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Thread: Giving birth is inheritantly immoral

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    Icon3 Giving birth is inheritantly immoral

    Since there have been countless discussions about abortion, it's only right we have one about the birth itself.

    Let's begin with the motive - why do people want to give birth? Obviously not for the baby itself, since it's not born yet and can't say "let me out!". It's mostly due to A) extend their bloodline, or they'd just adopt one of the orphans which we have plenty, and B) emotional support, like a pet dog. People love to see babies doing stupid things, and C) to play real world barbie. All of them are selfish motives.

    If you ask them, almost every parents would say they want their kids to grow up in a safe and well provided environment. Can they though? The obvious answer is no, judging from how many humans who live below poverty line and how many s countries we have currently. If they truly care, many of them would become revolutionaries or millionaires before they become parents. Instead they give birth and then complain about how hopeless their are to improve children's life. Some of them even have the audacity to protest for their children's sake! Why not fix the world before giving birth?

    So why they do it? Is birth really something to celebrate?

    Look at our pig farms. Do we celebrate a piggy's birth? Well, farmers probably do because they can make more money. And priests are no doubt happy about more fools they can manipulate and politicians for more votes and tax. And parents too, for the selfish reasons above. But who care about the babies? Nobody. They exist because parents want them to exist and then they're brainwashed to want the same thing, hence the human world goes on and on and on, just like a pig farm.

    We should outlaw all human birth and end the world.

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    Well I more or less agree with your 3 main points, but let's add further:

    - The parent has money to provide the children with opportunities he never had as a person, and wants his kid to achieve what he couldn't. But this already implies some planning, thing is, the world is more complex and some extra preparation (let's say top notch education and training) may prove insufficient, as world's rules change fast nowadays.

    - In poorer countries, there are cases of children often helping with family business, so they're more of an asset than a liability. But eventually kids tire of helping family business and want first world.

    - Compulsiveness of people to wanting to do certain acts leads to unplanned pregnancies. Pleasure seekers.
    You can mention abortion, but even among the progressive atheist secular women only can go so far in that.

    But the real reason people have kids and marry is because everyone is around them having kids and marrying. When being single is trending, everyone is suddenly single (loneliness epidemic now). When being childless is trending, everyone is childless (used to work, until labour stopped being cheap due to lower supply of workers)
    If divorce becomes trendy, everyone wants a divorce in their life rapport.

    Fear of being left out of the "new normal" is the main motivator.
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