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Thread: The Best Mods

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    Quote Originally Posted by Publius View Post

    This is by no means a complete list, but if nothing else it is a place to start from.
    Any chance of getting FATW on that list?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Publius

    This is by no means a complete list, but if nothing else it is a place to start from.
    Err Publius, any chance of changing EoD's info to say it's released and putting link etc in?
    (me-thinks you might start to regret posting that list!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Giorgos - Zahos View Post
    try europa barbarorum as well. the mod is hosted in these forums.
    Europa Barbarorum is epic, and often more than I can handle.
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    Publius why not just say RTR?
    Few reasons, one being I dont want this to turn into: 'Which is better, EB or RTR?' and another being that while I can state my personal preferences, he's not really asking me for them, just asking what some good mods are. EB and RTR are both (amongst many others mind) very good mods, in my opinion.

    @Mak and Apoc: My policy when I made it was that if people sent me the information I would gladly put it in. Problem is, I didn't exactly publicize that very well ... I probably should, sorry about that.

    In any event, if you'd pm me the information I'd be more than happy to include it. Thanks.

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    Default Re: The Best Mods

    I've played:
    Extended Greek Mod
    Troy: Total War
    Arthurian: Total War
    Forth Eorlings: Total War
    The best of those for me are Rome: Total Realism, and Arthurian: Total War, my opinions.

    Get a good look at Europa Barbarorum too! Its also a good mod.

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    Default Re: The Best Mods

    When you absolutely have! to kill every devil worshipping (naughty word) in the world, chose 'END OF DAYS', accept no substitute.

    Other than shamelessly plugging my own mod.

    Blue Lotus.
    The Crusades.

    Hoping to put some serious hours into FATW when i have time.

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    Someone mentioned Roma Surrectum, so here's another bit of blatant self-promotion!!

    Check it out, it has many of the qualities you're looking for and is still improving..

    To paraphrase some players comments: It's the mod that's brought them back from M2TW

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    I'd have to recommend EB for anyone who wants a serious challenge. I never won a campaign, but it was a good campaign.

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    Check out this thread: Rise of Persia Downloads
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    Icon12 Re: The Best Mods

    Visit - The Oldest TW Site on the net with the largest M:TW, S:TW and R:TW. Also the site with the largest M2:TW, R:TW, M:TW and the only S:TW multiplayer community on the whole internet.

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    I have about 10 mods running, 3 versions RTR, SPQR, VLAD, ME, ect.ect.ect, but backed doored into a mod called fall of rome, can seem to get anything to work but loading screen. Has anyone heard or seen it?, I don't know where I download it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mariobro View Post
    Does anyone know where I can get the Bouis Hannibal Mod? I heard that was great.
    but download link doesnt work

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    can't anyone give me the best mod ever played on Rome Total War?
    i know that there are a lot of mods, but i'd like to play on the best one

    sorry, i'd like you to send me an e-mail to:

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    Different strokes for different folks beibe. What particular genre do you like best? If you explain what you like/don't like, then I think folks would be happy to direct you to maybe one or two in particular that might fit your interests best. Otherwise there's no single answer that everyone agrees on.

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    Chivalry: Total War is a great mod if you want a change from the Rome theme to a Medieval one. Great faction selections too, much better than M2TW. At least until M2 gets some of the big mods for it.

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    Default Re: The Best Mods

    Europa Barborum.

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