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Thread: ------ THE RULES - FIGHT CLUB CHARTER ------

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    Icon4 ------ THE RULES - FIGHT CLUB CHARTER ------

    Gentlemen, welcome to the... FIGHT CLUB.

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    Default Re: Garbarsardar's Fight Club: THE RULES


    The Rules

    1. Any Member can throw a glove and call a fight. This is either by PM to the person you wish to challenge directly or through the challenge thread sticky. The challenge can be addressed to a specific member, two members at once or as an open challenge to anyone willing to pick up the glove [but must not exceed 4 combatants]. Personal challenge is permitted.

    2. Upon acceptance, the challenger will open a thread in the main area to be titled;

      NAME OF TOPIC [Debater 1 vs. Debater 2].

    3. If you are challenged you do not have to fight, but know that there is nothing to lose, it's all a bit of fun!

    4. A time limit or end date is not required although If one is desired, for competition purposes, the argument/debate can last for a predefined number of days. The exact period will be arranged and agreed upon between the opponents involved.

    5. The two opponents will post an opening statement with a main argument, point, reasoning and evidence [if any] clearly presented.

    6. Personal insults and any form of intimidation of the opponent are not permitted. The general ToS must be observed in the debates. The debates must comply with the ToS unless permission given specifically to deviate; [such as in the Rap battle debates permission was given where by Pannonian].

    7. No more than 4 total debaters. 1v1, or if teams are preferred, 2v2 for clarity. 1v3 may be allowed if prior permission from the local moderators is acquired.

    8. Only the combatants are allowed to post in the debate thread. All commentary, and any other comments by non-combatants , go in the appropriate parallel Commentary Thread which will be opened by the local moderators and can be found in the Commentary sub-forum.

    9. No spam.


    Ratified on 2nd November 2008.

    Any questions, comments and suggestions can be posted in the adequately named Questions, Comments and Suggestions thread.

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