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    I'm brand new to modding and wanted to create a new faction. I've been following Magnar's tutorials on YouTube and thus far found them relatively easy to follow and overall good. Unfortunately, after going through the factions table in TWeak/DAVE and adding all the inputs for a new faction record, I am stuck with a number of my inputs being labelled as having their 'text state unset' and cannot apply to save my edits. Magnar doesn't have a step on this, and after a quick glance through the tutorials on here I don't see anything mentioned here, either. Even combing through some online searches has revealed nothing, and I'm at my wits end. I've included a screenshot of the error I'm getting. Looking at the feed below, it almost seems like there's some category supposed to be assigned or something. Does anyone have any ideas?

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    You must mark every text field, where ! is and then click the first button left in the first row.

    Then its stated.
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    That worked, thank you!

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