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    Default Nikki Haley

    I found this opinion piece to which I agree with:

    The gist: Nikki Haley after a long campaign of fake rebellion against Trump, kisses the ring and the author of the article was not surprised based on her story.

    To recap: Haley was anti-Trump in 2015 and early 2016, with various anti-Trump statements, like " Trump represents everything a governor doesn’t want in a president,” and more. Then, as Trump won, she mellowed her stance. After kissing the Don's ring in 2016, Haley got a nice high ranking appointment as an ambassador in the UN and soon the praise for president Trump followed from her. Fast forward to 2020 and as the political wings seem to change so did Haley change course, distancing herself from Trump but not breaking ties. She even said she would not run if Trump run.
    Then, she run anyway. As various non-Trump Republicans were falling, she became a sort of symbol for the Never-Trumpers. She quite expectedly lost, as everyone pretty much knew she would. And back to Trump she is.

    Now, here is my thoughts:
    - Haley being a flip-flopper is nothing new.
    - She may not have been running for the VP as Ramaswamy was, but she was probably running for a high-ranking position as we all knew she had no chance in hell.

    - Then, there is ... something more:
    Haley being a not-quite-against Trump Nevertrumper and the last woman standing would help galvanize the Anti-Trump movement in the GOP to someone that is not very Anti-Trump, providing the right doses of Copium to many Nevertrumpers and a lighthouse for dissatisfied Republicans to still be under the Umbrella of the party as they (the not-for-Trump Republicans) slowly worked their issues and Stockholm Syndrome set in, giving them time to come around to the idea of voting for Trump - which many have come around to.
    Finally, with Haley and Desantis kissing the ring Trump appears as the great unifier.

    Now, that would help Haley in the short term, whether Trump wins or loses. Also, it keeps her relevant. BUT Haley has now a proven record of inconsistency and betraying her supporters. First time one could say that like Graham that turned from Critic to Sycophant, she discovered that Trump was actually awesome. But then, it seems she re-discovered he was not. Until at the 3rd U-turn she decided he is manageable after all.
    Now, that assumes that the rank-and-file voters would care that Haley has jumped ship more times than there are ships. This is a not-solid assumption given what we have seen in democracy.

    But this is not just about Haley and her inconsistent stance with Trump. It is about Haley being inconsistent and sailing with the winds, period.

    Haley has focused on her Sikh and Christian backgrounds drew focus on her Sikh name but changes to a "more appealing to conservatives" name and such. Shifted her view on Climate Change when it was politically convenient for her (under Trump admin), defended the presence of the Confederate Flag, was talking strong against Russia in the UN and then did nothing about it etc.

    Haley is a ruthless, career politician with no real convictions and her presence in politics and galvanizing the Anti-Trump movement behind her serves Trump very well as MAGA can point to the flag bearer of the anti-Trumpers and say "this is the establishment and all that is wrong with it!!!!111" and they would be right.
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    Default Re: Nikki Haley

    I don't think Haley really had "supporters", generally just Republicans who wanted to show dissatisfaction with Trump. I wouldn't be shocked if there was some outreach from Trump's camp to Haley as they have been getting nervous about Haley pulling in 10 to 15% of the vote even in closed primary states despite the fact Haley has been long out of the race.

    The race is at this point looking very winnable for Trump, and they need to shore up support. I'm not sure this matters though as nobody's enthusiastic about Haley.

    Real interaction I had with a Co-worker in Pennsylvania:

    Co-worker: I voted for Haley, I just can't bring myself to vote for Trump.
    Me: Oh, yea, I read a lot of people did that as a protest vote. She's been out of the race.
    Co-worker: She is?


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