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    Default Fourstrider's Japan: Power & Influence

    This mod is currently on steam, releasing for those who don't use steam. Have fun!

    Download here

    Unzip files and place in your data folder.

    PC Specs

    Recommended Game Mode

    Recommended Difficulty
    Chase the Dragon

    Domination Turn Count

    Domination End Date
    Winter of 1640

    Provinces to Win
    All of Them

    Average Turns to Win

    Summary of changes from vanilla

    • 12 turns per year
    • New technology tree
    • Faction specific technology
    • New General skill tree
    • New Agent skill trees
    • Custom models for all units &generals
    • 500+ character portraits
    • 300+ traits
    • 200+ retainers
    • 60+ new dilemmas
    • 50+ loading screens
    • New units, unit progression &stat adjustments
    • Appoint Governors
    • Governors have independent ranking
    • Custom unit cards and UI changes
    • New buildings & faction unique buildings
    • Economy & AI reworked
    • Over 70k lines of new scripting added
    • Seasonal effects added
    • New Music & Sound FX
    • Fantasy-like Visual FX
    • Religion replaced with faction specific influence
    • Increase power level &difficulty when you expand
    • Insanely strong Ashikaga &Imperial units
    • No more ship spam
    • Removed open ocean attrition
    • Morale adjustments
    • Faction effect adjustments
    • Starting conditions adjustments
    • Tokugawa starts as Oda's vassal
    • New strong unit & tower abilities

    New Technology Tree

    New General Skill Tree

    New Agent Skill Trees

    Quests, a new game-play mechanic

    • Each Quest is 10 parts long
    • Each agent type has a unique Quest
    • Each Factions agent has a unique Quest
    • Quests start 1 turn after recruiting an agent
    • Once a Quest is started by an agent, it has to be finished by the same agent
    • If your agent is killed during a Quest then you fail
    • Gain special rewards for completing a Quest chain

    Boss Type Game-play

    • A Boss fight will take place when trying to capture a major faction's stronghold
    • Major faction strongholds are indicated with an interpunct ˇStrongholdˇ
    • A supporting army will spawn containing the Legendary unit attached to that stronghold
    • The supporting army gets stronger as the faction that owns it gets stronger
    • You will not be able to save your game or night attack
    • Kyoto will spawn an army full of Legendary units you have not defeated
    • If you capture all 12 strongholds first then Kyoto will not spawn additional units

    13 Legendary Units

    • Legendary units will always garrison their stronghold
    • Recruit a Legendary unit by capturing it's stronghold & meeting the tech requirement
    • You can only recruit each specific legendary once per game
    • The AI can also only get them onetime with the same rules as the player
    • Legendary units are super expensive to maintain, you won't be able to keep them all
    • I recommend trying them out in custom battle before you start a campaign
    • S class: Mikawa Boom Ninja, The Rising Sun(Kyoto)
    • A class: Izu Mortar Team, Tosa Yumi Champions, Kai Swift Cavalry
    • B class: Echizen Fabled Ronin, Aki Ruthless Raiders(GIF below), Iga Dread Ninja
    • C class: Iwate Ferocious No-Dachi, Echigo Endurance Monks, Bungo Wheellocks
    • D class: Owari Unwavering Yari, Satsuma Veteran Samurai

    Scripted Seasonal Effects

    • Effects change every 3 turns
    • Since this is scripted, there is no pop-up every season
    • You can see the seasonal effects in the Clan Summary window
    • The AI also receives the same effects
    • Spring: +1 Happiness Faction-wide, +1 Growth Faction-wide, -10% Construction costs
    • Summer: No artillery movement penalty, -10% Recruitment costs, +4 morale in battle
    • Autumn: +10% Farm income,+10% Ammo in battle, +10% Trade resources
    • Winter: Major movement reduction in battle & in campaign, -10 Accuracy in battle

    Faction Specific Influence

    • Each faction has their own influence
    • One province can be influenced by many factions at once
    • Major factions get special buildings that spread their influence
    • Generals, geisha & monks can help the spread of your influence

    Power Level

    • Power level increases as you expand
    • Each province you capture adds to your power level
    • The higher level castles in your provinces add to your power level
    • As your power level increases, so does the upkeep for your armies & navies

    Economy, Food & Trade

    • Multiple buildings added for player to balance food, money & defense
    • Building construction times increase as the game goes on
    • Power level dictates unit upkeep
    • Scripted inflation at 3%/year for recruiting units & building buildings
    • General recruitment costs will increase as you recruit more generals
    • Create a General to govern each province, no more upstart penalty past 2
    • Generals are capped depending on how many provinces you own
    • There are 5 levels of Governor that your General can earn, increasing rewards

