Hey all, I'm currently tearing my hair out over this relatively simple problem and I'd greatly appreciate some assistance!

Can someone please point me in the direction of the Age of Charlemagne localisations for dynamic/event faction renames? Considering every faction at the start of the campaign is known as the 'Kingdom of' or 'Duchy of' etc. I am unreasonably triggered by how the Scottish and Irish factions are just called 'Scotland' and 'Ireland' respectively, while the English faction is correctly called the 'Kingdom of England'. I thought changing this would be as easy as renaming any other faction but, of course, it doesn't seem to be that simple!

I've been scouring Attila's local_en.pack file, but can't seem to find where the Age of Charlemagne event faction name localisations are listed. I've found the localisations for pre-existing faction names in factions.loc but that's it. I assume I've been looking in the right place?

It's probably right in front of my nose, so apologies in advance if this is a really obvious/easy fix.