Hey everyone!

I don't know if this is the correct place to make this post, but I didn't know any other place I could post to deliver this message to total war players like myself.
Basically I have created a small roleplay server on discord with RPG elements, and I wanted to invite people like you! Lovers of tactics,strategy and complex, intricate themes, because that is all my server is about! Hopefully this is a good place to post my ad, but Admins/ Mods feel free to move it to an appropriate place if I am going against your rules.


'' The once steadfast Steel Pact, an ancient alliance,
Held dear for centuries, now lies in disarray.
No apparent cause, but whispers of treachery,
Assassinations unexplained, have thrown the realms into chaos.
Suspicious gazes meet from every corner,
Trust torn asunder, replaced by doubt and fear.
The peace that once prevailed now hangs by a thread,
As tension thickens, war drawing ever near. ''

Chronicles of Steel & Honor offers an immersive and detailed roleplay experience for people new to the rp scene and seasoned writers alike. It is a unique blend of roleplaying with RPG elements.

The story takes place in the mythical Realm of Valeria, a vast and meticulously crafted medieval world with discreet fantasy elements ( like dragons for example ), featuring over 200 immersive roleplay channels across 5 diverse kingdoms inspired by historical cultures yet unique in their own ways:From the imposing fortresses of Westervale, to the rugged, snowy settlements of Nordravik, from the elegant courts of Xiaoya, to the mystical forests of Dalriada, and the vast deserts and steppes of Amirzadeh, the world of Valeria awaits your exploration!
There's something for everyone in this server!

⚔️ Do you want to control a powerful warrior? We offer a well-designed combat system with good depth and strategy involved. We use die rolls to determine the accuracy of attacks, adding an element of randomness and risk to them, which keeps things interesting. However, Strategy and your choice of gear also matters, as each of the 60+ weapons and armors of our server have unique stats. To top it off, as your Character progresses and survives fights, they become stronger and get to unlock abilities with around 80 special combat abilities to choose from.

👑 Do you want to control an influential noble and lead your armies to victory from the safety of your holdings? Manage and upgrade your territories and unlock NPC soldiers to fight for your Royal House's glory! Or, don't! Avoid unnecessary bloodshed with the use of diplomacy.

⚒️ Would you rather steer clear of battles, intrigue and politics and take on the role of a commoner, enjoying a simpler roleplaying experience? The possibilities are endless: start your own business selling crafts or resources you've gathered, roam around offering services to different people, or if you prefer a different approach, delve into the underworld of crime.
No matter what kind of character you will create, Chronicles of Steel & Honor is a server where your choices and actions matter, have an impact in the world around them and drive the narrative forward.

As we emerge from Early Access, we're eagerly seeking new roleplayers to join our community and breathe life into Season 1 of our brave new world. Join us in Chronicles of Steel & Honor today and feel free to check the server out! Everyone is welcome!