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Thread: Suggestions for making the Mongols actually do something?

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    Default Suggestions for making the Mongols actually do something?

    I am about to release a somewhat revamped version of Broken Crescent v. 1.05 with models and skins from later versions of the mod. BC v. 1.05 has the highest integrity with almost no crashes but stylistically the Makurian and Cuman art, portraits, stratmap characters and a few other things could be improved and I have fixed a couple of minor bugs and spelling errors. However, as in all other versions of Broken Crescent, the Mongols are too passive if playing against the human player. BC v. 1.05 has 11 Mongol stacks coming in but later versions have 21 or 41. Increasing the number of Mongol stacks makes no difference. It has been an issue throughout the life of the mod. I have always hoped someone will offer a suggestion or that fellow modders might have an idea but so far still hoping. It is not a question of the Mongols not being powerful enough. Sometimes they will attack a settlement, if it is being controlled by an AI faction. It is not scripted, just random. But if the human player controls the area where they spawn, they will not attack, even if they are at_war. Occasionally they may attack one unit of e.g. archers in the open, if as they wander they bump into it. They seem to do so completely by accident because that unit got in the way. Other times, they will try to move the entire horde one unit at a time around it, so as not to bump into it, if possible. Most of the time they will not attack all game, if they encounter the human player when they spawn. It is totally normal for all their generals to die of old age, after more than 80 game turns without them ever attacking, the horde just moves back and forth in the steppes.

    Maybe the problem is that even a horde of 11 stacks is too big? Maybe anything more than 1 or 2 stacks becomes an issue? Perhaps the engine prioritises keeping the horde together rather than doing anything with it? If I break the horde, they try to reunite, so there is a mechanic causing them to move semi-purposefully, but they will not attack the human player even on vh/vh. It is driving me crazy because one would have trouble to defeat even one of their 11 stacks. They do not need 11 let alone 21 or 41 as in later versions. Their units are bigger than normal units of other factions, have the highest stats and are triple golden chevroned. Militarily as a faction, they are usually stronger than the human player even with 11 stacks and the human player may be scattered halfway across the map, so that locally they have a huge advantage. All other factions except the Mongols are normally aggressive and will attack at any opportunity, invariably with single smaller stacks far weaker than a Mongol stack.

    Maybe something can be scripted in the descr_campaign_ai_db.xml to override the horde mechanic? Has anyone seen any scripting in that direction?

    Any ideas?


    Nevermind, I fixed it, by editing the descr_campaign_db.xml hordes section. The code was too restrictive, essentially photographing one settlement as the only desirable initial target. If the human player blocked the paths to the settlement with armies, which a human player would normally do as it is a valuable settlement (Samarkand), the horde just spent the rest of the game walking back and forth in the steppes because it could not find a free path to that one target.

    How many Broken Crescent players has that driven crazy since 2008?
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