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Thread: Are those shields really historical?

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    Default Are those shields really historical?

    I'm playing early game campaign right now (really cool mod, stability was heavily improved from 0.97 and I encountered only a few glitches. Nice work) and since I'm gonna be stuck with early mail units for the next one hundred turns or so, I decided to take a look at the later units available in england's roster. There I noticed something about the upgraded foot knights.

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    I know it's a kind of a petty thing to criticize, but are anyone else's jimmies rustled by those shields? That armor looks like it's primarily mail with some plate armor elements, those shields are definitelly too small for a unit of this type, especially since the late armored foot swordsmen carry heater shields even with their plate armor upgrade. If I could suggest a change, I'd like to propose that they should be given normal kite shields to better reflect the fact their armor is still vulnerable to a lot of missile weapons of the time, therefore their shields should be larger.
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    Well, for now I have reverted the upgraded feudal knights and armored swordsmen to the vanilla/stainless steel shapes, if anyone wants the battle_models.modeldb file just post a comment and I will upload it along with a goide for anyone interested in doing the same.

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    I wouldn't think those shields are too small at all. They got what looks visually like transitional plate but that gold armour upgrade is probably called Full Plate in-game. Once Coat of Plates style armour and plain plate armour started to become more common shields started to get smaller since men trusted the armour to protect them. There's a reason shields were phased out by the time of the Battle of Agincourt, and that's because full plate armour was very common for any man at arms or knight who expected to fight anyone hand to hand.

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