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    Default World of Infinitas - Beautiful Face

    World of Infinitas - Beautiful Face

    "Once i saw her face among the messengers in Arthandir-Prime, and i lost my soul and head. I was forever killed by her alien beauty"
    diplomate of the Meingard republic, lord Dario Birantion, about one elfurr female

    Lord Dario Birantians Private Diary.

    Day 1.
    I don’t know how it happened, but when I met her, my mind seemed to go blank. Being a Maingardian, I have never seen such beauty in my life. And it is true.
    There is no need to talk about sexuality here. This is usually done by those who want a body. They desire him so much that their loins tremble. But I had something else.
    She was among the ambassadors of the Elfurr Endless Empire. We were just talking. And at the moment of this conversation, I clearly realized that I could hardly live another day without her.
    We talked about various things, mainly about the future of Maingard. It so happened that during the Domna War, Maingard was destroyed. Part of the lands, including Daroan or Ectrai, went to Artandir. Several systems were planning to declare independence, but the intelligence services prevented this.
    And so, returning to the moment, I note that Maingard has a very small part of what it was before Domna. Domna is, without a doubt, a bastard, but the Artandirians should not have taken our lands so tactlessly.
    However, having started talking to her... with this beautiful dark-haired maiden, I realized that nothing interested me anymore. No lands. No Mainguards or Artandirs. I don’t even remember how our conversation ended.

    Day 2.
    On the second day we met again. With us was the ambassador of the Artandir Republic, a strange, thin man named Pisistratus Orwin. As far as I know, he is from Atorel. They say he knows Vice-Admiral Cubric himself.
    Orwin offered to return Daroan for a certain amount. But what kind of business is it when our lands are returned for money? Moreover, where can we get them from?
    I no longer remembered what happened next. Because I kept looking into her eyes. Of course she knew it was true. And I realized that my heart was trembling. It was in galactic fire.
    As a result, I don’t remember what I said myself. The deal was postponed indefinitely. Daroan ceased to have its former significance. This used to be the main thing for me - the return of my native lands. I used to even dream about Maingard being restored to its former borders. But without Domna in power. We all hated Antonin Domna.
    In the evening I thought about her all the time. I knew inside that I was unlikely to say this to her face. Moreover, the negotiations will soon end. She will go back to Tariandil, and I will return to Yolandir, my home stronghold.
    But God, how I wanted to kiss her.

    Day 5.
    Three more days passed. She wasn't there. And I felt unbearably bad. I didn't talk to anyone at all, not even my third secretary, that spoiled brat from Maingard Primaris.
    I thought only about her all the time. Only about her. Only she was in my head.
    And then three days passed, and she appeared again. The next negotiations began. This time the matter concerned Maingard's possible return to the Coalition. Do not forget that our country was expelled from there due to the fault of the obnoxious Domna. Now the question of inclusion in the Coalition was on the agenda in our government. The Fascist League is almost destroyed. The Coalition wins.
    The Maingardians fight bravely. They have already taken St-Fingia and Eastrum Geran, and soon the rest of the League formations will be brought to knees.
    But for now, Elfurr has no plans to bring us back. Unfortunately for our government.....
    As she said, the Coalition is not planning any returns for now. So when exactly Maingard will return is still unknown.
    However, I don’t care about that anymore.
    I really don`t care.

    Day 6.
    I met her at the embassy bar. She was beautiful. Yes, I really wanted to stroke her hair. And then cover her with kisses from all sides. Yes, I wanted kisses more than I wanted Maingard back in the Coalition.
    What's that... I didn't care at all about Mainguard, about the Coalition, about everything that was in the galaxy... I really wanted to kiss her.
    But I controlled myself. This is what training a diplomat means!
    I sat down carefully. And I was surprised to find that she was not embarrassed. No, my person was not indifferent to her.
    She smiled so beautifully. I said something... I don’t remember at all. He talked about himself. I asked about her.
    It turned out that she did not have a husband. Frankly, most of all I was afraid that she was married. Deep inside, I knew I couldn't stand it. And if I find out about this, I will simply die.
    We sat until late in the evening. But then I wanted to go to the toilet so badly that I couldn’t stand it.
    I politely said that I would be leaving. And when he returned, she was no longer there.
    And it almost made me faint. I looked for her all over the bar, but couldn't find her.

