• TGC wants despairdly a expirient scripter for :

  1. Fix scripts that have not the effects they were suposed to.
  2. Add scripts like dyansty changes (we already have Fatimids example) in spesific factions.
  3. Add major scripts like famous rebelions and civil wars .
  4. Add scripts (we have the example but all this looks chinese to me) to have Factions replacements via events (East Frankia => HRE 996 AD, Magyars => Hungary 1000 AD
  5. Maguars horde script fix (it might require religion change).
  6. Vardas Scleros rebelion in 980 AD.
  7. Bulgarian dynasty change replacing the Cometopuloi script (actually Cometopulloi MUST become the new Rulling family making the Crum Dynasty and its suporters Bulgarian Usurpers.

  • TGC NEEDS 2d arists for events icons , modified Barbarian Invasion TW buildings UI icons to TGC's time frame.
  • TGC requires a coder too to make the new faction rosters recruitment system (there are plenty of examples).
  • An expirient mapper to make some radical changes in the maps (errsase 1/3 of the inaccesible areas and mountains to make the mod "lighter".

If any modder or modding team is interesting TGC will respond with exchange parts of its material.