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Thread: Hegemonia City States - Unofficial HCS Patch 1.0 (Preview & Download)

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    Default Hegemonia City States - Unofficial HCS Patch 1.0 (Preview & Download)

    Hegemonia City States - Unofficial HCS Patch 1.0

    ModDB (Dropbox)

    Requires HCS v0.99:


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Non-Steam installation:

    - Download and install HCS version 0.99.
    - Download Unofficial HCS patch 1.0.
    - Extract the "hcs" folder from the patch archive (zip-file) into your "bi" folder inside your main RTW folder (eg. "D:\Games\Rome - Total War\bi") overwriting/patching the previously installed full version "hcs" folder.
    - (Optional) For RS2 environment: Extract the "hcs" folder from "RS2 battlemap graphics (requires good PC)" into your "bi" folder, as before, overwriting/patching the previously patched "hcs" folder.
    - Place the "Hegemonia City States.bat" inside the main RTW folder and run it.

    Steam installation:

    - Download and install HCS version 0.99.
    - Download Unofficial HCS patch 1.0.
    - Extract the "hcs" folder from the patch archive (zip-file) into your "bi" folder inside your main RTW folder (eg. "D:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Rome Total War Gold\bi") overwriting/patching the previously installed full version "hcs" folder.
    - (Optional) For RS2 environment: Extract the "hcs" folder from "RS2 battlemap graphics (requires good PC)" into your "bi" folder, as before, overwriting/patching the previously patched "hcs" folder.
    - Right click on Rome: Total War in your Steam Library. In the "Launch Options" copy and paste "-mod:bi\hcs -nm -ne -show_err" (without quotation marks).
    - Run your game through Steam and select "Launch Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion".

    The mod is fully mod-foldered, so it will not conflict with your clean installation of Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion (or Gold).

    If your screen resolution is lower than 1080, you have to edit the preferences.txt (inside "\hcs\preferences"). Set these two to your screen's resolution:

    Depending on your resolution, you may want to disable the Widescreen setting (in advanced video options).

    The mod is balanced for Hard/Hard difficulty and Huge unit scale.

    - Rebalanced hoplite combat and new traditional hoplite line formation.
    - Correct distribution of units in custom battles, and new locations added.
    - Brand new units added, and sprites created for all units for much better performance.
    - Optional cleaned up and fully HCS-compatible RS2 environment (for battlemap only).
    - Completely rewritten, stable, and reasonable scripts.
    - Rebalanced campaign for harder expansion and longer playability.
    - New trait mechanics and options related to government types.
    - Previously missing building cards, descriptions etc. filled in.
    - Bugs and crash-issues hunted down.
    - And much more!

    See the preview, or the full changelog below, for more.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 


    Patch 1.0 (17-04-24)

    - Rebalanced hoplite combat, new traditional hoplite line formation, as well as tweaks to unit upkeep and various other combat balances.
    (See here for details:
    - Rebalanced unit sizes, for the recommended "Huge" setting (generally lowered for realism and improved performance): Regular hoplite unit is 160 men, some elite ones (with special traits like frighten/inspire) 150, and bodyguards on foot 100. Also added officers to elites and bodyguards.
    - Correct distribution of units in custom battles (previously almost all units were added to all factions, which meant most didn't show up for selection due to limits).
    - Made sprites for all units (vastly improving performance in battles).
    - New custom battle locations added.
    - New Phrygian cavalry regional unit (thanks to Teobec).
    - New Persian standard bearer (thanks to Leon Katakalon).
    - New shield design with Molossian dog for Epirus captains.
    - New Messenian hoplite unit (thanks to Leon Katakalon) - see about campaign recruitment below.
    - Included previously unused standard bearer units for the Corinthian and Argive general's retinues (and an unused Argive officer).
    - Fixed som unit models so they use correct animations as well as some units using the wrong primary weapon (e.g. javelin instead of dory).
    - Fixed the shields of some units clipping into the body (thanks to Leon Katakalon).
    - Units given appropriate voices based on culture (thanks to Ariaces).

