just over 100 turns into a rome campaign on 2.4a having played a bunch (300+ turns) as bactria on 2.4

First and frankly something I'd like to know how to change - the battle ai.

I've been using the historical army comp against the rebel stacks to the north. lot of infantry, lot of javs pretty much always the same pattern: the ai deploys fairly sensibly, you approach, the ai runs up the nearest hill, your light infantry hit the precise percentage of casualties required on slow, out of position units, the ai runs back down the hill and engages as a poorly defined blob. (this last bit may be due to the ai not being quite sure what to do with my attempts at running a manipular formation). im fairly sure ive seen this behaviour in both campaigns, but as rome against (especially) the stacks of relatively immobile, short ranged rebels to the north its predictable, repetitive and exploitable.

I have fiddled with the descr_formations_ai file to fix some phalanx behaviour i didnt like, but I doubt this is the cause of this behaviour? If there is a fix simple or otherwise I could try, id be very interested to hear about it.

second the war of all against all between any factions that have ports is a bit much.

others have commented on this, if you play as bactria and you get to observe the ai expansion broadly makes sense, but as soon as youre in the thick of it, its a bit of a mess. I'm also not that convinced its actually facilitating naval invasions (though that could be due to my third point). I've just re-read an old post of mine on the enhanced campaign movement sub mod. slightly further in (130 turns) as Epirus there was waaaaay more active naval powers. to be fair i saw a single captain led counter invasion of sardina from cathage and a proper royal stack from epirus targeting syracuse (when it was rebel held) and KH sent about 3 or 4 units to hang around Messana looking shifty. but theres no great evidence of naval expansion on the map.

its possible that the old campaign had the same war of all against all thing and I just didnt notice but, given that I was testing something, I'm not sure I think thats likely. I know theres been some change to ai settings that is trying to promote naval invasions at the cost of spurious blockade wars. is there any merit in limiting the factions that have the naval ai invasion setting on? is it possible that turning down the naval movement range may mean at least the blockade wars are in the neighbourhood of the faction? I almost wonder if the ai has "too much on" to execute naval invasions like ive seen previously.

finally, point three, the rebel stacks. as has been noted before, theres a lot of them. I'm a fan of the vision of enduring independent states, but having dealt with the two or three stacks that start to romes north so i could campaign south, I wasnt thrilled when another 4 showed up (admittedly some time later). I dealt with them, took one province and within a couple of turns have two-three stacks just loitering. you cant auto resolve - you lose too many men to replace - you have to fight, but (see point one) the fights arent great. its a bit too grindy.

I would say in terms of (land) expansion the ai is doing okay the two single state gallic factions notwithstanding, though the two iberian factions being dual state factions are possible struggling a bit too. but i do wonder (again) if this is leading to the ai having too much on. I was at war with carthage for 75+ turns but the problem i was managing was recruitment pools (often for rebel stacks) more than carthage. I've never been at peace with epirus and you'd hardly know, been at war with macadonia for 20 turns and you wouldnt know, and all the other blockade wars which are just daft.

I would like to say more broadly this remains a great mod, you can genuinely feel the effort that has gone into it and I have tended to find rome a bit of slog before, but I do feel its become more pronounced in the current version.

thank you for the continued work