for radicalism. However for the most part they merely desire economic freedom from the United States. The United States is unwilling at present to lose its economic control of the whole western hemisphere. So what needs to be done? Well the Latin American nations have to work to improve their economies and bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. However is nationalizing industry the right answer? Well we have Venezuela as a litmus test for this idea. Ultimately ostracizing the global community is not the right answer. As much as Chavez and others would like to believe, Latin America cannot survive economically without the support of the rest of the global economy. On the same note the Latin American nations cannot rely on the United States. They need to break free from the US and form independent economies from the US dominance of the hemisphere's economy. Either way eventually the Latin American nations need to either attempt to totally break from the United States or remain together with the United States' economic goals and aims.

    Vizigothe – Attempting to find the middle ground in all issues. Your bastion of moderation in politics.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Welcome to my corner of the Helios. If your mind cannot handle the abstract or marginally insane please back away slowly, for fear of spontaneous cranial combustion.

    There is one issue that has been circulating a lot recently, and it got me thinking about my political status. This is Freedom of Speech. As a right-wing elitist when it comes to social situations I tend to give the government control over social laws (For me Right wing = government control, Left Wing = Union control/independency. I may be wrong, but it’s how I think), as such I tend to put a firm anti-freedom approach on matters such as smoking, guns, drugs, immigrants and even on occasion votes. But when it comes to freedom of speech and thought I reach a moral crisis.

    Freedom to carry a gun, or own one, has its social problems. A person owning a gun is far more likely to shoot someone then someone who doesn’t for example. But freedom of speech and thought are more complex. Thought is an easy one, except through brainwashing it cannot be controlled by governmental organisations. Brainwashing can be easily covered as immoral through the possibilities should it be used. People can be ‘programmed’ to think a certain way, to commit genocide, and to commit suicide on command. That genocide and suicide are immoral I can only leave for another entry.

    Freedom of speech, this however is more complex. When does one draw the line between what harms society and what is simply a contrasting opinion? And who is the one who has the right to make this decision?
    Ernst Zundel (congratulations to the thread starter, wilpuri) shows us that the government is hardly responsible enough to take the matter into its own hands. But then again, action is only usually taken after complaints (except for the frankly surprising laws in Germany and Austria, democratic as they are). So how many complaints are necessary?

    I live in Jersey as many of you know, and there are few more sheltered and middle-class based societies in the world. As such there would be chaos if we had the same sueing rights as those in America. As it is I find one or two complaints can cause disruption. Down the road a boy was stopped from playing guitar because it was considered too load by a new neighbour. Despite there being no complaints from the others he was forced not to use his amp in his house.

    What I hear from over the Atlantic I can only despair at. When people are sued for punching someone after provocation I can only shake my head.

    Obviously the government cannot be trusted with the laws that govern our speech. So is there really anyone left to do so? Or even reason to do so.

    Can speech really cause damage? Of course it can. Look to Hitler, he was an inspirational speaker, and whipped up the people of Germany quite easily. Many self-made prophets through the ages causing destruction in the name of their holy cause.

    So we can discard the belief that speech cannot harm society. But so how can we regulate it? Polls? Committees? I leave this as your thought of the day.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    World Issues

    The War on Terror, Victory or Defeat?

    The final result of our War on Terror is hard to predict, given the world's determination to win and control terrorism. There is no doubt that advances have been made and victories won but there have also been setbacks and defeats. It seems that there is a sort of limbo on how the war is fairing and who is gaining the upper hand. Politicians will tell you this and that but I will try to give my own opinion.