    Day 7.
    The next day I learned about the Kussar raid on her home world. She urgently needed to fly home.
    They sent another ambassador, the bearded Kinfarel. He was too harsh. And the conversation with him didn’t last long. He was generally opposed to Maingard's inclusion back into the Coalition. I thought we had to prove it. To prove that we are true.
    But didn’t our soldiers who fought the League fighters on the battlefield prove anything? I didn’t like this conversation, and I allowed myself to be rude.
    But in fact, I did not say this out of a desire to annoy Kinfarel. It hurt me that she wasn't around. It hurts that she is not with me.
    Negotiations have reached a dead end. My commander called me. He scolded me for being discourteous.
    And I couldn’t even say anything. “You can’t even talk, man! WTF” - he cried loudly, “You’ll put us at odds with everyone else! ”
    As a result, everything came to the point where I was removed from the negotiations. I thought about her all the time and couldn't concentrate on anything. I was unfit for diplomatic work.
    I was sent to Yolandir. And I kept on and on thinking about her. And desire her. Wanting to kiss her until the very end of the universe.

    Day 20.
    Many days have passed already. I stopped sleeping completely. I ate little. Even though Yolandir is considered a beautiful place, full of castles and wonderful mountains, I did not feel happy. I walked around my own castle, not knowing peace.
    I shouted loudly at the servants. Yes, it was terrible. But all this is pain. She did all this.
    Many people stopped communicating with me. They called me out of control.
    In the evenings I often rode a khalicos (a carnivorous riding horse) around the property. And he talked to him constantly. I told the khalicos everything I felt.
    He seemed to hear me. But how will he help? Probably not.
    This is how my days passed. They passed in pain and despair. It happened that I locked myself in the highest tower and screamed loudly.
    And her face... Her beautiful face.... It constantly flashed in front of me.
    As for me... I wasn`t alive. I was the ghost. The ghost version of myself.

    Day 50.
    So many days have passed. And nothing. I didn't know what to do.
    I was a lord, but I was jealous of commoners kissing in the street. I was even jealous of my groom, who secretly picked up some local peasant girl. He thought I didn't know anything. But I knew everything.
    And my thoughts were all about her. About that same Elfurr maiden. I was still suffering. And this suffering seemed endless. At night I was in fear. What if she found someone for herself? What if she died? What if this is all? End?
    Sometimes I even thought about going into the thick of it, into battle. Take a blade and a couple of pistols, and go ahead to the League fortress! I thought it was better to die at the front than in my own castle from despair.

    Day 52.
    My friend Arsenio served as captain on the ship "Urosh". I went through almost the entire war. And so he called me to the ship. He offered me a job. Be the chief mate on his frigate.
    Given my desperate situation, I agreed, although I must admit that I have always avoided global wars.
    All the diplomats had officer ranks, just like me. I could very well become a first mate.
    Our ship has left for war. We were ambushed in the Kerkyra system. The League sent mercenaries against us. But Arsenio found a way out of the situation. We shot back at the bandits as much as we could. And I called for reinforcements from the nearby Arsenalotti-del-Maxima base.
    Our soldiers saved the situation. They took enemy ships to board. The captains were captured and sent to Maingard.
    And Arsenio and I received medals from the command.

    Day 60.
    One day, the command sent Arsenio a task - to pull Ambassador Orwin out of his ass. Yes, that's exactly what was said. Artandir's ambassador fell into a trap somewhere near the Heart-Eating System.
    The League and its soldiers captured Orwin. Just think... How did the ambassador not take care of his own safety?!
    Our ship had to rescue him. Arsenio tracked Orwin within the asteroid ring. He sent his troopers there.
    The fighting lasted for 24 hours. Our guardsmen fought desperately. This was not just some lousy base... The League was firmly entrenched there, turning an entire asteroid into a real citadel.
    Arsenio and I coordinated the fighters. Flag-Lieutenant Enrico was to lead the final assault. His soldiers were already at the target.
    At the same moment, three pirate frigates appeared. The filthy League... Hired filibusters to attack our ship. We had to turn around and hit the corsairs with everything we had. Fortunately, we managed to destroy all their ships. The obnoxious pirates went to the bottom of Space.
    Next we had to get Orwin out...

