What do you think it's the best approach when playing as Carthage in DEI? Specially in the early stage. I have never tried these two different approaches ( Currently, I don't have the chance of trying them because the computer where I have the Rome 2 DEI installed has a problem ) but according to what I have read in certain Rome 2 DEI Youtube videos comments, certain people recommend these:

- Sacrificing the Sicily island right from the start: Withdrawing from there the General who is there towards Africa. Sacrificing Sicily also includes not spending any cent on that island cities' infrastructures. And preparing a defensive approach in relation to the Romans. Raising a fleet in Carthage to wage naval warfare to the Romans in order not to let them even disembark any army in the Africa province.

- The other approach is making a rush for defeating Syracuse before it gets stronger. But instead of capturing the city, you convert Syracuse into your client state in order to use it as a buffer against the Romans.

Do you have any other ideas?