    Other Notable Changes

    • Agents require tech upgrades to make affordable
    • Removed ship spam for almost every faction except Chosokabe & Mori
    • The AI is more aggressive and less predictable
    • You only make money on resources if you're actively trading them
    • Morale is much harder to break
    • Increased morale trait &retainer stats to match overall morale adjustments
    • Hammer & Anvil or killing a general has a much bigger impact to morale
    • Stand & Fight, along with other abilities have been buffed
    • All abilities are unlocked in the General & Agent skill trees or by Traits & Retainers


    • Probably not
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    Default Re: Fourstrider's Japan: Power & Influence

    Additional Details
    Unit Overview
    General Adjustments

    • Ronin can be recruited by all factions
    • Ronin are the step between Ashigaru and Samurai
    • Added Katana Ashigaru as the least expensive unit
    • Reduced effectiveness of Yari Ashigaru
    • Increased relative cost of Yari Ashigaru
    • Matchlock range increased to match Yumi range
    • Matchlock overall accuracy reduced
    • Yari Samurai have been buffed and relative cost reduced
    • Siege units are much stronger
    • Siege units are now able to use expanded deployment
    • Hero units doubled in size and stats increased
    • Reduced overall unit movement speed in battle
    • Fire Arrows are much stronger
    • Added Katana Warrior Monk unit (event only)

    Paragon Units

    • Identical stats to Hero units
    • Can only be obtained via Quest or Event
    • Will never get two of the same kind
    • Does not count against Hero cap
    • Has zero upkeep

    New Hero Units

    • Added Kunoichi Heroine (Female Bow Ninja)
    • Kunoichi fires 2 arrows at a time
    • Kunoichi remains hidden while firing
    • Added Fire Rocket Hero

    Bandits and Wako

    • Changed Hattori Bandits to Outlaws
    • Buffed Outlaws
    • Bandits can be recruited by all factions
    • Katana and Yumi Wako can be recruited by all factions
    • Katana Wako have fast wall climb
    • Yumi Wako only use fire arrows
    • Yumi Wako ignore armor
    • Yumi Wako are very inaccurate

    New Unit Abilities


    • Main General can unlock for all Generals
    • Stays active around General for 60 seconds
    • Increased Accuracy, Attack, Morale & Reload
    • Similar to Stand & Fight but can move around
    • Stacks with Stand & Fight
    • Unlocked via Retainer, Trait or Skill

    Blast Arrows:

    • Activates explosive tipped arrows
    • Deals significant damage
    • Blinds enemy for a short period of time
    • Cannot be activated while on a wall
    • Unlocked via Retainer, Trait or Skill

    Eagle Eye:

    • Increases range for 45 seconds
    • Can be used by all Yumi and Matchlock units
    • Unlocked via Retainer or Trait

    New Tower Abilities


    • On level 2 castles or above
    • Fires a barrage of fire arrows for 45 seconds
    • Very strong

    Nimble Shot:

    • On level 3 castles or above
    • Increases fire rate of tower
    • Use in conjunction with other abilities

    Tower Bombs:

    • On level 4 castles or above
    • Drops fire bombs for 15 seconds
    • Enemy needs to be fairly close

    Tower Rockets:

    • On level 5 castles or above
    • Fires rockets for 15 seconds
    • Can be activated at long ranges

    Star Fort Cannons:

    • On level 6 castles or above
    • Auto fires cannons at the enemy

    Building Overview
    Farming Chains


    • Generate large amounts of food
    • Generate very little money


    • Generate large amounts of money
    • Create small amount of growth

    Port chains


    • Recruit trade ships
    • Create multiple trade routes
    • Generate large amounts of money
    • Generate small amount of growth


    • Generate large amounts of food
    • Generate very little money


    • Recruit war ships
    • Create a single trade route
    • Generate very little growth

    Citadel Chains


    • Tax revenue bonus
    • Reduced recruitment points
    • Reduced melee
    • Reduced happiness


    • Increased melee
    • Increased recruitment points
    • Increased repression

    Encampment chains


    • Increase garrison unit count
    • Replenish bonus
    • Reduced recruitment costs
    • Minimal repression


    • Armor bonus
    • Replenish bonus

    Hunting Lodge:

    • Accuracy bonus
    • Replenish bonus

    Jiujutsu Dojo:

    • Melee bonus
    • Replenish bonus

    Proving Grounds:

    • Charge bonus
    • Replenish bonus

    Doshin Residence:

    • Repression bonus
    • Tax revenue bonus

    Shrine/Altar Chains


    • Recruit monks
    • Recruit warrior monks
    • Generate a lot of growth


    • Is faction specific
    • Increased xp per turn for governor
    • Increased happiness
    • Spread faction influence to neighbors

