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    Latest Release Filename:

    Microsoft Framework 2.0 is required

    - Unit Editor - Edit a single unit or make changes to many units all at once

    - Region Editor - Add or Edit new regions based on your map_regions.tga file. (map_regions.tga must be edited by an external program)

    - Plugin Based Extensible Framework - allow for extending the toolset easily. Developers can create their own plugins and can easily share data between plugins.

    - Data Acess Layer - Provides developers an easy and simple library for reading and writing Medival 2: Total War data files.

    Update 09/27/2007
    - Fixed issue with recruit_priority_offset

    Update 09/25/2007
    - Unit Editor - Added Recruit Priority Offset to handle Kingdoms games - Use Save Kingdoms Compatible in the save menu to make Kingdoms EDU's or use the regular Save to make Non-Kingdom EDU's
    - Mass Editor - Added Number of Soldiers as an options

    Update 04/19/2007
    - Unit Editor - Fixed bug in saving sec_armour line.

    Update 02/21/2007
    - Added Charge Distance to Export Descr Unit Editor - Mass Unit Properties Editor

    Update 01/08/2007: (Beta Version Only)
    - Added Config Screen - This lets you point the framework to specific data files. These paths will be saved between sessions, and between program upgrades/version. If the file being loaded is found in the path given in the config screen, then a Browse Window will not be shown. If it is not found, a browse window will be shown.

    - Added Descr_Region Editor - This lets you load up the map_regions.tga and descr_regions.txt file. You can modify the values for any specific region by either selecting the region from a drop down list, or by clicking on the region in the map image. You can add new regions by clicking on the map image. If you've added a few to the image and you can't find them, you can click on the Show Unused button. This will hide all the regions that are already in the region_descr file.

    Update 01/06/2007:

    - Added notifier if you alter something on the detail page and don't press Save.
    - Added batch handlers for :
    - Mental - Moral
    - Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Weapons - Attack, Charge, Ammo, Range

    - You can see the beginnings of my Region Editor (for taking the map tgas and allowing you to create the descr_region.txt file for it). It's not functional yet but hopefully soon.

    Update 12/21/2006:
    - Fixed - When saving units the stat_pri / stat_sec / stat_ter lines would be , , , , , , if the values were blank. This would prevent the game from loading. Now it properly does not create the line if there are no values for it.
    - Added Preliminary Mass Edit features. This allows you to change some or all of the units in the same way. For instance if you want to increase the cost of every unit by 100, you can easily do this. Not every field is able to be changed this way, I will be adding more over time as I need them or people request them.

    Please let me know if the editor causes problems for you. I have used it on my current campaign and so far have encountered no problems.

    Update 12/19/2006:
    - Added Accent to Unit Editor
    - Added Mounted Engine to Unit Editor

    Update 12/19/2006:
    - Cleaned up installation directory - Removed excess files that are not needed.
    - Updated EDU exporter to write stat_food line even though it says it's not in use
    - Added some more error handling to the main exe.

    Update 12/18/2006:

    - Fixed problem reading in Ownership
    - Fixed problem reading in Charge Distance
    - Added error handling to help prevent Framework from crashing due to improperly written Plugins

    Update 12/8/2006:

    Full Detailed Unit Editor Plugin now included. See screenshot below for example.
    When saving changes to a Unit on the Detail Screen you must press the Save Unit Changes button. THIS WILL NOT WRITE IT TO THE FILE, but will save the changes to the in memory working copy. Otherwise if you change to another unit your changes will be lost. To Save to a file select File->Save and enter the name of the file (you can click on the ExportDescrUnit.txt file to save overtop of it) (I recommend to make a backup first)

    You can create a totally new unit by selecting Create New Unit from the File Menu.

    For Developers - I've included my RTW DAL library for reading/writing RTW files if anyone finds it useful.

    Unit Detail:

    Grid View:

    Grid View:

    Multiple Unit Edits:

    - Beta Version -
    Region Editor

    Configuration Screen
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