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    Default New mod idea?

    Would it be possible to have a feature that allowed you to swap between controlling different factions when the campaign has already started.... Say i start as Rome, but 150 turns in i want to swap to my client/subjated State.... mid Campaign. Or Egypt etc.

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    Yes but unless the ESF editors have finally changed to allow Hybrid ESF, it is very hard work. I have done it in the past, from Vanilla R2TW using Taw's tools and stuff. But it was not perfect as my new faction didn't have missions aaaaand... its economy was downright broken. The AI had armies it could not support without the AI money bonuses, the buildings were haphazard etc. What was worst for me is that the faction I assumed was big-ish, at war with some other faction but it had one of its armies in the "Front" and 4-5 other armies wandering aimlessly doing nothing useful.
    It is how I confirmed that the AI cannot adequately defend more than 3-4 settlements, especially if the areas are big. You do see what I mean if you fight big factions. Until you cut deep into them taking a lot of land, they cannot mount a decent defence as they cannot defend a lot of ground.

    If any of the ESF editors for R2TW allow you to make a hybrid ESF as we could do in ETW, you could do it. Else, you have to make the hybrid ESF using Taw's tools.
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