    Our current view of terrorism did not start with the horrible events of 9/11, but decades before, and yet the world seems to believe, for the most part, that this war is belonging to the United States only. The truth, however, differs from that belief. The United States simply takes a stance more strict than other countries. 9/11, the London bombings, and the Madrid train bombings are the more prominent attacks that the Western world has seen in recent years, but they are easily forgettable to many people. Focus is now on Iraq and many would wish us to believe that it is a separate war, but it is not. Since politicians prefer to draw similarities between the War in Iraq and the Vietnam War, I will make one remark. Unlike the Vietnam War, if we lose this war the enemy won't stop at their beaches and borders. They will traverse every obstacle they must to kill us in our homeland. With support for the War in Iraq, which is part of the War on Terror and vital to the stability of the region, waining for many, the future of winning the war seems bleak. Thankfully, there are people who are determined to win the war and check the spread and effects of terrorism. Those who wish to explore diplomatic reasoning with terrorist groups don't know what they what they want to accomplish. Talking and dealing with terrorist organizations and those who harbor them is not what will win a war. We have seen what diplomacy has done for Israel. Even when Israelis were forced from their homes the violence still continued and that is what will happen if we take the same retreating and bargaining strategy with our foes today.

    The world must take a harder, more aggressive position against terrorism. A man who is willing to explode himself in a mass of people, his reasoning being to kill an infidel, should not be dealt with diplomatically. We need to force them into the position to negotiate with us, not the other way around. That is how wars are won. Defeat of the enemy comes first through overwhelming pressure militarily and then diplomacy. Europe has been trying to deal with Iran to stop their nuclear program for years but with no real compromise in site. Jimmy Carter tried to talk with terrorists in Iran for 444 days and it wasn't until his successor took firmer and aggressive stance that they were released, minutes after Reagan was officially sworn in. Currently, there are politicians in Washington who want the United States government to start communicating diplomatically with Iraq's neighbors, Iran and Syria, to help quell the violence. This is not how to win the War in Iraq, nor the War on Terrorism. This "neighborly" meeting, added with the House's non-binding resolution, and back door tactics to undermine the President's authority as Commander-In-Chief, is a sure sign that some believe this war is over or shows that some are not willing to win it. Making deals when it is known that Iran is supplying weapons, and in some reports even man power, to the terrorists in Iraq is exactly the opposite approach we need to have on the situation.

    This is a defining moment in our history, and so will the next United States election for President. Will we elect and support politicians and ideals which will lead to retreat and defeat in the War on Terror or will we elect and support politicians and ideals which will lead to advancement and victory? This is the reality of today's world and the reality to those who decide to vote in upcoming elections, wherever you may live. So please, write your representatives, speak your mind about the happenings of this conflict which will define our generation, and decide how you wish the war to end, in victory or defeat?

    As you may have noticed, the last two authors are rather new additions to the team; anyone can write an editorial, if you can write; just PM it to me, and I'll publish it in the next Helios out; good writer always welcome, those with a leftwing bias presently doubly so...

    A slightly less shiny feature here than last time; Hex Khan on my request cutting out some of the more graphic graphics, in favour of words. Can't have hime stealing all my readers, now, can I?
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    That’s right it’s the return of that ES sod Hex Khan, doing my small contribution to the Helios
    We’ve been busy over in the Eagle Standard. Since I last wrote this update we’ve released several more volumes. Titus Atius Labienus had held an interview with everyone’s favourite, the legend that is Lusted and I wrote my first AAR for the ES, Into the West.
    Feel free to catch up if you missed out, if not just read it anyway!
    Of course Titus and I haven’t been the only busy folk, fellow writers Sir Dinadan and Bulgaroctonus have interviewed the modders of the immensely popular Anno Domini and Medieval Total Realism: Age of Ambition
    Go on take a look you know you want to!
    Lastly The ES HQ is not longer a sad lonely place haunted only by Bulgaroctonus, Sir Dinadan and myself with the occasional visit by Titus Atius Labienus, oh no! Our ranks have been bolstered by the arrival of Ippius, the Author of the popular Outskirts of an Empire AAR series and Comte de Laconia our very own fledgling interviewer, and lest we forget the revival of returning to the ES form the long awaited Aevum Fidei mod.
    Keep an eye out for them folks

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Quote Originally Posted by Corporal_Hicks
    In the letter the the helios section, the editorial reply mentioned this:

    As Voltaire said (but in English): "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."
    Voltaire never actualy said that, but it's a popular misconception I myself had until just recently.
    Editor's Reply:
    Okay, for this I apologise, simple and unexcusable misattribution; thanks for the eaglesharp eyes, sir; keep looking with them, we're always glad to print retractions prominently.
    Signed, Ozymadnias... sorry, Ozymandias.

