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Thread: Date vs Turn Number

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    How can I change the turn description from being the turn number to the date? I much prefer 280 BC instead of "32". I thought it might be to do with the descr strat.text file in imperial campaigns but I can't recall and playing with it has not had any effect.

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    To enable showing the date number, you need to enable it in the ebii.cfg file. It should look like this

    show_hud_date = true
    display_error_on_exit = 1
    #bypass_sprite_script = 1

    Once it is set to true, start a new campaign and see if it works. You should be able to see the date near the campaign map, on the lower left side of the screen.
    Something like here (next to the sun icon, you can see its 270BC). The turn number will always show on the right side regardless.

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    Default Re: Date vs Turn Number

    This doesn't work for me. I've also tried removing the line "show_date_as_turns" in descr_strat.txt and it doesn't work either. I also noticed that the year switched to 271 BC only on turn 7, weird...

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