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    Default Pkh bowstring help SOLVED

    Hi folks, has anyone any experience of adding a pkh bowstring to another model?

    So far I've tried GOM (only 23 bones), Goat (the missing bones but a nightmare to merge properly), and today the modellers tool box (really thought this was the answer!) but it crashes a custom battle unless I give it a vanilla archer animation and the bowstring extends away out the front of the model

    So the model 'works' with the old animations (ie it doesn't ctd) but the bowstring animation is obviously absent. A problem with the actual 'bowstring' then? I'd really appreciate any guidance as I've been trying to get this to work for the past week!

    EDIT Solved!

    I went back to the modellers toolbox and gave the blurb a good re-read; downloaded the animation tool to unpack the pkh skeletons and rebuild the skeleton of the pkh donor bow when converting for milkshape... Lo and behold there was yet another bone (bone_weapon_04) that previously hadn't been accounted for when i converted the mesh to ms3d

    Literally a 30min job to get a nice irish archer with an animated bowstring into the game :p

    Click image for larger version. 

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