    - Money scripts have been rewritten to make them more reasonable (debt help for small AI factions and some startup help). Persian AI will get loads of money help still as long as they're below 50 settlements (they need it for the reinforcements to not drain them totally).
    - Completely rewritten campaign reinforcement script for the Persians, dependent on how many settlements they hold. There are two major routes of reinforcements: Black Sea coast and Mediterranean coast. Stacks will spawn at coastal settlements at the most westerly settlement owned by the Persians (limit being Chalkedon in the north and Halikarnassos in the south). If they lose settlements in the west, the reinforcements will spawn further down the coast (til Tarsos and Sinope). There's also a third reinforcement from Mazaka (with elite units) if Sardeis is lost.
    - New seaborne invasion script for the Persian AI modelled on the campaigns of Mardonios and Datis/Artaphernes (the First Persian Invasion) which will trigger troop landings on some of the islands between Asia Minor and Greece when conditions are met (holding strategic settlement pairs: Sestos along with Maroneia or Abdera; Samos along with Halikarnassos) within a certain timespan (500-475 BCE).
    - The Ionian League may get scripted Athenian/Eretrian aid if it holds Ephesos within the years 500-497 BCE.
    - New "homeland defence" script for all city states, which means that if their capital (and some regional capitals) is besieged for a whole turn, they will get reinforcements in the garrison. Costs money and population (if population is too low there'll be no added garrison).
    - Special scripted armies may spawn for AI controlled Athens, Sparta, and Argos if they do not control their starting capitals, and they are not in debt (The city of Argos will also get a democratic conversion building if captured and held by Sparta, emulating the city's democratic revolution following the Battle of Sepeia in 494 - see about Argos government building and unit changes below).

    - Anti-blobbing measures implemented. When factions expand outside their homeland zone(s) they will experience faction-wide lowering of law and happiness, but taking some of the unique sites can counter it somewhat (e.g. Delphi, Dodona, Olympia, etc.) - So now we'll see factions expanding and contracting during a game instead of large blobs just becoming larger (except Persians who will only suffer this penalty from holding Greek territory, especially in the south).
    - Campaign win conditions adjusted to take into account the anti-blobbing measures.
    - Fixed the victory/defeat texts.
    - Population growth lowered, and building effects balanced accordingly.
    - "Population" generally redesignated as "Citizens", with other related text changes.
    - Increased campaign movement range.
    - All units can now board ships on the campaign (many Persian units were previously not able to, which hindered their naval invasion capability).
    - Decreased pirate spawn rate and gave them the bireme pirate ship instead of trireme (the starting rebel navies of Aigina and Korkyra still use trieremes, though fewer and with less upgrades since the AI factions are bad at handling them otherwise).

    - The Diolkos is now open for trading ships, and traversable by ship if you control Corinth (port blocks the passage for other factions).
    - Fixed Aigina regional border with Attika so the AI will land troops on the island.
    - Opened up a few mountain passess in Asia minor to prevent Persian stacks from getting stuck.
    - Fixed some settlement names with an extra space after the name.

    - Fix for all of the faction family trees (included separate ones for named characters not related to the main family, to avoid cloned character crashes).
    - Rhodians and Crotonians are now Doric rather than Ionian. Some rebel settlements also have changed culture.
    - Rhodians can now build (and benefit from) both oligarchic and tyrannic government buildings. Their characters now also have a good chance of becoming oligarchic (earlier their fallback type, if not following faction leader, was democratic).
    - Argos can now build (and benefit from) both oligarchic and democratic government buildings - see about the Apeleutheroi (freedmen) unit recruitment below, and Argos scripted events above.
    - Other building chains giving government conversion now gives happiness instead for Argos and Rhodes, so they can freely choose which way to go. This makes Argos and Rhodes more interesting to play as (and somewhat balances the fact that they have no league building chain).
    - Etruscans can now build (and benefit from) both oliarchic and tyrannic government (which also allows the Etruscan faction to recruit their elite chariot unit) - but their league building chain will still favour oligarchic governance.
    - Included the two elder brothers of Sextus Tarquinius (Titus and Aruns) for the Etruscans.
    - More Greek and Roman event and building icons for Etruscans (rather than Barbarian).
    - Regular Greek portraits for Hellenic and Etruscan factions (not only helmeted ones).
    - All Hellenic factions will have "Roman" music in-game rather than "Barbarian".
    - Histiaios, tyrant of Miletos, is, following history, placed alongside the allied Persian army in Thrace.
    - Carthage and Rhodians recevie tax bonuses from the port building chain, and Persians receive more than previously from their empire/league building chain.
    - Persian, Rhodian, and Carthaginian ships are now cheaper (to make their naval campaigns more viable).
    - Mining is now more lucrative, and the Athenian mines of Laurion are already being exploited at the campaign start (though upgrading it will increase mining income a lot, emulating the finding of new veins in the early 5th century).
    - Added building icons and descriptions for all remaining buildings which didn't have any.
    - New unit icons for agents of all factions.

