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    Hi everybody !
    Okay, I'm coming to you for a little help. I am starting to migrate my PC to a Linux Mint version. Tired of being taken for hams with windows.
    I can play the Steam version of the game without any problem. However, it is impossible to understand how to install a mod.

    I installed Wine, it's ok. I download the latest version of divide and conquer V5 and when I launch the installation, it crashes after indicating the path to the installation folder.

    I tried to understand how to do it by following the instructions on the dedicated forum but couldn't get it to work.

    Please help me ! Thanks in advance !

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    Cannot help you, DaC v4.5 and above is banned here by going standalone despite the rules set up by KK said that DaC needs TATW 3.2 for installation.

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    As long as it's not posted as a download officially, discussion is fine.

    Any major mod on linux will be a bit of a challenge. The only reliable method I know is to replace a kingdoms expansion. See if that works - if not you are likely trailblazing in new territory, and I expect the instructions previously available on the site have not aged too well.
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    All good now?

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