    Day 61.
    I didn’t know that fate could be so favorable. Until now I didn’t believe in miracles.
    Enrico and his men are locked in a firefight. Arsenio decided to take a desperate step. He was going to personally volunteer to save the guys. But I persuaded him to send me.
    They put a spacesuit on me and gave me a storm blaster. 30 people went with me.
    Our capsule landed just not far from the place where the fighting was taking place. I had experience in this matter, albeit small. We destroyed at least 50 League fighters.
    Then we moved on to Enrico.
    We should have stormed the focking door. Behind her sat Orwin and his comrades. And at the same time, it was there that the enemy officer was located. He was in command of the entire operation.
    Only now there was no hard battle.
    The door suddenly opened. The officer flew out of it, bloodied, and collapsed straight into Enrico’s arms. Someone slashed him with a blade. And it wasn't Orwin.

    Day 61. Continuation.
    She was there. Along with Orwin.
    The ambassador and his men managed to snatch weapons from the League soldiers and kill everyone. But it was not Orwin who wielded the blade. It was her.
    She snatched the officer's saber from the scabbard and cut him.
    That's how this bastard fell into Enrico's hands.
    “Calm down, we will save everyone!” I shouted then, “Don’t panic. This is Maingard Starfleet!”
    But when I saw her, I almost fainted. She was there.
    She didn't see my face behind the spacesuit helmet. I had to do something.
    "How are you?" - I asked her, “Are you okay?”
    She recognized something familiar in my voice. I had to take off my spacesuit.
    How beautiful her smile was! I couldn't recover at all. At first I didn't even believe it happened. I didn’t believe... that a miracle happened. And it just happened.
    Many fighters looked at me strangely. There is war here, a hard battle, and I stand and smile.
    Then Arsenio contacted me. The task was completed. The ambassadors are saved. It was necessary to return to the ship.

    Day 70.
    I don’t know, but probably my story can be called as follows - Through tears to happiness.
    Everything ended successfully. More precisely, no... It's not over. It's only begining.
    I feel happy like no one else.

    I gave up all my diplomatic work. And why do I need it? I am now the chief mate on Arsenio's ship. Another award from the High command.
    They say that even Captain Owen the Firelord himself from the Coalition fleet has heard about me, not to mention the other guys.
    The war was coming to an end. The League had fewer and fewer worlds left. Soon this form will be annihilated. And galaxy will be free forever

    Well, as for her... Her smile is now with me all the time. And yes, I'm going to marry her.
    Perhaps this is where we should end the diary. Now I'm happy. Which means - is full of Light.

    What i need else? Nothing.....

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    Author of the book "Legends of Moon Landscape"
    also author of the books "Fly", "Volcanorium" and other works too. Mostly specialized on fantasy.
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    Default Re: World of Infinitas - Beautiful Face

    Useful information

    After the Domna War between Meingard union and Arthandir republic, the Meingard was expelled from the Galactic Coalition. It was a really hard way to restore early relations in the end of XXVI century. (I remind you, that Domna War was in 2568, some months of cruel battles).
    The main task of Birantion was to make an easy way to return to the Coalition. But as you see in the story, after he fell in love, all this diplomatic campaign lost the point at all.
    In my other story "Sol Invictus", Meingard negotiations about the restoration as the Coalition member became only after the Galactic War, in the 2nd part of 2596 year.
    Most of Coalition members thought that restoration would be a good decision. But some states still don't trust the Meingard. In Arthandir opinions were quite different.

    Leader of the "Creative flame" studio.
    Author of the book "Legends of Moon Landscape"
    also author of the books "Fly", "Volcanorium" and other works too. Mostly specialized on fantasy.
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