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Thread: Vanilla Tweaked Garrisons

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    Default Vanilla Tweaked Garrisons

    Vanilla Tweaked Garrisons

    Hi, I wanted to share with you this mod I have been working on for the past week. Reading the forums here at twcenter encouraged me to try and create my own small modification. I am very grateful to all of you for the guides, tools and information available !

    This is my first mod for Empire Total War.

    I felt like the vanilla garrisons were a joke and wanted to improve them, albeit with Empire limitations. You won't find Attila's style garrisons here but they have been improved nonetheless.

    -The garrisons system is basically a new unit roster using only vanilla units (for the main release at least).

    -I built my rosters around three main level : global, regional and capitals.

    -Global rosters are the weaker ones and available as garrisons globally.

    -Regional rosters are available according to regions (India for Maratha, Middle East for Ottomans). They are stronger in the home region and weaker in colonial regions. For instance you have Hindu Musketeers as garrison in India as Maratha but not in Europe.

    -Capital rosters are unique to one city. They include elite units and mortars. I have not been able to ensure that mortars spawn every time as I do not understand if this is possible.

    -I tweaked the vanilla native factions to give them Warpath units in their garrisons for their capitals. They should also be able to recruit them but I still need to check it. They have garrisons only for the inland territories of America.

    -I unlocked vanilla units : Clansmen for the UK (added new recruitment bulding) but if Scotland is too much developed you can't recruit them. Mountain Troops in Norway for Sweden (tweaked recruitment building). Miquelets for Spain in Portugal. Still needs to be tested though.

    -As I just added new units it should be compatible with other mods except mods that modify garrisons. It is intended to be used with Vanilla Empire or added to your own custom mod list. I don't know if it works as intended with larger modifications.


    -Extract the two pack files in your Empire Total War Data Folder which should be located in steam>steamapps>common>empire_total_war

    -Do a backup copy of the startpos.esf located under steam>steamapps>common>empire_total_war>data>camapigns>main

    -Extract the .esf in steam>steamapps>common>empire_total_war>data>camapigns>main and replace.

    -Create a text file named user.empire_script under User>AppData>Roaming>TheCreativeAssembly>Empire>Scripts

    Write this line in it : "mod Vanilla_Tweaked_Garrisons.pack;" (without the qutation marks) and save using the UTF 16-LE encoding method.

    (windows offers you different types of coding methods, should be towards the bottom right corner)


    -The UPC File was provided thanks to Swiss Halberdier. I edited it to add my garrison units and also removed a line or two that were duplicates.

    -Many thanks to the total war center community which provided many helpful guides.

    -Alwyn who wrote a guide about creating new units and how to create AOR.

    -Swiss Halberdier again for his guide on how to customize units for his wonderful AUM unit pack.

    -CA for giving us the total war series !

    [Future Plans]

    -Adding some units from other modders' units packs -> Awaiting permissions and/or files.

    -Empire Total War Overhaul which should include this mod. -> Big project for me / I have done the foundations but need more time and permissions.

    Download ->

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    Default Re: Vanilla Tweaked Garrisons

    Thank you for making your mod available!

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