    - Corrupt traits due to large treasury now requires more silver and depends on tax level (10.000 with very high tax level, 20.000 with high tax level, 100.000 with normal tax level).
    - Character age traits now in line with the 4tpy script so they don't age too fast. All starting named character have age traits assigned, and new in-laws and adopted characters will be assigned one (previously only characters coming of age received the trait).
    - Education buildings are now more consistent (and all factions can benefit). Teenage named characters will be more likely to develop traits from education.
    - Teenagers may develop a tolerance or deeper understanding of other government types if they reside in settlements with these government buildings; they may also entirely discard their previous political conviction - alternatively they have a small risk of developing a hate for the one where they reside.
    - More options for new characters when they get government preference assigned, yet also more consistently in line with faction historical preferences.

    - Mercenaries recruited from settlements through the mercenary building chain are now more expensive, and the building chain requires at least level 2 barracks. This prevents most factions from relying too much on those instead of recruiting their own (and regional) units.
    - Restricted recruitment of factional elite units to their homeland zones (just like regular regional units).
    - Skiritai (and Hippeis, see above) recruitment limited to Lakonia; Perioikoi and Homoioi to core Spartan territory (Lakonia, Messenia, Kynouria, and Kythera - other factions than Sparta/Lakedaimon can only recruit Homoioi in Lakonia); and Neodamodeis to highest barrack tier in core Spartan (Helot) territory as they first appeared around 420 BC.
    - New Messenian hoplite unit (thanks to Leon Katakalon) recruitable by all factions except Sparta (their rivals, who have the Neodamodeis as their loyal counterpart). The unit is also available in Amphissa through the Delian League building chain (resettled by the Athenians in Neupaktos, the port of Ozolian Lokris), and Zankle (the later Messina) through the colony building chain.
    - Apeleutheroi (freedmen) unit of Argos can now only be recruited from the democracy building chain. These have also been made slightly better and cheaper - see government building changes and event scripts for Argos above.
    - Miletos hoplites can be recruited in Myrkinos through the Ionian League building chain.
    - Ionian hoplites as well as Phokaian hoplites and Kolophonian cavalry can be recruited in Helea (Velia, Southern Italy) which is now a "homeland" colony for the Ionian faction (and it is likely to join the faction if it revolts).
    - Sybarite hoplites and cavalry can be recruited in Poseidonia (Paestum).
    - Eretrian and Chalkidian hoplites can be recruited in Kyme (Cumae).
    - Chalkidian hoplites can be recruited in and are distributed among the starting armies of Chalkidian colonies in Magna Graecia as well as Andros and Chalkidike.
    - Knidos hoplites can be recruited on Lipara.
    - Some messed up recruitment zones for regional/factional units fixed.
    - Carthaginian recruitment zones revisited for better consistency.
    - Getai horsearcher recruitment now restricted to the Balkans and northernmost Greece (only Persians and Thracians at first tier stables, everyone else at higher tier).
    - Baktrian horsearcher recruitment restricted to Asia Minor (Persian starting area).
    - Egyptian and Nubian units now recruited from the port building chain rather than barracks (only southern coast of Asia Minor as well as Cyprus).

    - Other minor tweaks/fixes.


    - Dansk viking: Patch lead, mapping, coding, scripting, balancing, etc.
    - b0Gia: Modpack 4.1 (used as base), advice, etc.
    - Teobec: 3D modelling, skinning, advice, etc.
    - Leon Katakalon: Advice, skinning, etc.


    - The original HCS team for a fantastic mod!
    - The Roma Surrectum 2 team for their beautiful battle map environment.
    - All the people, modders, guide-creators, etc. on TWCenter and the RTW Community Discord for support and inspiration throughout the years!
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    Default Re: Hegemonia City States - Unofficial HCS Patch 1.0 (Preview & Download)

    Thanks, Dansk, once again, for your altruistic work to the community during all these years. I'll try this one as soon as I can. Cheers!

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