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Thread: Research and articles

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    Default Research and articles

    Γεια σας φίλοι
    Hello friends it is my intention to write some essays and post research on this period. I'm an ivory tower academic I hardly know what goes on in the real world, so this is my way of expression.
    I would love to hear and see contributions and even better discussion.
    But do not hold your breath, I am somewhat tardy.
    Nevertheless I have been writing an article and will 'publish' it here first.

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    Default Re: Research and articles

    Every info that would lead to the creation of historical events to be informative or even playable are wellcomed.
    In our dev forum i posted in the IWTE tool thread the strat_map model of Thessaloniki the the team of an old mod called Basileia created but its huge, to help our new IWTE master Undead Martyr ,to create its battlemap model.

    If all go smoothly and Undead Martyr finishes first the minor changes we need for our culture settlements the 1.0 beta will be a reality.Then while he will create unique settlements others can turn your info to events.
    That will help me keep my promise to all those that started that dream with me and watch it finished. Thank you for your constant support my friend.

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