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Thread: Central asia are tough

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    Default Central asia are tough

    So far i have play khwarezmid and bavandid, both of them get my ass kicked.

    My biggest problem with them are i have not enough money to recruit army and maintaining public order is very difficult.

    I'm quite ashamed to say that i have been pretty generous with cheat code just to get my game going.

    Edit : Now i play Seljuk, difficult start but with your powerful starting army if you sack and conquer Isfahan, Kermanshah and Rayy the game become a lot more managable. You also could immidiately target Abbasid for Puppet Caliph and Grand Vizier in addition of Iraq being a wealthy and easy area to occupied. Overall dificult start but managable and the payoff is big so Seljuk is fun to play. I don't even have to use console commands
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