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Thread: Post your Empire

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    European provinces only.

    Plus those all have increased coring cost anyway.
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    My ultimate goal in this campaign was to just produce each of every possible good. I could have at least double the industry at this point because I forgot to pick an interventionist party, so my capitalists would take care of the industry alone.

    I was playing History Project so I won two world wars with Germany, where we dismantled France and Russia into all the Eastern European states we have today, all the Central Asian states, and the Eastern territories for myself. France gave up some carib islands and small african ports.
    Then we dismantled Britain and Netherlands, after that I had Indonesia, Phillipines, parts of India, parts of Africa, much of the Carribean and all of the pacific except Hawaii.
    I also had the strongest navy and beat Britain in their own waters.
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    German domination over the world after the fourth great war .(1929)
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    Another german game where i reinstalled the HRE .

    The first image shows the german empire in 1915 december .
    The second image shows the Prussian empire in control over the HRE in janaury 1916 .
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    My Victoria 2 DOD campaign as The Japanese Empire. 1903. Saved just at the beggining of the Dual Monarchy (first world power if only thanks to industry) vs me (Second world power but with the largest Military) war over some province in India..

    This Empire's greatest weakness is the fact that it's sprawled over such a large area that NEEDS to be defended, especially with so many damn rebels and powers that can attack from all sides.

    -The Russians don't like me and I hold over half their cores( They get cores for the OTL provinces they get when forming which is weird.
    -The Dual Monarchy started a full on war with me over an Indian province.
    -Vinland and it's southern neighbour want my clay
    -Scandinavia has a love hate relationship with me as we got a bit of a rivalry over colonizing rights.
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