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    Default Broken Crescent

    Mod Registration Form

    Platform: M2TW

    Release Status: no entry
    Modfolder Overwrite: As of now.. NO

    Mod creator/Mod team leaders: Mirage41

    *Mod team members: Sher_Khan, Tadzreuli, Killerxguy, Comte de Laconia (tentative)

    Mod Description (3-4 sentences):
    Broken Crescent is a mod dedicated to the factions and warfare of medieval Middle East. From Anatolia and Egypt in the West to Persia and India in the East, this mod will let players take control of many powerful Muslim and Christian factions starting at 1175 with the rise of Saladin onwards to 1400 with the conquest of the Timurids.

    Other info on mod:

    Forums link(s):

    Download link(s):

    Permissions: Permission by request Only
    This means that permission must be sought to use any elements of the creators work, this is to cover instances where the creator wishes to keep certain elements (ie; use of names) at their discretion.

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