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Thread: Is this mod still working for you dear friends?

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    Default Is this mod still working for you dear friends?

    Mine stopped after the last update, any solutions?
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    Default Re: Is this mod still working for you dear friends?

    Creative Assembly did some shenanigans that made mods on games ranging from Empire to Shogun II not perform very well out of the box. I haven't fully looked into it, alas these are exactly the games I have the least interest in, but as I recall for this one it's something to do with the mod launcher having been borked a bit.
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    Default Re: Is this mod still working for you dear friends?

    Hey I am very retired so no longer doing manteinance. Though I checked the steam version and it's working just fine. Did not check all the sub mods, but the mains should be working fine. The google drive version might be broken.

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    Default Re: Is this mod still working for you dear friends?

    So after watching a youtube video on this mod, it looked really intiqguing and I wanted to play it. I have gone thrrough the easy install via the Steam page and have sorted my load order correctly, however the game does not work I can get the game to launch, however when I get to the main menu there is absolutely no audio, and when I try to start a capmaign it crashes. Custom battles will load, however none of the new factions/units are in, and when I do load into the custom battle again there is absolutely no audio. My load order is such
    Old/New units (I only use 1 as that is what it says to do), Main Database, Mandatory file 1, Mandatory file 2, Mandatory file 3, Mandatory file 4
    Please any and all help is greatly appreciated here

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    Default Re: Is this mod still working for you dear friends?

    You watched terminator's video didn't you?

    As for OP; yep, it works for me. But I'd really love some good reskin mods to be adapted to it.
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    Default Re: Is this mod still working for you dear friends?

    Working for me and loving it with a clan colours mod

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