The original post that gave me this idea:

I got this idea from a year old post from @Shoebopp where he modified Makedonia's and Pergamon to have Region-specific Dynastic Administration. I implemented the changes via the directions in his post to my export_descr_buildings.txt .. It worked like a charm. In fact, it worked so well for Makedon that I converted the changes made to Pergamon, and added it to Makedon through a few word changes. I have very novice and have only basic knowledge of coding which is why I was so surprised it worked. This leads me into my idea: adding an expanded Baktrian Roster through conquering Sarmatia, Parthia, and Scythia, essentially adding part of each of their respective rosters into the Baktrian roster. My assumptions is that in order to make this into a reality- i need to simply copy and paste the Region-specific Dynastic Administration that @Shoebopp made in the export_descr_buildings.txt and change every reference to "f_makedonia" and "ecMakedonianKingship 1" into "f_baktria" and all the units into the ones I want etc. etc. But that is only an assumption and I need specifics. Which leads me to my question. What exactly do I need to add, remove or replace in export_descr_buildings.txt to make this work?

(The Changes I want: If Baktria conquers Parthia, and if the Theuros reforms are enacted, Baktria gains most of Parthia's units. If Baktria conquers India, and builds a Bailike Patre in India, Baktria gains Indian Units, and gains all of them by Thorax Reforms. If Baktria conquers both Scythia and Sarmatia, gain some of the Bosporan and Pontic Roster)

I know this is essentially alternate history, which is not AT ALL the intent of Europa Barbarorum I and II, which is why I am only using these changes for my personal roleplaying purposes.

If anyone can help, just let me know through a PM or comment, I would very much appreciate that. I can also compromise, and be content with a more simplistic changes, if some of the changes above are not possible or would require too much effort.

-Regards, Davin