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Thread: What's exactly every chevron (in a same level) does to an unit?

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    Icon5 What's exactly every chevron (in a same level) does to an unit?

    I've always wondered what each chevron does to a unit (Medieval 2 Kingdoms/DLCS, Crusades, Brittania, Teutonic...). Since I only play multiplayer, you can't put more than 3 bronze chevrons. I've always wondered what happens when a unit has 2 or 3 chevrons.

    What I understand is that 1 chevron increases a unit's attack and morale, as well as making archers shoot a little better, but what about the 2nd chevron? What exactly does it do? The 3rd same.

    What is the difference between putting only 1 and 2, 3 chevrons in a unit?

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    Default Re: What's exactly every chevron (in a same level) does to an unit?

    Chevrons also increase morale.
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    Default Re: What's exactly every chevron (in a same level) does to an unit?

    lol that's exactly what I said. I already know this, but I want to know what's the difference between giving 1 and 2-3 bronze chevron to an unit

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    Default Re: What's exactly every chevron (in a same level) does to an unit?

    I just checked in a custom battle against AI. Maybe they increase morale but in terms of visible stats there is no difference between a unit with 1 chevron and a unit with 3.

    I tested the Levy Spearmen. Basic unit stats

    Attack: 5
    Charge bonus: 2

    Total defense: 7
    Armour: 0
    Defense skill: 1
    Shield: 6
    Hitpoints: 1

    Units with 1-3 bronze chevrons had 6 attack, units with 1-3 silver had 7 attack and units with 1-3 gold had 8 attack.

    How to check for yourself: start a custom battle -> Pause battle -> Double click on unit to open unit card.
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    Default Re: What's exactly every chevron (in a same level) does to an unit?

    Sorry for the necro but I wanted to give the OP a more definitive reply than what's in the thread at the moment. You seem to have it figured out from what's been said here, but just in case you aren't, here's what I know.

    You mentioned you only play multilplayer but seem to be aware that experience can go beyond 3 bronze chevrons, so I'll address experience from the single player perspective as it includes the effects for multiplayer's 1 to 3 experience limitation:

    1 to 3 bronze chevrons imparts a +1 to attack, meaning it's stuck at +1 for all three levels.

    1 to 3 silver chevrons imparts a +2 bonus to attack. This means when a unit goes from 3 bronze to 1 silver, they gain an additional +1 to attack.

    1 to 3 gold chevrons imparts a +3 bonus to attack.

    A slight increase in accuracy applies at every experience level increase. I forgot what the exact numerical increase is but I've seen it before. Possibly 0.01 decrease in the value with each level.

    The slight increase in morale applies each level all the way up to 3 gold chevrons.

    I suspect it's not merely adding to their morale point total but actually increases the resiliency of the unit to morale shocks instead. In the EDU file (export_descr_unit), those levels are as follows:

    low (e.g. peasants)
    normal (most game units)
    disciplined (e.g. most General's Bodyguard units)
    impetuous (e.g.'s Feudal Knights, Crusader units, etc.).
    There is also an attribute called lock_morale that makes a unit incapable of being routed, like the Carroccio Standard or Great Cross.

    What the above categories do is determine how many morale points the unit loses with each morale shock event. So a unit with "impetuous" won't lose many morale points from say getting shot by flaming arrows as another unit with "normal", and I believe the experience bonus to morale increases this effect, not the point total the unit starts with.

    There are no defensive bonuses of any kind.

    Some background if you're interested:
    There are major departures in the above rules from how it worked in the game's predecessor, Rome Total War. In RTW, EVERY experience level increase gave a +1 to attack, +1 to defense skill, and the morale bonus. This made for extremely annoying situations when, after say a certain settlement revolted and you tried to take it back you'd be facing 3-gold-chevron peasants who could absolutely slaughter your best elite units in melee if you weren't careful, and who'd fight to the last man. It was very costly, I'll say that. I believe this is likely why they scaled back the effects of experience in Medieval 2 to only 1 attack bonus every three levels, and no bonuses to defense skill. I wish they'd kept a +1 to defense every three levels as I think that'd be quite realistic, and as always you can still always kill the most experienced troops with ease using missile weapons. The bonus to morale (and to missile unit accuracy) is just right in my opinion, but defense skill didn't have to be completely frozen. I could be mistaken though, as perhaps in testing, adding in even a slight defense bonus to a more experienced unit made them still a bit too overpowered.
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