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    Hey! I wanted to try to mod Rome Remastered. However, I want to keep an original copy of the game to play, and have separate mod I can edit. Hopefully that made sense. Is there anywhere I should store the duplicate, or a template on this forum? I'd really like to get started on modding while being able to do it with no risk to the original game. Thank you for your time!


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    You can use, I think, the mod manager to activate and deactivate mods for RTW as you can with more modern games.
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    If a more elegant solution doesn't present itself and you have the drive space, simply copying the game files to a backup directory is a pretty sure way to ensure you have both and then you can rename the folders as required to make one or the other official at a given time. I don't have experience with the mod manager mentioned above but I'd try that first for being better on space and being the more 'clean' solution.

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