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Thread: Make AI starve from famine

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    Default Make AI starve from famine

    Is there any way to make the AI more vulnerable to food exploits? I kind of sucks to see an enemy with no food and no economic power despite the action of my 3 agents and army, just happily recruiting units all day. Also a rebel force spawned off and started recruiting level 5 units 14 turns into the game :p Any way to cap this as well would be interesting to curb the power of the AI a little bit during campaign. I don't need it to last 400 turns...
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    Default Re: Make AI starve from famine

    AI units will starve if supplies are depleted in region.
    It was a good tactic in my Bactrian campaign as I had one region I left without supplies on purpose and any Mauryan army that came there was already weekend by the time it would reach any of my armies.
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    I read that the AI is given bonus food and gold to sustain itself. My agent operations started early on so I am not sure how they could build up too large of a stock, but didn't check.

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    It might be they suffer this attrition on your depleted territories but not on their own? I'm just guessing the AI wouldn't be able to handle managing this on their own territories but will suffer penalties on your own.

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