    Development chains

    Food storage:

    • Generate large amounts of food
    • Generate very little growth


    • Generate large amounts of money

    Ship builder:

    • Reduce recruitment costs of all ships
    • Required to recruit top tier war and trade ships
    • Increase trade goods and tariff income

    Market Chain

    • Generate large amounts of money
    • Generate significant growth
    • Recruit Metsuke
    • Recruit Wako units

    Stealth Chain

    • Generate a little money
    • Give significant happiness
    • Recruit Ninja & Geisha
    • Recruit Battlefield Ninja, Bandits & Kunoichi


    • Region specific
    • Increased campaign movement
    • Generate growth

    Spear Dojo chain

    • Recruit Yari and Naginata

    Sword Dojo chain

    • Recruit Katana and No-dachi

    Bow Dojo chain

    • Recruit Yumi

    Cavalry Dojo chain

    • Recruit Cavalry

    Workshop chain

    • Recruit Siege & Matchlock

    See post history

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    fourstrider [developer] Feb 10, 2022 @ 3:07pm

    Power Level Breakdown
    Each Province
    +3 Power Level

    Level 1 Castle
    +1 Power Level

    Level 2 Castle
    +2 Power Level

    Level 3 Castle
    +3 Power Level

    Level 4 Castle
    +4 Power Level

    Level 5 Castle
    +5 Power Level

    All 3 City tiers
    +6 Power Level

    Bastion of War
    +7 Power Level

    Major Faction Stronghold Specialty
    +1, 2 & 3 Power Level


    fourstrider [developer] Feb 10, 2022 @ 3:08pm

    Quest Cheat Sheet (SPOILERS)

