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Thread: BERTZ - Bran-Ert-Erzya Campaign AI

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    Im uploading this file at the suggestion of Erzya (Foothold in India), because it might be useful for other modders to either review or include for their own mods.

    This campaign ai is based on the aggressive version of Bran mac borns ai for Empire, but with alot of tweaks. The edits have been done by me, but with tons of guidance and help provided by erzya.

    In general the ai should be aggresive, but also prioritise peace, war and alliances much more througout the campaign. The result is a more dynamic campaign ai that is more unpredictable, and which should greatly increase replayability.

    Its been tested throughly and is currently included in the EmpireII mod.

    I'll leave a link to some documented test campaigns if anybody wants to review how it works in practice:

    The mod is provided as is, and open source.

    Credits and thanks:
    - Bran mac born
    - Erzya
    - EmpireII testers
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    Posting a download link. Please use it, because it has the latest version of the AI.
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    I updated the pack to fix the general spam (in some mods) and include the missing maratha and ottoman personalities.

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    I uploaded BERTZ AI 1.2 to the download link. The new version includes many balancing tweaks.

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    BERTZ 1.3 is out! You can download it using this link. It includes several small fixes such as making the AI more active with their navies and less inclined to constantly return to port and repair, and also founding a good compromise between timeout and recall that should prevent navies from getting stuck, while still naval invasions.

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