    So that's us done here; thanks for reading, see you again in a fortnight, and now go and rep my reporters; they deserve it all over again.

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    Extremely well done Ozy, you put all the articles together so well.

    Good job guys, another good issue.
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    Default Re: Helios VI: Return of the Reporters!

    Bravo! another staggering edition. I really am staggered by the work put in by the reporters, but I do not think many people understnad the work of the editor. The Helios was fabulous under KHV and his predecessors but Ozy has taken it into a new era.

    I had my doubts if he could sustain this for any period of time but, unsurprisingly, he proved me wrong. It gets better and better. Ozy continues to demonstrate that he is one of the great members of this site.

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    Default Re: Helios VI: Return of the Reporters!

    well done guys good stuff, the helios keeps on improving
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    Icon2 Re: Helios VI: Return of the Reporters!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ozy
    why are elitists and right-wingers more likely to write editorials for a leftwing editor?
    Because we are the only ones who have any fresh, good ideas! Maybe I'll write something different next time.

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    Default Re: Helios VI: Return of the Reporters!

    Gods, that banner looks awesome... *snigger*
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    Default Re: Helios VI: Return of the Reporters!

    ... why are elitists and right-wingers more likely to write editorials for a leftwing editor?
    Because you're such a nice guy!

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    Default Re: Helios VI: Return of the Reporters!

    Hey, very good edition indeed. I love the new "city line" banner as well. It's brilliant.

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    Default Re: Helios VI: Return of the Reporters!

    Yes, and did anyone notice this editions Circus Article was especially exuberant.

    har har har
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    Default Re: Helios VI: Return of the Reporters!

    Interesting read! Thanks guys,
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    Default Re: Helios VI: Return of the Reporters!

    Three Cheers for Ozy and the whole Helios team! Hip hip Huzzah!
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    Default Re: Helios VI: Return of the Reporters!

    those with a leftwing bias presently doubly so...
    Wait, what?! Are you saying that I am biased? Nonsense! I am merely correct!

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    Default Re: Helios VI: Return of the Reporters!

    I object! I am not a right winger, I place myself firmly in the independent column! Anyone good stuff by the other guys.

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    Default Re: Helios VI: Return of the Reporters!

    Good issue, great banner, excellent stuff!

    Keep up the good work and eventually you all will get rewarded with virgins.

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    Default Re: Helios VI: Return of the Reporters!

    Quote Originally Posted by Skyler View Post
    Good issue, great banner, excellent stuff!

    Keep up the good work and eventually you all will get rewarded with virgins.
    Really? I knew it wasn't that bad of a decision to join the Helios. Now I know why!

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    Default Re: Helios VI: Return of the Reporters!

    Quote Originally Posted by Darkragnar View Post
    Yes, and did anyone notice this editions Circus Article was especially exuberant.

    har har har

    I did, i did and i quite liked it mate!

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    Default Re: Helios VI: Return of the Reporters!

    Vizi, he did not specify which sex the virgins would be, and judging by the ratio of male to female here, you're not gonna enjoy it.

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    Default Re: Helios VI: Return of the Reporters!

    No virgins are on offer, actually, of any sort... sorry

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    Default Re: Helios VI: Return of the Reporters!

    niec issue lads
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    Default Re: Helios VI: Return of the Reporters!

    Quote Originally Posted by Giorgos - Zahos View Post
    I did, i did and i quite liked it mate!
    ah thank you for that , always makes a man feel warm and fuzzy when his work is appreciated by his comrades.
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