    • -235.6, -90.9, 4, "Hizen_Area" "North of the coastal village. I can see both pirates and merchants carrying cotton and silk."
    • -208.6, -112.9, 4, "Bungo_Area" "A dangerous shortcut to and from a not so dangerous merchant colony."
    • -186.0, -136.0, 2, "Bungo_Area2" "From these rocky shores. I can examine every ship in the channel."
    • -233.9, -144.1, 2, "Higo_Area" "From this small valley, come your horses of war."
    • -254.1, -167.5, 2, "Satsuma_Area" "Nowhere to go but north."
    • -252.9, -155.5, 2, "Satsuma_Area2" "Under two bridges and past the smith, I crash into the sea."
    • -228.9, -178.5, 3, "Osumi_Area" "I wait for you in the forest.. near the only port to the sea of Hyuga."
    • -230.9, -155.5, 2, "Hyuga_Area" "I close my eyes near the waterfall. I hear only hammers and horses."
    • -162.0, -151.0, 4, "Tosa_Area" "From the swing of an axe, to the shaft of an arrow."
    • -105.0, -144.0, 4, "Awa_Area" "Deep in the forest, I search for my island horse."
    • -78.0, -126.0, 2, "Awaji_Area" "On my island I reach. I can almost touch the mainland."
    • -103.0, -122.0, 3, "Sanuki_Area" "Hammering stone all day. I dream of an archipelago."
    • -148.5, -128.0, 2, "Iyo_Area" "Search for the source of water on this island."
    • -133.5, -87.0, 2, "Aki_Area" "Deep in the thicket, north of hallowed ground, I wait for you by the river."
    • -193.0, -79.0, 3, "Nagato_Area" "From the Kanmon Strait, concealing it's treasure, the mountain gawks."
    • -164.0, -106.0, 2, "Suo_Area" "We ride towards the swell, careful not to fall into the sea."
    • -134.5, -78.0, 2, "Iwami_Area" "A gleaming river, you're fated to find it's wealth."
    • -123.5, -108.0, 2, "Bingo_Area" "A modest grove near the sea, where ship builders always seem to be."
    • -110.0, -110.0, 2, "Bitchu_Area" "A meager river, in a meager province. It's headwater I call home."
    • -90.0, -105.0, 2, "Bizen_Area" "Waiting in ambush. I watch from all three directions."
    • -105.0, -87.0, 2, "Mimasaka_Area" "With no approach from the sea. The iron life is for me."
    • -114.0, -76.0, 2, "Izumo_Area" "From the mountains I hunt, the town between two lakes."
    • -122.0, -65.0, 2, "Izumo_Area2" "I gaze into the Oki Strait. Where all Gods meet every year, it's fate."
    • -109.0, -80.0, 2, "Hoki_Area" "With no port, I send my crafts down river."
    • -61.0, -87.0, 2, "Tajima_Area" "A wanderer, up and down the San'in coast."
    • -60.2, -104.0, 2, "Tamba_Area" "Through the valley to Kyoto. I await you in the forest."
    • -72.0, -109.0, 2, "Harima_Area" "I cross the plains from the inland sea to the mountains I flee."
    • -69.0, -137.0, 2, "Settsu_Area" "I'm supposed to be learning but I keep getting lost in the woods."
    • -70.0, -154.0, 2, "Kii_Area" "A proper ninja hideout."
    • -56.0, -165.0, 2, "Kii_Area2" "Far from any town, yet the center of them all. A tiresome journey. I find my beach. I find my serenity."
    • -26.5, -159.0, 2, "Ise_Area" "I stand on hallowed ground, guarding the entrance of both bays."
    • -56.5, -151.0, 2, "Yamato_Area" "Even in the land of ninja, I find time in the forest for more spiritual things."
    • -32.0, -114.0, 2, "Omi_Area" "A mighty lake, my eyes struggle, searching for the other side."
    • -14.0, -96.0, 2, "Echizen_Area" "While pirates raid the port for crafts, I seek refuge in the mountains."
    • 20.0, -81.4, 2, "Etchu_Area" "As a child I would play, in the backwoods of Toyama bay."
    • 25.0, -67.5, 2, "Noto_Area" "Toyama bay is deceptive in it's silence. Waiting for pirates is tedious work."
    • 18.0, -95.0, 2, "Hida_Area" "There's nothing like riding timber all the way into the bay."
    • -2.4, -133.4, 2, "Owari_Area" "I'll be waiting on the treeline in the land where the peasant holds power."
    • 8.4, -128.2, 2, "Mino_Area" "There is no road along the river with four crossings."
    • 14.4, -136.2, 2, "South_Area" "I've wandered into an area where the stone masons play. I run to the mountains for an easier day."
    • -4.0, -154.2, 2, "Mikawa_Area" "The best view of Mikawa bay."
    • 16.5, -164.2, 2, "Totomi_Area" "My cautious eyes are at play, my body pledged, standing sentry over Suruga bay."
    • 36.0, -150.4, 2, "Suruga_Area" "I rest in the shadow of Mt. Fuji. The sound of the river calms me."
    • 37.0, -176.2, 4, "Izu_Area" "The shimmer of the sea and the glimmer in my hand."
    • 48.0, -110.0, 2, "North_Area" "I fish on the river, wedged between a meadow and a mountain, fortune at last."
    • 78.0, -119.0, 2, "Kozuke_Area" "Famous for it's wisdom. I'm only interested in it's river."
    • 68.5, -132.0, 2, "Musashi_Area" "A forest trapped between two mighty rivers."
    • 79.5, -170.0, 2, "Kazusa_Area" "Where are they getting the silk?"
    • 104.0, -164.0, 2, "Shimosa_Area" "The last beach on the Kanto coast."
    • 107.5, -152.0, 2, "Hitachi_Area" "The drowning grove, smashed between an enormous lake and the never ending sea."
    • 110.5, -118.0, 2, "Shimotsuke_Area" "At a place of worship, I go north. Tucked myself into the woods. Hoping to never be found."
    • 143.5, -111.0, 5, "♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥" "A majestic fight, between the mountain and sea, one is eternal, the other is me."
    • 123.5, -55.0, 2, "Echigo_Area" "In the north I roam. To and from the bridge with no road. Through the wooded valley I call home."
    • 130.5, -71.5, 2, "Uzen_Area" "In the valley I hide, with monks by my side, too troublesome to ride."
    • 167.5, -75.5, 2, "Miyagi_Area" "An iron river with a shade of red, fracturing into the deep blue sea."
    • 172.5, -24.5, 2, "Ugo_Area" "I plant food in my farm and harmony on my lake."
    • 176.5, -1.5, 2, "Ugo_Area2" "The river washes all away. Except for quarry dust.."
    • 198.5, 17.5, 2, "Iwate_Area" "My secluded view of Aomori bay, here I will forever stay."
    • 201.5, -20.5, 2, "Iwate_Area2" "When there's no more rivers to cross in the north. I'll be waiting for you in the forest."
    • 183.0, -50.5, 3, "Iwate_Area3" "An endless flow of banditry from the forest. The farms are left unprotected. Salvation is blocked by a river."

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    Default Re: Fourstrider's Japan: Power & Influence

    A lot of work involved here. Well done!

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    Default Re: Fourstrider's Japan: Power & Influence

    This is looking good, currently playing Chosokabe and having lots of fun - i switched from a lot of mods into this and i don't really regret any of them except the bigger Japan map (the one with many, many more castles), but i haven't yet tried if they'll work together

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    Default Re: Fourstrider's Japan: Power & Influence

    This won't work with extended Japan but it will most likely take you longer to win a domination campaign on this mod than extended Japan.

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