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Thread: How to import EB2 strat map into SSHIP ?

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    Default How to import EB2 strat map into SSHIP ?

    Hi folks,

    I'm currently trying, and failing, to replace the campaign map in SSHIP with the one from EB2 (just for the sake of extended area covered in the east, not different graphics or models). Is it generally possible? Never done something similar so obviously might miss a lot of things... Did *some* research ofc but most tutorials seem about making maps from scratch, and my other findings were slim :/

    My approach so far is copying what seems relevant from the EB2 'world/base' folder into its SSHIP counterpart (so all but descr_sounds_music_types; tried with and without map_fe), then opening it with geomod and putting all missing settlements/regions into the map, as well as relocating characters from now invalid positions. All EB2 tiles of original settlements & harbours are shown, but most are "blanks" like you can't click on them, neither their regions. After matching those with SSHIP ones I can save succesfully, and the mod menu also runs. Only when starting a new campaign it CTD while loading.

    Any idea what I'm missing? I've also trialed with copypasting descr_aerial_map_ground_types and the corresponding terrain folder from EB2, ditto descr_climates - always results in same CTD.

    I'd made all but 2 factions emergent and and deleted all resources to ease the geomod workload. Tested SSHIP with this slimmed down descr_strat and it worked. So the problem isn't there. Even added EB2's specific custom tiles folder and .db file which SSHIP doesn't seem to mind.

    I can't even say if it's a EB2 issue like wonders or whatnot, or if something more principal's lacking... Feeling lost ^^ Anyone with some insight or experience with either is greatly welcomed!

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    Default Re: How to import EB2 strat map into SSHIP ?

    No idea how to proceed unfortunately.
    I'd like to be able to modify certain towns like in Third Ages, or replace buildings that aren't "historical" for the start of the campaign. I think it's a big job of understanding and experience that I'll leave to others for the time being, until I'm completely satisfied with the redesign of the units.
    The map work is an important experiment that could make SSHIP even more attractive. If you can achieve this with a mini-mod, we could test it and decide to integrate it into the mod

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    Default Re: How to import EB2 strat map into SSHIP ?

    You can try to ask on Discord, there are some people very experienced in this:

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    Default Re: How to import EB2 strat map into SSHIP ?

    Replacing a mods campaign map is probably the lengthiest process when it comes to modding, even after creating a new faction.

    You basically replace the whole 'world' directory as well as the two data\text\imperial_campaign_settlements.. files - that was the easy part.
    The mod most likely has custom battles based on it's map - copy the data\custom_locations file and check for details of supporting images. Can't right now recall where the names of the locations are listed, text\expanded?
    Now you need to replace\edit the garisons in descr_strat as well as the details of named characters and family trees. I recommend a complete replacement as there could be custom names, traits, ancillaries and battle models. Unless you really want to punish yourself and import those as well.
    Check the trade resources listed in descr_strat for custom models\names in the original mod, see data\descr_sm_resources for details.
    Check if the bottom part of descr_strat has custom fort entries. Getting those custom models into your mod isn't my forte - ask the IWTE guys about that
    Did I mention that you might have to adjust the faction entries in descr_strat? Always a good possibility that the factions listed in there do not exist in your mod.

    All in all a 'may you live in interesting times' level of modding. I sincerely hope that I haven't forgotten something, can't promise...

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