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Thread: No Diplomacy without Emissaries or Relations - Beta Ver 0.15 - released 15.7.2023

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    Default No Diplomacy without Emissaries or Relations - Beta Ver 0.15 - released 15.7.2023

    No Diplomacy without Emissaries or Relations - Experimental Alpha Ver 0.12

    Mod rules:
    The mod will let the player dealing new treaties and making "diplo" only if:
    1) at least 1 owned dignitary or 1 owned general is in the targeted faction's lands;
    2) at least 1 dignitary or 1 general of targeted faction is in the owned faction's lands;
    3) the targeted faction is an allied (or Client or Vassal) faction;
    4) the targeted faction in a trade partner of owned faction;
    5) the targeted faction is bordering the own faction lands.

    If not any of these conditions, then the diplomacy will be disabled.

    If the diplomacy is disabled for a factions it's still possible to access to the "offers panel" ( for example for letting player to unilaterally break treaties); it's possible to select offers or request too, but it will be impossible to finalize deals. Infact when the mouse will be on button "send" it will auto-deactivate itself.
    Further while loading the other factions' turn is possible to be contacted by foreign faction and doing diplo, meaning own faction's diplomatic stance is passive.

    Of course it will affect the player only.

    Compatibility Issues: the mod is not yet tested to be compatible with any other mods, so it has to be tested for each case. To try loading the noDiplomacy script in your mod, firstly put this code:
    local noDiplomacy = require "lua_scripts.noDiplomacy";

    in the scripting.lua file you will find in the Total War Rome 2\Data\Campaigns\(campaign name)\scripting.lua
    If your mod modded the settlements names, to make it fully compatible then check in the noDiplomacy.lua (you will find it in the Total War Rome 2\Data\lua scripts\ ) then add the text name of the settlements of your modded campaign (everyone) in this way:
    for example let's assume that the mod changes the Rise of Republic campaign. So it will be:

    function rorCampaign()
    if not regionsName["Barion"] then regionsName["Barion"] = {"inv_apulia_barion"} end regionsName["Barion"] = {"inv_apulia_barion"}
    if not regionsName["Herdonia"] then regionsName["Herdonia"] = {"inv_apulia_herdonia"} end regionsName["Herdonia"] = {"inv_apulia_herdonia"}

    etcetera, continuing adding all the text cities names of your mod, chained to the regions names, like in the script.

    Credits: the mod has been made by studying and learning lua matter by reading the excellent scripts as contained in DEI Mod or Por 2 Mod, so i have to thank Dresden, Mitch, Magnar, Litharion and Causeless for their huge work. I also havo to say that i finally reached to made this mod only by studying the latest UI works of my friend Jake Armitage that made the whole thing more simple. Further i have to add that the original idea of this mod was born in a discussion generated by a request of Starsmil who asked me about the possibility to force the campaign UI, so i have to thank him for this.

    At the very end, the main thank goes to the unsurpassed TWC Community for his resources ad for his extraordinary people.
    By Trasibulos from Total War Center

    Download Link on Steam:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

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    Default Re: No Diplomacy without Emissaries or Relations - Experimental Alpha Ver 0.12 - released 17.5.2023

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    Default Re: No Diplomacy without Emissaries or Relations - Experimental Alpha Ver 0.12 - released 17.5.2023

    Beta Ver 0.15 No Diplomacy Without Emissaries and Relations - FOR AI and HUMAN

    This mod is not compatible with the previous No Diplomacy Without Emissaries and Relations Alpha ver. 0.14, so disable it to properly load this beta version. It has been released as a separate file (and not as an update) to preserve the savegames for the previous version. Anyway i'll merge the ver 0.15 and 0.14 in future, if beta will be stable.

    The previous alpha version of this mod will continue to be active and disposable for players, unti the beta will be stable.

    Version 0.15 new features:
    1) Since Ver. 0.15 also the diplomatic offers will deactivate themselves when clicking of "Add Offer" button in diplomatic panel, to avoid to see the diplomatic;
    2) since ver 0.15 the mod will be totally compatible with Grand Campaign and Ceasar in Gaul Campaign;
    3) a new diplomatic condition ("Partially Enabled Diplomacy") for the factions in 2 or 3 regions from the owned faction's border, or elseway near (oversea too). This feature was thinked to avoid that a faction could remain excluded by the gameplay, thinking the Partially Enabled Diplomacy Factions are the ones belonging to the same geopolitical local theater. The player will always be able to declare war whitout sending emissaries towards the new "Partially Enabled Diplomacy" Factions, while for the other diplomatic offers it will be still necessary to meet the classical condtions (Allied, Trade, Bordering or Own or Foreign Emissaries in Region);
    4) fot the AI the new diplomatic conditions will mean that Partially Enabled Diplomacy Factions, also if not Allied, Trade, Bordering or Own or Foreign Emissaries in Region, will be always able to declare war on the owned factions (this will anyway exclude the war declaration from other side of the world, because the Partially Enabled Diplomacy Factions will be in the neighboorhood). For Partially Enabled Factions (Ai to Ai) it will be possible to deal trade agreement too (not with human factions!);
    5) now if dignitaries or armies - not navies - generals are at sea and if they are very near to a faction's port (max 7 steps in sea from port), then you can diplomatically deal with this faction to avoid stuck in gameplay for not accessible isles (like Melos in WOS Campaign);
    7)a lot of changes and global fixes to make the mod totally uncheatable;

    Download link:

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